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Updates Month of July 2011

Update July 1 2011

I have received my first confirmation of a threat in the form of an indirect counseling statement-The criminal SFC F is removing himself from the scene of the crime to some undisclosed fob.

This is in effect the first salvo-so now I am forced to defend myself–
The list of names will be released at an undisclosed date of all parties involved.
The threats come from my subordinates ( a form of humiliation and it creates plausible deniablity).

We well have to go back even to the 1/105th IN BN/69th IN REG/ FT SILL/3-187th IN REG (GEN Patreaus’ former unit)/ 1-14th in REG and the current one

They will move administratively -their preferred method is a non-honorable discharge, so that I would lose all my benefits and rights, and employment opportunities.If that is not possible they will attempt physical harm and possibly death (something which I am prepared for).

In the event of that case, there are only three organizations capable of mass producing the contents of what needs to be defended. Trust none of the majors-they are all bought and sold.

No complaints through the chain of command this time either, it will be blocked just like the last few times…

Lastly do nothing, by attacking me (an innocent man) the truth will be laid bare….

They did the same to others, most broke down and ended up in psychiatric treatment, one shot the place up (he was an idiot for doing that), and the other released classified information (which I do not plan to do).

The vultures are swarming-they could not mold me so they will destroy me…………
Some of us never get to prove our innocence……a fact of life….

“When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire’s shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew.”

“To be a shinobi is to sacrifice oneself. Closing your eyes to the sunlight, distinguishing yourself in the shadows. That is the true form of ninja.”


Update July 2 2011

My mail has been read, and opened here at the fob before arriving to me, for what reason I don’t know, and the mental and psychological harassment continues.
They will try to cover their tracks, and of course they use subordinate soldiers, the ones they can threaten.
This Female Spc S from the Arms room S keeps getting put in my way, I don’t whether she is really desperate for a man..

Any hoo, I am aware, even from the very beginning these people intruded into every aspect of my live, to include emails and communications, they hid a lot, so that they will not get caught.However I know who are they protecting and wen a scandal erupts they will have no one else to blame but themselves, because I warned them to leave me alone.

It was hinted to me about the adjustment bureau (non-sense). These people go into or attempt to go into peoples personal lives and use that to manipulate them. How ironic for me they were African-Americans, although the were some Caucasions involved at various points.

They did this under the assumption that I would think along the lines of other African-Americans and succumb to some form of communal peer pressure (This is what is known as peer modeling), but they forgot in my patterns of life history, past junior high school most of my interactions were with other ethnic groups, in the courses and schools I went onto I was one of only a handful of Blacks, so I do not share the communal mentality of African-Americans, their profiler failed them. I was profiled wrongly.

If they had paid attention, they would have known about my personality, but I am one who does not easily expose my personality (to include likes and dislikes) this was why they attempted to use physical threats, as if we were still in the grade school yard with the school yard bully (how sad).

It did not Start With SPC Frater at FT Sill, Nor PFC Roberts at FT Campbell, nor Sephia Wright from Nashville, no it goes further back to my time at my post High School years. They placed them selves close to me but I am a very guarded individual. For what purpose and interest they have in me, I do not know.
What I do know is I now have to vehemently defend myself against an un-welcomed and unacceptable under any circumstances intrusion.

They have very powerful patrons…

More to follow…….

Some of them ask, well he must hate women, on the contrary some of my best friends are female. Well why are you so guarded, because of what happened to Mr. Assange and to Dominique Strauss Khan. They were guilty of many things but they were guilty of vices, I recognized the technique because it was attempted on me more than once. First at Nine Mile Nuclear Power Plant (Oswego-They got Pabon Instead), Then at Indian point nuclear power plant ( Where I First Encountered this EODT Company-With That Female Specialist-but I caught that too), Then they tried at the GYM in duchess county-I caught that too, At Ft Sill I caught that too- in London (but MI5 is very thorough in what goes on in their territory-so London attempt was unsuccessful)-but I was tracked on the ferry-and while buying the Cornish pastry at coven gardens (I know it wasn’t the British), Then at Ft Campbell,- Then with the BSTB from FT Campbell-I caught that too, Then at Schofield Barracks.
That is why i have an aversion for these BSTB units here.

At deceive points attempts were made to place contacts into my intimate space, then spring the trap, but I never bit the bait, I am a very perceptive person-

Find his vices, and exploit them-It is a very effective tool-However it was not affective against me-so The next best thing was sabotage and mental and psychological harassment. All for what?


They can laugh all they want , oh conspiracy, the world operates on conspiracy because it requires a group to conspire to get things or an agenda done…
I know the truth and that is all that matters….

Mr Clinton and Weiner had vices too, yet someone still conspired to use those vices against them, guilty though they were. What? You think Ms Lewinsky just randomly dropped in his lap, and to think after all these years they couldn’t figure it out. There were many more.

Please don’t patronize me!


Update July 3 2011

So, I told be this morning I don’t plan to ever get married no one , woman or anyone will get a hold of my millions in my Swiss bank account (like I have a Swiss bank account-sardonic).

Oh he is is crazy, no credibility, well just for the record, part of my blog is satire, it is up to whom ever to decipher the truths and there is some truth, in there that should send some people to jail.

Their goal was to create a past history that would question my credibility, my goal was to experience that to expose it. duh

Putting African-American and females in my way, for example bringing up the issue of god, and trying to get me to marry whom ever against my will is illegal.

It would go something like this-some one in uniform or out of it will try to acquaint with you, like the African American female barber at FT Campbell, and every time I pay for the hair cut she would say something like “God is Great”, or Sepia’s Female Friend, she would always bring up the issue of god, while talking about wealth, or the mysterious African American Female soldiers at schofield,who came up to me and said “SGT You said you prayers yet.”

I am an A-T-H-E-I-S-T

The acting Sargeant Major who sent me to 3rd Brigade-said the same thing then he said we will send you to the readjustment brigade…

These religious nutcase are in the business of converting soldiers to Christianity and getting married, and they get away with it.

Just like the nut cases who follow me into the gym-then jump over to the desk at the MWR, so that I would see them, because I go to the MWR from the GYM. they know what they are doing.

The funny thing is they think that they well get away with it. Well, well indeed.

We shall see, I don’t care if they are African-American or Caucasian, what they are doing is wrong and illegal, and it needs to stop.

Every time someone inquires they disappear, then they re appear-

I know who is doing this, it just because of tact names are not posted yet.

Instead of worrying about me they should worry about the infiltrators at the pentagon, but that shit wouldn’t come out for another few years.

So go ahead Laugh now, you will find out when whole bunch of evidence flies out the coffers

Remember tactical considerations.


Update July 4 2011

Of course they are going to hide the truth, just like they changed my ERB.

Contrary to popular belief the truth does not set one free, as is evidenced many times everyday.

Justice is relative to whomever is in charge that is why there is no such thing as a democracy,I challenge anyone to prove that to me.

Which ever idea prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth as Nietzsche famously wrote. Although there are those rare instances where truth prevails.

It is power that corrupts and absolute power that corrupts absolutely, as the old adage goes, because simply put, “The most potent aphrodisiac is to control another human being,” The Marquee de Sade Famously wrote.

Thus the separation between power and corruption is professional objectivity and discipline of will.

Their most famous coercion tactic is a finger to the head mimicking a gun, or a swipe along they face….


Update July 5 2011

I owe no one nothing I served the country, contributed to civil society through my political activism and donate to charity, which is more than I can say for my contemporaries.

These people who would transgress me, expect some sort of forgiveness, well the can got to hell, cause I have none for them, ever.

They wonder why I don’t engage in any of the Female soldiers they put in my way on the fob, then try to write is off as if I am sexist or the other, well I don’t associate with any one they put in my way because I know their agenda and why they are there, so excuse me if I don’t bite the bait, I will choose who will enter my personal space not anyone else.

In fact I don’t associate personally with anyone on the FOB , because I have no need to..

So, they are putting people in my way for nothing…..

Mr Obama and esteemed leaders like to talk about the rhetoric of democracy, sacrifice, change etc, most if not all of don’t sacrifice crap and they have blood on theirs hands for the soldiers who took their own or ended up with ruined lives as a result of practice of mental coercion within the armed forces.

Yes, He does lie, and I would tell him to his face…..

As for me:

I am what they term “without a racial Identity”. I don not fit into the mold of any stereotypical classification of an institutionally prejudiced society..

I stopped associating with the activism of my fellow African-Americans, because of my days as an activist left a profound realization, within me that
1)Slavery really messed the mentality of African Americans Irreversibly
2)The Civil rights movement changed nothing
3)The larger dominant culture has effectively divided the African American community
4)I do not fit the mold of a religious Identity with the community, nor do I priority things such as kids and family (for various reasons)

Nor do I identify with the Caucasian-American Identity or any other hence the term “Without racial Identity” (sardonic)

For much about the rhetoric of democracy and equality, America and much of the western world is still a segregated place, Affluent African -Americans suppress the aspirations and aptitude of the less affluent African Americans in return for wealth and privilege (A false sense of privilege-because they are still not considered the equals of their white counterparts).

The only reason minorities have survived in America for so long is the monetary factor, if that did not exist we would have all been pushed out to sea or sent to gulags.

They are controls on who gets a higher education degree or middle or upper class comforts, you have to adopt the mantra of the Caucasian Americans, which brings me to an interesting observations, In every social environment i have studied, Caucasian Americans only surround themselves in the intimate spaces and at work, with minorities or share their own political views and reinforces their preconceived stereotypical convictions, however prejudiced it may be. This belies the great lie, of an Integrated society of equals, because were are never considered equals, this latter I learned personally progressing through the military.

Thus it is with a grain of salt, I take when the President, and our esteemed (sardonic) leaders speak the rhetoric of democracy, equality, etc etc

And as for the religious nut cases….well they wan to build a religious military,they are every where within the Armed forces and the military industrial complex, and the conduct psychological experiment on soldiers and civilians who do not follow their way, to understand what I just said on should read or visit
With God On Our Side: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military by Michael L. Weinstein and Davin Seay (Thomas Dunne, 2007).


Update July 6 2011

“Emotions lead one to hate…and hate leads one to conflict and war…”
Those who posses true strength do not go around beating their chest like and 800 pound gorilla around the room,

“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

To me the there is no black and white, the different hues of brown and black are just as beautiful as the different hues of white, blues greens and reds. People from all over
the world are beautiful so race (that dreaded ethnocentric term) means nothing to me.

No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche




Update July 7 2011

Well someone inquired how are they able to coordinate placing these people in your way, I simply replied cell phones and cameras, whoever had the bright idea of using cell phones should be fired since they can be hacked and data retrieved..

ooops, well I just saying, its public knowledge

It has been said by Mr. Kissinger in a Der Spiegel article, and I quote:

Kissinger: The American formal position has been that we oppose violence by governments against their people. That principle should not be abandoned. The implications of that in individual cases, though, have to be seen through the context of overall foreign policy.
If only that were true, mental and psychological coercion and harassment causes physical harm or did he forget about the ongoing experiments. That is why I take the condescending rhetoric of democracy and equality with a grain of salt.

People so one thing in public and do another in private:
I smile out of courtesy and laugh out of boredom I know what my true goal is in the end.

As for those people on the FOB to include the African-Americans who try everyday to harass me, I will never be part of whatever superficial dog poo () they are trying to create, as Nietzsche put it:

In reality, hope is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs the torments of man.
Human, All-too-Human

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche

forgiveness is possible only among friends, and since we are not or never were thus I have none to give, and the few that I have are reserved for those worthy of it…


I have no time for people who wasting their waking hours expending their energies harassing me, I am not interested in them, if they want an autograph join the line.


Update July 8 2011

They say “a cornered rat bites the cat,” but couldn’t you tell you bit a tiger

These people instigate and try to provoke people into committing acts or crimes against the state to either destroy or justify an agenda and they have been doing it for years.

As for here, they tried to provoke a crisis and then appear as the would be saviors but I was aware of the plan well in advance. Then they tried isolating me even know any attempt to make a connection with anyone other than who the put in my way the sabotage the relationship or remove the person from having any contact with me.

These are mind games.

The other night in the MWR they employed the tactic of having some black civilian get on the phone and he discussed word for word various things I have mention before and certain events relating to people in my past, but reversed as if they were they subject of his life (a for of indirect progression), like I was supposed to fall for that scheme, yea right. I even at one point asked the screeners how much does an MRI cost cause I will pay for it myself, they said it was very expensive. I did some research and found the MRI’s are relatively affordable here in Germany most under 1000 Euros. If I were here longer I would pay for one myself. My aunt was appalled at this treatment I have been receiving.
The plan is to push me through here from landshtuhl to Hawaii, where the doctors said I will get a comprehensive review including a MRI, but my aunt who is here with me does not believe I will get a fair chance at tripler, since the doctor at fob fenty who wrote this nonsense is from there.

In other news:

The Royal British Legion has cut ties with the News of the World as its campaigning partner amid claims the paper may have hacked into the mobile phones of bereaved military families.

It is like I said whether it be a PI or MPI those in power easily abuse power to spy on the coworkers, subordinates etc

As for these 3-25 BSB Soldiers they will have to be dealt with civilly, there is a price for intruding into my personal space.

Big Lee is Facing Article 15 from SFC G, over stuff, thus I was in formed I might go back to night shift NCO, more that likely a set up for failure is being prepared.

This is how these people operate-nothing in the Army is based on merit, its who you know that likes you, and if you are not in the circle of trust, all sorts of set up for failure happens to you.


I have experienced and studied this world for more than a decade now, none of them can lecture me..




Update July 09 2011

The people who do this are no friends of mine nor do they have my best interest at heart, I was a ware of this for a long time, to include the people whom I work with at the TOC. It is proximity that forces you to work with evil people whom you would not otherwise associate with under any other circumstances.

I have found a new home, thus it is without looking back I will bid this crass environment adieu. My energies and talents are best used elsewhere.

I have no intention of ever associating with these people ever. It is time to move on, as for the Army I have no intention of ever associating with it ever, it is time to move on.


Update 10 July 2011

I never have or will or associate myself with “Black Conservatism”, the whole thing is a joke, and there is a reason I do not associate with the NAACP (some of their methods are profoundly questionable), and to think I once donated money to those people.

I follow my own political views and predilections irrespective of the Republican, Democratic
or Independent Labels, and that is all they are labels.

In other news: I have been moved back to the night shift, I don’t know why, nor do I presume to care,as regards to if it would have any bearing on future prospects. I ETS when I redeploy.
Bon voyage.


Update Jul 12 2011

These people’s MO induced crisis: I have no regrets

America and The Armed forces are still institutionally racist. There is no doubt about that,nothing has changed in the last century or so. The only thing that has changed is the way they play minorities against other minorities (divide and conquer).

At the elitist level, there is not so much of a racial integration, it is more of a monetary integration, where there is an uncle tom agreement with the elites of each minority group, that keeps the others in check, this is the farce of the great democracy.

America tolerates (not accepts) its minorities, based upon a lopsided form of economic integration, where the minorities profit less from the economies of scale.

The lower working classes know this, because they experience it everyday and the middle and upper classes deny it because they have a vested interest of maintaining their own economic and political interests, this why I take only at face value anything Mr Obama says.

It is these minorities that end up with the well positioned jobs and pay, they are the gate keepers, however they are in denial of their own status, because in the eyes of the dominant culture, they are not equals. Minority culture is only tolerated (not accepted), because there is money to be made from marketing it, This is the underlying basis and foundation for modern western democracy.

The suspecting or unsuspecting blacks who were used to perform mental coercion (to include mental and psychological harassment)on me, were played, suckers, by the people who put them up to the task. There was two main reason for this, to counter my view of American and The Armed forces racism, and isolate and disqualify my claims, but it does not and did not work.

Years of slavery and disenfranchisement, left a psychological mark on minorities worldwide, most especially however was on African-Americans. For the first 200 years they were not allowed to practice Christianity, then when it was realized that religion can be used as a tool to control the slaves, they were allowed to adopt it. The legacy of this is the near obedient adoption of a religious cultural identity, that serves to keep them disenfranchised and in perpetual hope (disgust), this is evidenced by the fact that nearly 60+ years after the civil rights era not much as changed in African-American communities, unemployment remains high and STD rates are among the highest in the community. Yet despite this, African-Americans turn to religion as a means of changing this despite proof to the contrary.

Caucasian Americans rely on the fact that some minorities can be bought monetarily and adopt their world views however subjective it is to justify the status quo. The greatest lie ever perpetuated in the world is the old adage, “Well if they were in our shoes they would do it too,” this thinking is used to justify many prejudices, that is why it is imperative as Nietzsche says “Be careful when fighting monsters least you become one.”

It is these minorities who are showered with political and economic rewards, thus it becomes easy to play one side against the other, this method is amplified and practiced in world politics, and the unsuspecting diplomats of all persuasions fall for it every time, hook, line and sinker.

The elite African-Americans are caught up in maintaining their economic and political status, while the lower and working class African-Americans are caught up in notions of religious identity, baby making drama, and other questionable materialistic and consumerist obsessions.

It is a sound policy of education and innovation that lifts one out of adversity, without that everything else crumbles. It is grossly stupid and inefficient for other nation-states to adopt a homogeneous, nationalistic (in the context of xenophobic) identity, while the western world gobbles up all their talented and best minds, and they fall for this every time. This is what broke the back of the soviets. If I were a nation-state I would steal (not forcibly of course) the best and brightest minds of the world.

I am reminded daily of my unequal status, after years of being set up for failures,in various ways and by not being sent the required NCOES schools or false training so that I can master my job, what can they possibly tell me.

I plan to eventually study the phenomenon that is Asia so I am brushing up on my Chinese, any minorities who is intellectual around here gets accused of all sorts of none-sense. these are evil people. The people who are whispering this stuff have no oversight, they are doing what they want.

Most importantly there are all types of special interests within the armed forces with ties to foreign countries who perpetuate all sorts of rumors etc etc. A result of the privatization of the military industrial complex-next topic


Update Jul 13 2011

The mental and psychological harassment still continues her on base and in the TOC

I am fully aware of Chief D and R’s roles and this, I am no fool.

I am also aware of certain individuals from NYC, role in all this too, for quite some time.

SFC H has been fishing around for information and so has SGT M.

Well I heard your were going to join the FBI or CIA he said, Yeah right are you KIDDING ME!

Never will I join an Three letter agency to include the CIA, FBI, DIA , NSA, DHS, The Mommas, Pappas or whomever, they all should get their houses in order before the go lecturing people about democracy, equality (especially before the law)and hat not.

NEVER, not then, now or EVER!

These people after failing to accurately discern my personality tried to impose their own interpretation of me, so that they can save face. How pathetic!

Well, my personality is more akin to : Taicho Kuchiki. But my alter egos are two mysteries.


Byakuya Kuchiki




I do not need a false parade of ethnic minorities, placed strategically in my way, to try and convince me about equality and what no, I have been in this business for over a decade,
and I know the truth.


Update July 16 2011

I’ve always said, “Real intelligence is making an assessment and saying I can do that, without have to steal the blueprints, and staying a million steps ahead,” sure enough:

Chinese man builds ‘iPad’ from scrap parts
Posted on Jul 14th 2011 by Emma Woollacott

In other news:
Why would I want anything to do with these people, I ETS (Leave-Finito-Contract is up ) when we redeploy, they are bullies of the worst kind.

I have always said and maintained that “Prejudice is that place people got to when they want to feel privileged,” and I have no intention of wanting to feel privileged, then now or ever.
What about the State Department?

They have then, now or ever interested me. I wouldn’t give them the chance of day, they were infiltrated along time ago for crying out loud: Proof : Wikileaks
They are just another enfarcement (made up word) of

I said it and will say it again:

They can go around speaking the rhetoric of democracy to suckers, charlatans and idiots, however I maintain and have always maintained, and would tell them blatantly to their face:

“Justice is relative to whomever is in charge, that is why there is no such thing as DEMOCRACY!” by me

I challenge anyone to disprove that statement, because I have a lot of evidence to the contrary and my experience speaks to it.

My plans which is no secret and I have made public, is to get to the University of Science and technology in Hong Kong or Shanghai University and more than likely spend the rest of my days there.

Maybe I can contribute something in an environment where people don’t shun and belittle Science.


I am subjected to mental and psychological coercion techniques used by psyops and in IO,against my will, what justification can they possible give. What can they possibly tell me. The mental faculties lost and those of which I am able to maintain is the motivation I will use to get my retribution through justice.

They are cons: This is what happened to Sewald, Diaz, and Boyce just to name a few.

I said and will say again I will have nothing to do with these people.
Eaves Droping:


There is an organization that surpasses even the NSA in its surveillence capabilities, but they are not us controlled. They are very good at what they do, very impressive, with such limited resources.

Warning: For those who don’t know:
AS Urahara san said to Aizen (His Last Words to Aizen), before he imprisoned him:

As for the soul king? Soul King (I am atheist), but you get the point!

How inconvenient the post got blocked, oh well , you can look up the Episode or Manga


Update July 20 2011

Well this is not surprising, knew all about them, who is to say some of these are not on my computer, this is one of the many reasons why I don’t take people serious when they start sprouting nonsense about Democracy and democratic Ideals:

CIA spies on US professor:

“Carle tells The Times that his supervisor, David Low, asked him to gather information on Cole after returning from a White House meeting. Carle alleges that Low asked, “What do you think we might know about him, or could find out that could discredit him?’”

FBI targeting political activists as terrorists:
“The protest movements are directly exposing and challenging the lines that the US government puts out,” he said, yet law enforcement authorities continue to crack down without just cause. “It’s a war against dissent.”

FBI using viruses, spyware to track suspects online:
Documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in a Freedom of Information Act request show the FBI has used, since at least 2001, special spyware to track suspects’ actions online.


There is the Issue of Valazquez (The Hispanic angle-I am aware of it-They will be exposed at my choosing)and Finkle- For Valazquez to end up all the way in Hawaii is no coincidence, I know what he was doing on Schofield Barracks. The question is, does USARPAC know what he was doing on Schofield Barracks. The answer to that question will explain all.


It is through the little sacrifices that some time truth comes to pass:

A great sacrifice was made here, and I will spend the rest of my life protecting that person who wen tout of their way in helping me:

I know everything now-

and it took great skill to uncover many truths.


Subjected to mental and psychological operations, stresses, manipulation and the like, with the explicit purpose to induce mental psychosis, amnesia and a nervous break down. If anything at most this is psychological warfare, and I am forced to respond. I endured great psychological stress and manipulation against those whom still do so, and it is because of the fact that they still continue, I am no longer obligated to the likes of those whom quote the rhetoric of the law because they habitually break the law. And it will be a time of my choosing when the truth is released and I intend to see that justice gets served.

Walking through these halls of more than a decade with the slanders, rhetoric, of democracy equality ,etc, I can say with certainty now, that those things are nothing more than lies.
I owe them nothing: I served the country for 11 years, was a student volunteer, charity donor. I fulfilled my obligations and will give no more.

As for the African-Americans who continually try to put themselves in my may, unwarranted, I will say this then, now and forever, I have nothing to give them for the injustice that they did and continue to perpetuate and they have nothing to gain from me other than disgust and retribution, They have forever lost me.

I am not a man of Race (sic ethnocentric term), I am solitary and you intruded into my personal space uninvited, and caused irreparable damages, for that grave indiscretion, I will spend the rest of my life seeking justice.


July 24 2011
I live in 60X70 ft wide room enclosed with one door, poor ventilation and excessive heat, the AC seems to work properly only at night. I live with interpreters seperated from the rest of the soldiers. I have been subjected to:

Mental and psychological coercion and harassment
Sleep Deprevation Techniques
Spinal manipulations, through adjustment of chair (I went and got a new chair)
I wake up with cotten mouth despite drinking nearly eight to twelve quarts of water a day
inconsistent bowel movements
Served on guard shift with an outdated Body Armor (IBA)(Despite repeated ly bringing the issue up)
Subscribed Cyclobenzaprine without being told the side effects (luckily I knew about it)
am required to take anti-malaria pills daily-(Doxycycline)

This is enhanced interrogation techniques-remove me from this situation or I am taking legal action.


Update July 25-26 2011

More strenuous to breath sitting up straight than laying back or lying down
Suffered massive head ache while on shift (night 2200-1000) 2-3 days ago.
Took some motrin, though nothing of it. Although I had some symptoms for two the three weeks which i though was nothing -I am usually very Healthy.

Symptoms persist-went to sick call-refused help-given the run around-as expected
Went again as symptoms persisted-excessive constipation-tingling in back and spine-some memory loss-and incoherence
Went to physical therapist-he cracked my middle back took of some tension-give me some exercises to do. while doing one of them burning sensation in middle back-

Went back to sick call-give me constipation medicine and motrin-They refused to give me blood test-

Went back to Sick call at the time symptoms appeared-given the same run around-Was told that that full blown symptoms would have to be present in order to do something-By then it would be too late-the goal of diagnosis is to catch an ailment early for treatment.They are giving me the run around.

Motrin-painkillers and constipation medicine only mask what is wrong by alleviating the symptoms not making a diagnosis.

My mid back was probably injured from that twist getting out the vehicle from the roll over drill in Baghram or the neck crack awhile back.

Update Jul 25 2011

Passed out at 0430 this morning while preparing products for shift change:
Having difficulty breathing while sitting up straight, there were witness and a sworn statement was made.

Lt Larson at the aid station accused me of faking, assaulted me on the gerny and threatened to put me in jail, all the while I was shaking uncontrollably.

SPC Brescoe told him not to call the doctor because I was on some blacklist.

After resting for about an hour i was able to go back to the toc, same thing happened again a little after 0800, this time Col Kim from the aid station was there and a little more professional. She walked me to behavior health , to rule out the possibility that I was the blacked out was not stress related.

Cleared from behavioral health she mentioned that I should not be looking at medical diagnoses online-why are you monitoring my online activities, no one wanted to believe me, and I was not getting help at the time, so I did my own research, I am not some uneducated fool. Why would I want to fake a black out, when there are witnesses with a sworn statement? I have to see col kim in 1 day

My back still hurts sitting up straight I and I still have difficulty breathing.
Update 25 July 2011

Eat Lunch at around 1220, went to sleep, could not fall asleep back starting tingly ,hot numbing sensation, neck muscles stiffened up.
tried to sleep for 30 minutes could not.

When to the aid station, I was avoided and given the run around. I was told that I had to come back at 1600, with a sick call slip signed from the Company Co or 1SGT.

When to the Company CP and Spoke to the 1SG, explained to him what was happened.

Despite the medications pain along spine still continues.

Went back to aid station with sick call slip, around 1615-1620 aid station packed-waited and saw doctor give me more pain killers, I highly doubt they will work, put on 24 Hour Quarters

Being Stone walled, this pain has been going on for more than a week, I should be getting a MRI or CAT Scan not being medicated for pain, especially when the pain medication is not working.

I am being denied proper medical care. By the time they do a MRI or CAT Scan, there will be massive nerve damage. I am sure that will sit well on their conscious, but then again Does such a thing sit well on the conscience of evil people.

preparing to move those awesome keys, please secure them and if anything should happen to me a gift is to be sent to Montreal.

There is an active obstruction to preventing me from leaving FOB FENTY-THIS is unacceptable I have a spinal back problem, which is being miss diagnosed-There is nothing psychological about it.
Update 26 Jul 2011 0122
took Diazemin or Diazaprine(AKA Vallium)
fell asleep
Woke up with a splitting headache back still burning
This is an anti depressant-drug
Well Col Kim has lost my trust-Why do I need an anti-depressant drug?
This is is the equivalent of declaring war

For those who don’t know about vallium and what it does:

It is times like these that I am remind of the the incident where the Italian journalist and the entourage was shot up in that car on a lonely street in Baghdad, my times with the 69th
These people do not interest me, none of them.
The only thing that interests me is books (I have a very large collection), Chinese, Academe
I do not willingly associate with monsters.

I am no megalomaniac nor do I seek and fame or fortune, If I wanted to I could have done that along time ago, some people just can’t understand not everybody wants to be rich or famous.

Ps: Have to write the names-starting to forget them
Update July 26 2011

The Africa-American BSB soldiers( The always approach you with the God is good or some religious nonsense)and some African -American civilian contractors, were used to come after me, whether of their own accord or by someone else’s manipulation is of no consequence to me, it is so sad seeing black on black crime (divide and conquer). I am Afro-Guyanese after all.

Well a response is necessary and and it must be given, in the most explicit of terms.

As For the medics here it is clear that they have no intention of treating my condition or making a diagnosis, they are playing for time, I can feel the onset of paralysis. This is what they do when they claim soldiers are faking injury, it is one of their methods, they will wait to prolong diagnosis-try to make it look like psychosis, and then falsify the mri and cat scan results.

How do I know: because they did it to Jacob Sewald,Ortiz (He had to go to and back specialists outside the Army before they acknowledge his spinal injury), Michael Cooper the list of names are long. I have seen it for over ten years.

When this paralysis and damage is onset, it will be necessary to let this sit upon the conscience of the following people:
Col Kim
Lt Larson

The latter three threatened me, ad did nothing for 30 minutes while I was convulsing on a Gernia. They waited till by body calmed down to manipulate the EKG results. They refused to call the physician and had one of their cronies in the back, if I had not went to use the bathroom I would not have been able to identify her.

The connection was made with a conversation I had with the 1SG, in one phrase it confirmed what I already know. The other connection was made at the aid station. Some people often give themselves away through body language and now and then words will slip out.

26 Jul 2011___________________________________________________________________

Cannot sleep -it is a reaction to the diazepam-one of the side effects is the reduction of REM Sleep. They did this on purpose, because the Diazepam covers up and other drug that might have been detected in the system and it will be used to claim some form of insomnia-to inject me with more drugs.

Once they start injecting you with more powerful drugs the result is to create a vegetative state

They did this to Servio Diaz also.

I tried to go to sick call this morning and was told to come back at 1600. The representative there, (female-light skin-Mixed)was told by Lt Larson to have my sick cal slip verified that it was signed by a commander or 1SG.

My last deployment with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assualt) -3-187 IN REG (Gen Patreaus’s old unit, I encountered a LTC from one of those pentagon units (he had a weird patch with a wreath like bush or branch one it) and he discussed some information about Russia and what not and offered me a card with Saint George Slaying a Dragon.
Nope not interested-all sorts of problems after that. Although The Russians do not operate like that at all, which made the episode even more suspect.

Update Jul 26 2011:

I SGT Somerset Justin R
Would like to make the following Statement
On July 26 2011 In HHC 3BCT 25 ID Company CP
between 1400 and 1440 I Went to the TOC To let the 1SG Know that i was suffering from insomnia, SGT Goffigan allowed to stay in the TOC with the lights out to try and get some sleep. I tried but could not fall into deep sleep. SGT Goffighan told Lt Balough the company XO that the phone was ringing.
He went to go get it, and I explicitly heard him conspire that I was going with the 1SGT to 1600 Sick Call and when we came back that I was going to be read the “spiel” and forced to go to combat stress, this despite combat Stresses assessment yesterday and being claired. He did not realize that I was sitting there and SGT Goffigan attempted to tell him don’t say anything else, I am in the room. My chain of command is conspiring to wrongfully misdiagnose me. I informed Lt Balough that that was wrong, I have a medical back problem and after this afternoons meeting, That I will not be complaining though the IG or The Army, because I know how they treat soldiers when they screw them over, they will lie and fudge the data like he just told the commander on the the phone. I will not leave the medical facility until I am sent to get a MRI and CAT Scan. This is wrong, abuse of power and illegal. I also told him that I am informing the chain of command of what my actions are as a result of the nefarious revelation.

Straight from the Horses mouth and he did not even realize, that I was still in the room, I despise unjust lies.
July 26 2011

No I am not afraid to put my name on the internet, I have no ambitions of being a secret squirrel or working in the field of secret squirrels, nor do I have anything to hide. Most of them are useless. There is only one intelligence agency that has have ever impressed me and they are known only by a few and, in fact I don’t even remember them ever being mentioned in the main stream ever. good work!

Got another shot of some nonsense , no I did not get a buzz off of it nor did it alleviate the pain sitting here the pain is coming back, the incompetence of these medicine people,-still no blood test or a refusal for a cat scan or MRI. I sure will remember this

Of course I believe nothing that they say, just a cordial smile


They are trying to refer me to behavioral health again to cover their tracks this despite the all clear………………………….
They are lying , my back is killing me……………………………

Since they refuse to properly help my I know have to find help overseas…

How can a doctor after witnessing severe back pain, tried clyclobenze, vallium and motrin and some other crap recommend physical therapy to fix a spinal injury.

They are using the process of elimination to prolong making a diagnosis

I hope people take note: This is how the ARMY Destroys soldiers lives

I was told by the 1SG That I am being referred to behavioral health, because when col kim took me there, that it seemed like she was forcing me to go, she did not and I was cleared.
Are’nt they forcing me to go. This is an attempt to sabotage my credibility using the psychologist.
26 July 2011
Sitting online catching up on some school work rapid breathing
Rapid Heart Beat

26 July 2011 1951 update
Still difficulty breathing, cannot go to sick call, the last time I went they stonewalled me–

The behavioral health referral is a behavior modification and interrogation technique:

I will get all a copy of all my medical records and send it to a trusted friend.

I will go in to behavioral health assessment, ask for a copy of my medical records and send it to a trusted friend. I will take a book with me, sit down say I am being forced to come here against my will (Which I am), I will sit here and read my book, thank you very much and the book is great expectations, by Charles Dickens.

This referral to behavioral health and mental and psychological harassment and, injecting with drugs and prolonging my diagnosis, is straight out of the manual of interrogation.

This is wrong, I am upset and normal healthy human beings are upset with abuse of this nature.


I have nothing to hide..So where is this nefarious evidence……..?

Sleep Deprevation is used also to induce memory loss

I was never the ambitious type like so many I encountered who wanted to rise to the heights of military rank, no I decided a long to a go to settling for a life in academe and finishing my degree.

Update 27 July 2011
Woke up still tingling in my spine, tension in my neck.Difficulty breathing.
can’t go to sick call, because I am being refused aid. I was threatened yesterday by my chain of command that if I go to sick call again that I would have UCMG action against me.
I am being refused proper medical treatment-I need to go t a facility where they can do a complete CBC, Cat Scan and MRI.

I have to slouch over to breath properly now
Update 27 July 2011
I spoke to my aunt in England Sandra Charles, about the problems I have been experiencing about an hour ago. She said we have a history of it in the family, the most recent was my uncle who was working for the UN in Sudan, its called multiple mylenoma. He just finished chemo therapy.

I am going to sick call and refuse to leave until they send me for an MRI

They new all along and did nothing.



Update 28 Jul 2011

Spent 24 hours in the aid station…. on IV’s untold amounts of water, past out in the aid station.Col Kim claims to have don complete CBC and urinalysis. My kidneys is reading above normal. I they gave me more vallium, that did not help I still feel the pain in the spine when I am lying down or sitting up. The refuse to send me for a MRI, I am told there is no need for it. I have been drugged, with cyclobenzeprene, 4 valliums, some shot motrin, tylenol and still the pain is there and they refuse to send me for an MRI.

The Army is notorious for doing this, it’s only when soldier’s leave and start going to the VA that the true physical diagnosis are made.

Feeling light headed again this after being on a sodium chloride and four bottles of water.

I am now being forced to go to combat stress-This is a set up,there is nothing stressed out with me I work in the toc creating products-something is wrong with my back and spine. If I sit too long straight up I pass out, Lying down an my back after ten-twenty minutes causes a sever burning, tingly sensation along the spine and neck.

They refuse to send me for an MRI

Update Jul 30 2011

I went back to 1SG Nelsons office with the same symptoms yesterday, shortness of breath and spine pain. He does not believe me. He said they ran tests and found nothing, so the next step is behavioral health to clear me. I told him they have not done, x-rays, MRI’s Or cat scan, he said for what, what will they find. 1SG was a medic with that company and the aid station and knows everyone there.
He called SSG Caviness who, does not believe me either, because he is the type that will believe the doctor (col Kim) no fault against him.

I have been corresponding with Dr Dina Miraglia who has been helping get some help state side, through this whole process and she can confirm what they have been doing to me. She not also has she been through this type of harassment but she has colleagues that have. Exactly what she said they would do they did, and they refuse to send me to for an MRI.

1SG Nelson said got to behavioral health for a second assessment tomorrow and then they will send me to BAF for an MRI. Which is what they were trying to do all along. I got a copy of my records and they are trying to classify me as borderline schizophrenic, exactly as Dr Dina Miraglia said they would try to do, despite my severe spinal pain and difficulty breathing.

Throughout the whole process Col Kim (the doctor) kept bring up my learning Chinese and the fact that I am not re-enlisting in the Army.

Dr Dina Miraglia can be reached at 718-353-7787

I have been told by my chain of command to never go back to the aid station I will be refused treatment.

Update July 29 2011

Here is one of my email correspondence from Dr Miraglia who as been helping me with this harassment:

Subject Re: justin Somerset
From View message header detail dina dahbany-miraglia
Date Wednesday, July 27, 2011 6:10
To “Somerset, Justin R SGT MIL USA USARPAC”

hey babe,

they are so far off base with you. you are so unlike the liars and
cheats, the 80% and especially the lower 10%.

this is bizzare. if they want to prove you are “faking it” which you
are NOT then they should put you through a battery of tests–MRI,
xrays, and especially blood tests. perhaps that is why they refuse to
give you the test sequences? the blood tests will show problems?

keep trying, luv. keep going back.

your blog of 25 & 26 July is telling. any competent health care
professional can see that you are in serious physical trouble. and the
Army’s refusal to deal with it! Bad!

a friend who used to be in the Navy said they treat their colleagues
much better and with greater care than the Army.

is it possible to switch to another branch of the Armed Forces? i know
you put in for transfers several times and they denied them.

justin, call me. never mind sleep. you need to talk. and i need to
make sure you are all right.


Update July 29 2011

New York American Civil Liberties Association
125 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004

Dear Madam or Sir:

This letter concerns my friend, Justin Randi Somerset, Armed Forces ID 075784290 whom I have known for more than 12 years.

Justin has been subjected to serious harassment—sexual, racial, homophobic, physica—which has increased exponentially since reenlisting in the US Army 3 years ago. (He has 1 more year to go).

Justin is remarkably intelligent. He is well-balanced emotionally—a most kind young man. Justin is also well-read, articulate and thoughtful person. His blog: clearly illustrates his competencies, outlooks on life, intellectual power, emotional balance which he has retained in his most foul situation.

Isolated, he refuses succumb to bullying.

Although he is entitled to better quarters, his superiors consistently—in Hawaii and now in E. Jalalabad, Afghanistan—assigned him to substandard housing and consistent physical harassment.

From his blog:

“July 24 2011. I live in 60X70 ft wide room enclosed with one door, poor ventilation and excessive heat, the AC seems to work properly only at night. I live with interpreters separated from the rest of the soldiers. I have been subjected to:
1. Mental and psychological coercion and harassment
2. Sleep deprivation Techniques
3. Spinal manipulations, through maladjustment of chair (I went and got a new
4. I wake up with cotton-mouth despite drinking nearly eight to twelve quarts of
water a day
5. Inconsistent bowel movements/constipation.
6. Served on guard shift with an outdated Body Armor (IBA)(despite repeatedly
bringing up the issue).
7. Prescribed Cyclobenzaprine without being told the side effects (luckily I knew
about it) [he worked in a lab for 2 years].
8. Required to take anti-malaria pills daily-(Phizer’s Doxycycline).

Justin now suffers from serious back pain.

“My mid back was probably injured from that twist getting out the vehicle from the roll over drill in Baghram or the neck crack awhile back.”

Justin is currently suffering from debilitating headaches as well.
“More strenuous to breathe sitting up straight than laying back or lying down.
Suffered massive headache while on shift (night 2200-1000) 2-3 days ago.
Took some Motrin, thought nothing of it. Although I had some symptoms for two the three weeks which I though was nothing -I am usually very Healthy.”
What is serious is not just that Justin is never sick. The symptoms below have persisted and are escalating. Sick bay yesterday gave him Valium, an antidepressant! The medical staff refuse to order a blood test, an MRI for his back and deal with his headaches effectively.
“Symptoms persist-went to sick call-refused help-given the run around-as expected
Went again as symptoms persisted-excessive constipation-tingling in back and spine-some memory loss-and incoherence
Went to physical therapist-he cracked my middle back took of some tension-give me some exercises to do. While doing one of them burning sensation in middle back-
Went back to sick call-give me constipation medicine and Motrin-They refused to give me blood test-
Went back to Sick call at the time symptoms appeared-given the same run around-Was told that that full blown symptoms would have to be present in order to do something-By then it would be too late-the goal of diagnosis is to catch an ailment early for treatment. They are giving me the run around.
Motrin-painkillers and constipation medicine only mask what is wrong by alleviating the symptoms not making a diagnosis.”
Please consider Justin’s case. There is much more to relate regarding the claims he and I have made in the beginning paragraphs of this letter.

Dina Dahbany-Miraglia Ph.D. Associate Professor – Retired
Queensborough Community College CUNY MEMEAC (Middle East & Middle East American Center)
The City University of New York (CUNY) Home # 718 353-7787

The Nerve, why do I want to learn chinese? Col Kim asks, because I want to , and I had plans to study in Shangai. There is no crime in that. I have studied languages all my life

The first foreign language I have studies was:
Portuguese (Little)
Latin (Little)
Arabic (Little)
Japanese (little)
Mandarin (a lot)


PS: Col Kim claims to have done a cbc within an hour time span, I worked in a lab for two years-there is no facility on fob Fenty to do a cbc (Complete blood test). Especially a test for multiple myeloma. They are lying

Update 29 Jul 2011

Being Evacuated to Germany, because I was told that my back and breath problem is psychological. This after the professional psychologists lost their composure, and accused me of all sorts of wrong doing. I have never known medical professional assessing patients to do such a unprofessional thing, I took notes, more to follow.

I ask for a copy of the session, I was told no, that I was not allowed to get it until back at the states.


My back and spine problem still persist, and a feel some pressure in my brain.
Hopefully I will be able to get an MRI.

I spoke to my aunt sandra who has been a comfort to me through this ordeal and I don’t know if I have multiple myelom, but she say the symtopms appear to be the same, who knows. But she related to me, how it took a year before they detected it in my uncle, after numerous blood tests (it did not show up). Only when he collapsed and was evacuated to England where they did the MRI. Just another example of where doctors often miss diagnoses.

on 30 July 2011:
0730-arrived at the toc an half hour early to see SSG Cavineess at our scheduled meet up to go to behavioral health.

-Saw CPT Buecker he did not see him
-Drank Soime water
-Said Hello to SGt Goffigan
-Went to toc floor to get my backpack and PFC Rivera-Chevere was there
-Still no SGT Caviness
-difficulty Breathing and standing straight
-Taking Deep long breaths, not helping
-whent to use bathroom
-SSG Caviness-walks in with Spc Corrado at 0751
-We walked over to Combat Stres fo scheduled involuntary appointment
-Signed and filled out questionairre
-SRA was with Me and SPc Corrado-
0832- Col Newman
-she asked if I know Why I am here-
I replied I am here involuntary
-What book was I reading, I gave her the book
-she asked about medical condition I referred to her to look at my medical records-
She asked about my background-I referred to her my military records
-She was told that I was teaching myself Chinese and had off sure accounts in the cayman Islands
-I am teaching myself Chinese and I do not have offshore accounts in the cay man islands
-She asked how many languages I spoke
-what about Chinese interested me
-One concern from my chain of command was that I though someone at the pentagon was after me-
-I mentioned in a conversation jokingly with 1SG Nelson, when he asked if I think someone might be after me- I could not think of anyone-the only thing I could think of was that there was some tension at the Naval EOD School between the Army and the Navy and out of principle I sided with the Navy-maybe some one up in the pentagon did not like that-I was joking.
-she got up threw the pen on the desk and told me to leave in an antagonistic manner.
-She said “it was obvious you don’t want to corporate ”
-I was then referred to Cpt Vallanh—(forgot the ret)
-she accused me of being a hypochondriac-Suffering anxiety
-accused me of being paranoid and uncorporative
-threatened to kick me out the Army and said I am going Home
-She refused to Give me a Copy of our session
-She said that there was some injury to my neck but I was over reacting
-0947 Ended

-Went back to Cpt Vallanh– to sign some paper work
-She Raid to me the Spiel for psychological evaluation in Germany
-she asked if there was if there might be someone after me again and if I knew any thing
-I sardonically said yes I know some information that could put people in jail
-She asked war crimes war? War Trophy? I sardonically replied yes so that she could give me the papers and I could leave because I was feeling dizzy and about to pass out from my back pain.

-The only war crimes I know is that SSG Hawking used to sabatoge our vehicle so that he could go inside the wire and screw some interpreter in Baghadad and the war trophy he had was picture of his adventures-and He snuck her into the FOB. Servio Diaz, micheal Cooper and Steven Rosario of NYC can corroborate that.

There you have it people-this is what they were after so that they can say gotcha-
The only thing is my last deployment most of it was spent at BN Head Quarters, they Know that
and my first deployment after our little mortar attack. The last half of it was spent at Kuwait for hernia surgery.

They are using and official injury to interrogate me
The whole Time-while they were secretly recording what I said and having the people that aI work with spy on me


They are waiting a long time to evacuate me to Germany

-yesterday afternoon I went back to the aid station to get some vitals-so that I could fly out to Germany I was told and New Doctors were in the Aid Station-No col Kim or LT Larson.

-They are more than Likely putting their people in place in Germany-so That I can be refused an MRI and proper tests and more interrogation-I am the Target Here

They made a mistake and to avoid looking like fools they are trying to cover their asses

Exactly as Dina said they would

My back still hurts I have to hunch over sitting and walking to relieve some pain
and there is still the feeling of pressure in my brain

I am told that SFC Harvin (He claims to be an ex MP (Military Police) will be escorting me to Germany

Update 30 Jul 2011 1204

Symptoms still persist
went to latrine
Came out
Saw SPC SOG He asked me the time
I accidently gave him the wrong time-told him i was after 1pm when it was at 11 am/did not push my sleeve back fully to see the whole time
Smithie (Smith) is back from R&R
I told him what happened and my routine before it happened-When I twisted my back coming out the vehicle in the rollover training and my routine barbershop visits after each cut I would get my neck cracked-until I stopped it.

Update July 31 2011

Flight got bumped from 0715 to 120 to 1300 to go to Germany

At BAF Flying out to Landstul-If I remember correctly SFC FLores-Cotto’s wife’s family is from there and he was stationed there. Maybe he’ll be there.
Symptoms still persist


Arrived at Landstul, HAve to have escort everywhere.
Symptoms still persist, tingling numbing pain in spine head and difficulty breathing
Trying to Get a MRI Done here…
Told I was being sent back to Tripler
No labs was done here, no blood test and no MRI
TBI Test Tomorrow.

My aunt From England is here, although I am not allowed to sign her on post because I am not stationed here (The Disgrace)
She and Dina have been witness to this nonsense disguised as professionalism

Leaving for Hawaii on Friday
My aunt (Sandra Charles) confirms that this is a witchhunt and what they are doing is wrong.
She confirms that they are pushing me around and that the tests and mri promised , they changed their mind
They took x-rays awaiting the results

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