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Updates for the Month of March 2012

2 Mar 2012
the harassment continues in one form or another, it would appear someone tried to portray me as someone or something I am not-that is powerful
in random news it seems at few places I go to, various shop, when I come back the next  day, the price of various goods goes up, when I seek an explanation I get the reply we are adjusting for inflation. That line was coined at sunny oswego student government
Making life difficult or induced some religious or humanitarian epiphany, does nothing for me except earn my dislike. No matter how thee disguise it this is nothing short of bully. I presume some bully convinced the unsuspecting to incorporate this into foreign and domestic policy.
Smith (female african american) who was supposed to leave on terminal leave has returned pending drama from the wtb
I  am by all accounts a HOMOSEXUAL!  WHICH MY EX MOTHER COULD NOT ACCEPT SO SHE MADE DEALS WITH PEOPLE TO COERCE HER SON INTO TURNING STRAIGHT, condemned as it maybe worldwide homosexuality is not a choice, but that is an endless discourse with no end in sight.Harassed and tormented because of it, I harbor no fear
I have and I am being harassed by some African Americans for it, so no I will not marry a female-or have children, I don’t plan nor want to.well, there are a lot of homosexuals who have been harassed into marriages, and I don’t men in third world countries, I mean by the religious and non-religious nuts in the army, in fact there is an official name for the operation/project which is even sanctioned all the way to the top (I know scandal).
I forgive nothing:I will be no hero or cause celebrity for anyone against my will.thus I leave you with the following:
I am
I am a mountain of things
of contradictions and insinuations and I am none of these
most important I am me
So what I have is mine to keep
my intellect par excellance
My past acquaintances I do abhor,
except for maybe one or two
the more so because of their ugliness
of their deception and  crass willing evilness
I move in my end path direction
to pursue my attainable goals
I do not want your favors, nor did I ask for it,
and in those rare cases to whom I did ask,
I will kindly reciprocate
I remember as  much transgression
as my memory will permit
but it has, nor ever will
be in my nature to  forgive
As for the gentleman from here, some advisers are…………………, well I shall leave that for the I told you so pundits…
evil lurks in many places and there is no exception here, not so because of any devil ,but because some enthusiastically thrive on being so…
the pain in my neck spine ah thoracic cavity continues, but I keep moving forward, never forgiving
daily pain, dr aspera and company plan to do nothing, which is what I was saying all along, when I go to the ER rooms on the island of oahu I am being blacklisted, they occasionally offer one handed comments pointing to who is doing all this.I don’t know why Dina is emailing me?, she was the one who slyly inserts her hand in all this
whatever this little experiment is, I gave no consent
First Sergeant recommend just ETS and leave, no surprise there, which is what I have been trying to do
Congratulations (Giving Credit  where it is due) to the President Elect and United Russia for a job well done, despite surmountable odds, alas I too know what its like to be harassed and sabotaged from the shadows, and there is no conspiracy in that, just shared experiences of the human kind.Despite it all I haven’t reacted the way Mr manning or Major Hassan has…
Some one once asked me, well don’t you want to be rich, famous and powerful, my response then as now, ” uh No”
The gastroentorologist ordered a nuclear medicine test for gallstone conform, because based upon emergency room results at straub I had gallstones.I requested the test be done at straub as I do not trust the tripler medical system, the refused and ,made me do it at triple to come back as usual and say they found Dr Aspera as usual gave me the run around, I got my ets orders, as usual all he can say is follow up with the va, a useless organization (could gave you numerous examples and citations including my own experience, but who would believe it).and then they did not send the report to straub, because they are hiding the results as usual am in constant pain  in neck , spine, stomach, eyeballs, chest, back of throat for the past six months every day of every waking hour and I don’t know how  I manage to maintain my composure and not keel over in pain…sometimes it becomes so unbearable I have to stop moving around.But who would believe that indeed?……….
Harassment continues in on form or another: Dr salinger was doing his job , now they are denying me a followup with me because he says their are gall stones, all though the results from the test tripler fudged claims to the contrary.I had to drip my courses because of the medavac, now they are trying to charge me for it, and the little fires keep popping up.this is how the army harasses it own soldiers, and I could cite more cases but who would believe it.
So I keep moving forward with my goal in mind.The usual suspects disappeared from the office today, probably hiding from the inspectorsI deal with bullies on a daily basis and they wonder why things suicide rates happen, its not an isolated incident.These people know full well what they are doing, and sleep sound at night the gentleman was indeed right “comrade wolf knows who to eat”
I will never forgive it, not even from my ex family—
The use of psychological classification as a weapon is something that has been adapted and tested on a myriad of U.S. armed forces members, the psychosocial evaluation of tolerance levels and its adaptation in the use of psychological warfare. Most members of the armed forces are susceptible because of the nature of the heirarchical power structure.Some have died needlessly in this grand experiment, a not plausible you say?well I don’t think the Nicaraguans find it funny, especially an empty apology of the recent revelation of scientific experiments performed on unsuspecting citizens. Tuskagee and a whole list of unclassified experiments. I am sure some of the minorities participating in this atrocity sleep well at night practicing the same nefarious practices on other minorities, oh the shame..I would like to hear their take on the matter.
9 Mar 2012
I went to  UH manoa today to inquire about Russian major, no academic advisement is available for Russian ?Major and no Russian courses are offered for the summer. I am being told that because they cut the Russian programs to focus on other Asia Pacific language, really and Russia is not a country in Asia Pacific? I am telling the length of idiocy. In the entire university system they are only two Russian professors, Bozhe moy am starting to see the socio-political patterns emerge on this island, on the one side you have all the other ethnic groups of Asia pacific and  the other side the native Hawaiians, who are quite under represented on this island.
I went to Tripler customer relations she reffered me back to schofield with her ploy to engage beuracratic sabotage_It was bought to my attention the signing of  H.R . 347, when word of this spreads , I predict a more than 20% drop in approval ratings and the seemingly impossible will happen. Just my observation nothing more.
Any one can claim, they support the troops and wave a flag, however actions speaks louder than words.If people really wanted to help the troops they would change the bureaucratic nightmare endemic within the system, the problem  is that opportunist within the military industrial complex learned to co-opt about 95% of our elected politicians using the very nature  that the armed forces is structurally civilian controlled, to effect their will on the military political processes. This is done through both political parties democrats and republicans.
The info for the Russian major disappeared and is changed, from the info I have been printing from the site for the past three years hmnn, interesting….
Then the sent the psychology major masquerading as   Russian major, to talk up to me, they should send her back for some more training in deception._Head, eyeball, stomach, spine, neck throat in pain….
The people who psychologically harass me are nothing more than scum, for the moment the get away with it, I am not beholden to them it is all instigated to look like something otherwise, as if I am crazy, it is nothing new, this has all been tried and tested before,, just like the nuclear experiments on those kids in western sahara. Oh there is a whole lot more list of experiments but who would believe it.Most of the people who oversee these things have never been on the front lines much less a foxhole, to the it all sounds good as a power point presentation, which pretty much sums up the gist of their mental thinking in relation to experience.
Got a ticket from UH manoa, paid for time, and left a note, went to go get change to purchase another ticket, will be back. Of all the cars in that lot mine got a ticket.The neighbor from across the way was there, coincidentally ended up in the ER at Straub, upon leaving the parking lot tacker two sped into the driveway, all of a sudden a quite ER became full, I got stalled by the staff for nearly three hours, and got insulted by some doctor Sandusky, whom put on my paper chronic pain when I came in for chest pain. Then was hurried out by the stooge nurse still in pain, filed a complaint.
Went to r Salinger he states based upon my medical examination and utlrasound at straub I have gallstones, that might be contributing to some of my symptoms.Tripler AMC is of the opinion that no such thing exists, and is denying me access to competent adequate and timely medical care. I experience headaches, spinal pain, difficulty breathing every day , but some how I manage, I leave the army in on month soon, inquiring to civilian jobs and other medical coverage, I pay as much as I can in cash for visits to the Doctor, while I am being refused medical treatment from the Tripler AMC, which it is not of my choice to go there, but because of regulation and rules, military personnel are forced to see their medical providers with very questionable objectivity (of which there is none).
Well, for the most part it would seem someone sought to use my perceived despair to their advantage just as they did with Manning and Maj Hassan.No matter how many relationships are sabotaged, or mental coercion performed, I will not be anything other than homosexual and I will not be having kids, especially for some African American, space alien, caucasions, of any stripe or pleasure or any other ethnic ideal or dream, I am beyond those things, but it did not stop the savages from abusing their power to come after me. The same people espousing these religious and moral superiority, would go beserk and uncivilized if roles were reversed. However I don’t do such things , I am not a bully, there is a difference between self defense and pre-meditated.For this I will not forgive them, but I am civilized.Russia does not need the policies and practice of above, a balance can be maintained and the Russian population can be saved without resorting to savagery and disenfranchisement , in doing so Russia avoids these crass labels of human rights violator and increases the civil potential for social stability. Every Russian of the societal spectrum, except for those who  are rightfully in jail for crimes, can contribute something to the future success of Russia without having to resort to these heinous practices. This will set a standard above the rest.Russia must move beyond the divisive and antagonistic  ideals, dogmas and labels of the past century which serve only to create internal conflict, disruption and strife  and create standards of its own, without appealing to the crass negativity or evil side of the ideological spectrum.The question of the day  (with regards to internal stability of the Russian federation)will not be answered in blood and iron (there is a time and place for that), but by the collective will of the Russian citizenry in all totality, in pursuit of the goal of social harmonic civil society, by means of a grand compromise conducive to the socio-economic success of the future of the Russian federation to the benefit of all.
Just my observation, nothing more
The recent Russian elections despite the anomalies set a standard of voting processes unprecedented around the world, by setting accessible cameras at the voting station. It dared the western world to respond, and the only response was vitriolic rhetoric usually reserved for high school immaturity. A level of transparency was created in the voting process unprecedented in world history and established the supremacy of the Russian voting system. Naturally the deficiencies, will be fixed and the system will be made more efficient over time, that is usually the course of any new creative processes established through recorded human history.Just my observation nothing more
No matter how many relationships are sabotaged, or mental coercion performed, I will not be anything other than homosexual and I will not be having kids, especially for some African American, space alien, caucasions, of any stripe or pleasure or any other ethnic ideal or dream
I have no interest in becoming a bully or attaining power to abuse it……..
The lesson learned from this experience:I will not become a bully. I cannot abuse power, and I have no aspiration for it.The ugly mental health has rear ugly head again Dr Gary Aspera has told the deputy at tripler he is worried about my mental health, because I told him what the Dr at straub said and found, so now he is trying to use his medical authority to retaliate. I  will not be seeing him any further.I don’t have time for nonsense.
I suffer from spinal pain, which affects my headaches and breathing, chest cavity daily, and the Army refuses to treat the condition, then they talk that nonsense about the VA, an organization as bad as they come, I file my release paperwork and leave the Army next month. I don not plan to vote in the upcoming elections, if something great comes along I might reconsider, that is my prerogative as to my reasons why, I have nothing notice to say about the organization of the Army, and so I leave it at that. and I will not forgive the people how harassed and sabotaged me and I leave it at that.
My acquaintances from new york (with the exception of a few, whom shall not be named) to include family are two faced and shady, and I leave it at that.
Ps: when you try to get in contact with dr gary aspera, he is always booked up, that might be true, but then again, who verifies this stuff, klotz knows him well, she was the one who was recommending him around the place, several months ago, as for me, I was skeptical, especially when the claim is being made that 3bct only has one medical person, a PA to oversee the whole brigade,..
19 March 2012
I am to meet with the commander, because I made a written complaint of denial of proper medical care, I am to be involuntary referred to mental health because tripler amc, Dr Aspera and company is worried about my mental health.
I suffer from spinal pain, difficulty breathing and headaches daily, my dr says I have gallstones and I  need to get out the army as, they are not treating me.
I have all ready been through this mental health referral, which the army uses as a weapon against its own soldiers. I can now under stand President Putin’s predicament, when he told that reporter who insisted on psychologically harassing him with repeated questions, “We have been through this before.”
So what am I to do, by the African-Americans and company who harass me a homosexual, of my own volition. I cannot lash out violently at them like some rabid animal, I am civilized. I cannot go through legal proceedings and complaints, they will stonewalls and delay tactics. So what Am I a helpless pion to do? What to do indeed?
As for the new york camp, I never trusted the family and still don’t. Dina is cunning but I never trusted here either, half the things I told her, was with full knowledge she was recording me, I needed to confirm a suspicion which was passed on to me, but these things and trivial as I have other goals, which has nothing to do with the scheming with which they tried to portray me as.
My we do live in a dreadful world
Such abuse of power I could never contemplate exercising
What is a helpless pion to do indeed?
The harassment continues in one form or another. Jobs inquiries mysteriously dropped but that is more likely due to coincidence no?
I got a roommate, although I don’t trust him (I don’t trust anyone on this Island) , I am very cordial and civilized. It is what it is…………
At work today, because some package is coming in, what it has to do with thee group, I don’t know……Evil has no bounds..
I have had to deal and work with evil people beyond the scope of my will, and  I dare to not become that which one is in constant proximity to,
a monster.
In daily pain , the spine, neck, head chest…..Its hard to explain that when you are not keeling over in pain……
Went to see the allergist, about my constantly inflamed sinuses also and coughing of phlegm, they keep giving one run around after the other.
UH manoa keeps prolonging the application process because of one questionable thing or another, I would not be surprised if my application never made it to moscow state university as it was conveniently misplaced before being leaving here.
There is an impinger stiffling  my internet connection, though why I don’t know?
I am an atheist and will always be an atheist, nothing will change that.
These African Americans and whomever who pester and harass me I don’t know where they get their morals fro. They truly are monsters, it is one thing to abuse power and another to wantonly do so for petty purposes.
Side note: Random Observations

I take neither the label of conservative or liberal
Republican, democrat, independent etc

Label less I am

The conservatives and affiliated groups abhor Darwin, but practice that deceiving and and misleading philosophy social darwinism, which is a misconstruction of Darwin’s work. A very significant chink in their armor, actually the most important one, as it negates and dismantles their entire positions.

But this is not just a pervasive thought in Conservative circles, it exists in liberal circles as well and all levels of the political spectrum.

I call it, the crass observation of natural phenomenon without actually understanding nature, as I learned in physics class nothing in nature is common sense, nature on the contrary is quite deceiving, a divine (an atheist entertaining the word) comedy if you will.

Nature is more complex not simple and that is the beauty of it, is  its complexity, which beckons our inquiring human minds to decipher its secrets, but can we do so without become monsters? That is the great debate between the religious and non religious.

This is used to justify many a policy of  of governments around the world to include the US with regards to the rest of the world.

Indeed some would even go further and create armageddon for the sake of exercising power (sic), it is true some of those people exist and I have had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting them in all walks of life to include the military.
The gentleman from Moscow knows this very well and I am pretty sure that is one of the many reasons why he takes the positions he does.


25 March 2012

The daily pain continues, head, neck, spine, throat, abdomen-I reckon if this were someone more unstable they would have went psychotic.

For more than three months they told us to take the anti-malaria drugs, while a certain  SSG  pack was in his car back on schofield and most people did not. I took it for 5 months before realizing it was an antibiotic, it was the sly nature in which they hid the drug. Indeed a line was crossed here but where is my retributuion or justice especially when I am being refused medical treatment and the harass continues in one form or an at 3bct 25th ID , but the again bullies are cunning monsters.

I am reminded of the following, but it is smoke and mirrors (to hide the real cause) of the psyops kind:

Robert Bales Charged: Military Scrambles To Limit It is not in my nature to forgiveMalaria Drug Just After Afghanistan Massacre


No luck with apple vacations they found a more qualified candidate.

for the last ten minutes of pt went to the sauna-the usual suspects were in their with their psyops talk, boring.


The daily pain continues, head, neck, spine, throat, abdomen. Am I happy here, absolutely not, my smile is the mark of civility and my jovial outwardness the mark of dissection, but in no way those that appearances make one happy, nor do they relate the spinal pain.


28 March 2012

Went to ENT today for a second opinion
Saw SPC Duty coming out the parking lot at tripler
Waited two hours for Dr hong, who was deceptively late (probably was some fill in for him),
it probably was not Dr hong
I explained for the umpteenth time whats going on for the past 8 months, and it was nothing
more than delay tactics on his part, he mentioned the fact that we would have
to start over some treatment, for a diagnosis that has not been made
and did the same routine the other ent did.
Just more insult to my intelligence and delay tactics


The FBI taught its agents that “bending or suspending the law” is sometimes OK, a review of training papers reveals. The documents also say Arabs are prone to “Jekyll and Hyde temper tantrums” and advise agents to “never shake hands with an Asian”.


The FBI has completed a six month-long review of materials and methods used to train counter terrorism agents.

­‘Yes’ to suspending law, ‘no’ to handshakes with Asians

­“Under certain circumstances, the FBI has the ability to bend or suspend the law to impinge on the freedom of others,” one FBI PowerPoint presentation bluntly stated. The circumstances under which the FBI could get the carte blanche to violate one of the pillars of American society were not stated.

The files also contain samples of offensive stereotypes in training documents. One of the documents, titled “Establishing Relations” instructs trainees: “Never attempt to shake hands with an Asian. Never stare at an Asian. Never try to speak to an Arab female prior to approaching the Arab male first.”

Another document, called “Control and Temper” contrasted the supposedly stoic Western mind to that of the “Arab world.” In the Arab world, “outburst and loss of control [is] expected,” the document states. In another bullet point, these outbursts are also called “Jekyll & Hyde temper tantrums.”

Of the 160,000 pages and slides used by the FBI, 876 pages and 392 presentations were deemed inappropriate and offensive. However, the FBI did not publish its results and did it take any disciplinary measures against those responsible for the shoddy material. Nor did it order the agents exposed to the material to be retrained.

­Senator leaks files to the web

­The shocking instructions have been made public with the help of Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee overseeing the FBI. He shared a letter he sent to FBI Director Robert Mueller with the Danger Room blog on The letter gave just a taste of the kind of information FBI agents were exposed to.

Senator Durbin was astonished by the publications.

I cannot imagine that was actually said,” Durbin stated. “It creates a license for activity that could on its face be illegal, and certainly inconsistent with our values.”

He also chided the FBI for failing to take appropriate measures to mitigate the effects of using such obnoxious material.

“If the FBI does not identify agents who received inaccurate information and take steps to retrain them, there is a real risk that agents will be operating on false assumptions about Arab Americans and American Muslims,” he wrote to FBI chief Mueller. “This could harm counterterrorism efforts by leading FBI agents to target individuals based on their religion or ethnicity, rather than suspicion of wrongdoing.”

The recent revelations are not the first in the series of shocking FBI agent-training instructions. Last year a leak to the web featured a chart, supposedly used by the FBI for training, that taught agents that the more “devout” a Muslim was, the more likely he was to be “violent.” In another instance, an FBI lecturer was featured in a video repeatedly telling the audience that America should be focusing its effort on fighting Islam and not individual militant groups, which he compared to the teeth of a shark, the shark being the Islamic world. He also compared the religion to the Death Star in Star Wars, saying the effort had to be directed at finding Islam’s weak spot.


One could presume that their tactics was to have subject piss off enough people over a set period of time (years), which would hide the ability to identify a single suspect and create room for disinformation an confusion-Psyops 101-just an observation


It is not implausible that these people just abuse power,Why? ” because they can, can can!” so the mantra goes, sickening? yes!

“The gentleman was right comrade wolf knows whom to eat”


29 Mar 2012

SSG Reid was rushing to do counseling statements yesterday

I smell fish—–go fish


A lot of talks lately of cutting back and kicking out soldiers especially if  soldiers are overweight.

Imagine my surprise yesterday then after being told, the CG of Schofield Barracks put out if you are on leave you c ant come into the gym, and with civilian clothes.  just find it interesting that is all.________

Some one once asked me, well don’t you want to be rich, famous and powerful, my response then as now, ” uh No”


I don’t know who brought up the idea I would like to go back to NYC, I do not consider the place my home, and my treatment there has been substandard.


30 Mar 2012

Today I went to the TM at Schofield Barracks. The PCM for third brigade was not there, Dr Aspera is no longer the PCM for third brigade I am being told.
sick call location has also been moved. I was running behind schedule so I tried to call but only got through on the third call and as usual they were waiting.
I ad tyo speak to some SSG Ashburn, who did nothing but stalled and delayed me. I finally met with Dr Johnson, but she said I need to see the PCM. I attempted to make an
appointment with the PCM. But was unsuccessfull. Ms lockwood was antagonistic and refused to help me. SSG Ashburn appeared, but he stalled me and could not get a definitive answer. The last thing
that I was told  was that there is no appoint or medical care available at the TMC with the PCM at schofield barracks, he is busy conducting reverse SRP. I was told three different answers, stalled the I had to
love for other pressing matters after nearly two hours waiting.

No one including Div legal can provide the leal document, whether it be a united states code or US Army regulation,
which explicitly stipulates, whether a soldier in the U.s
Army can change his or her home of record, and if so under what circumstances.
I saw a CPT  S who could not provide the legal document. He stated that there was no such law or regulation and that it was implied from the definition of Home of Record outlined in Ar 600-8-14. that there was no legal document. I was also followed by some african american guy who was clocking me at the tmc, who was from the national guard and seeking legal help.

Then the cpt asked if  wanted to join the national guard. no thank you.

My point is every time you seek legal guidance at schofield barrack, misrepresentation and lies are told, this is no the first time I have experienced this there. There is a legal document Us. army regulation and code that stipulates whether a soldier in the US Army can change his or her home of record and the exceptions to that. As every action in the U..S Army is governed by military and civilian law.

Its one lie  or charade after another here. It will all become clear later why the answer to the question of changing home of record and why I was delayed.

Contrary to popular belief confidentiality between lawyers and client is not upheld and broken often for one reason or another.

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