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Updates for the Month of February 2012

Some one hacked the site and erased the date for these months:

2 February 2012


I do not trust anyone around here-especially on schofield-you have to be that way when you live on an Island with over 100+ governmental agencies and religious organizations of various shades who have been known to wantonly abuse authority, position and power-not to mention the daily psychological harassment-one spy or another-and they say things like this only happen in third world countries-I tell them some of the most off the wall stuff and they believe it and go back and tell their pay masters…yawn

Neck, spine, head back and chest still in pain….

спокойной  ночи


и теперь стихотворение, мой первый на русском языке

Потеряли одиночества

Они разорили мое личное пространство необоснованными

пытались заставить меня к религии против моей воли

Высмеивать, смущать, очернить

Они даже пытались ложных ловушек, физическое запугивание и психологическое домогательство

Произнес многочисленные лжи, от сексуальных до

Вниз право дисфункциональных

какофония спекуляции

Сохранить для пустого пространства

Я нашел много утешения в языке


И надеюсь, в один прекрасный день вернуться

Гражданская лечения и приветствовать вас, где океан встречается с небом



Oh My-I failed a math test-ran out of time-the horror

Some how my the pain in my spine is affecting my memory and some cognitive processes

About 5 months ago I was doing great in math, now its just a pain to concentrate

I need to find a good neurosurgeon

addition and subtraction of linear measurements- stumped me haven’t done that in a while


To make matter worst, system froze


In other news:

I had to comment Presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

“I’m not concerned about the very poor because they have a social safety net in place.”

This from a christian and a morman no less, where is the compassion?

Who was it that said “Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth?


No, I do not drink, I order plain pineapple juice when I go out


Hmnn maybe it was the African american who folled me to the east west cultural center or the click entrenched here at schofield or the the click at campbell or the he click at the followed me tot he alomana mall with her reidculously dark sunglasses.

They operate under their free masonry and religious signs which can be found conspiciously on their oversized vehicles to allow for plausible deniability.

The religious covenent have taken over the military establishment- time to move on—–justice will come to them slowly but surely–

They have a saying “god don’t like ugly,” well the evil thing they do to people is ugly and well god doesn’t like that I am told-I am atheist though.

They have no real power, whatever power or influence they have was given in exchange for past, present and future services rendered by a very influential shadow group who cannot be named at this time, proof is a hard currency to come by in this day and age, but when it comes it will be incriminating


Three MOS Branches through which corrpution, and influences flows int he U.S . Army are the Logistics and Supply Branch, Chaplain Corps, Medical Corps and The Legal Jag corps.

The last three are supposed to be a soldiers safety net but if you have your people
(agents) installed in those three branches you can sabotage, manipulate and harass any soldier regardless of rank. I have experienced this for more than a decade now.


Don’t forget the finance branch the go after you using that too…Finance has been known to withhold certain pay, claim ignorance an rotate out the dirty hands who executed the orders…there are whole volumes on this stuff available in public records.


Had to take some pain medication spine, head, neck eyeballs still in pain–

—well the whole point of covertly harassing someone is to make them look crazy—-

I know very well who are the African Americans, caucasion and what not doing it–There is only one person with the resources–Dina used to say, slyly oh you should be outraged, mad etc.

I am a civil human being with more compassion than these wayward christians, and I am not even a christian-I am an atheist.

A lot of my phone conversations were recorded-phones stolen-(of which I am trying to track down one

spied on by false close confidants-false profile and evidence created- then there are the snoops, constantly snooping-I just open the door and greet them with a smile, seeing how far they will go…

I am still trying to figure out what half of all this harassment is for-maybe the answer is in a secret vault somewhere?

The again I kid you not, these people are that evil……bullies in every sense of the word, the get off on it


If I wanted to I could have cause havoc along time ago, but I am not in that business, my goal is to perfect my Russian language skills by the end of the year

It was Dina who used to talk about resiliency, then it started popping up in these psychological experiments with the occupational therapists in the army-her resume is in the beginning of the blog


Bozhe moy



I try to stay away from the religious trap as most Religious institutions are in the intelligence business these days.

Western society have long used this to their advantage in, especially in the realm of foreign affairs to include smuggling, espionage, infiltration and the horror of horrors instigating blood shed.

Scenario: If you provoke the state in to retaliating against a religious group, you then come to the aid of said religious group under the auspices of a friend, and uses that group for various intelligence purposes, providing financing and cover.

Ironically it was the religious groups who while claiming to provide the native hawaiians with spiritual , moral, monetary and other support, was providing the intelligence which helped to nearly destroy, subvert and disenfranchise native Hawaiian culture.

It is a double edged sword-Not all people who are religious are evil or nefarious-

For some however- god did not bring Armageddon in time, so they are willing to Bring Armageddon themselves-those are the one to watch for


Quite day today Mctear had some muffins offered  one-did not feel right- left a horrible after taste-

Quiet day


The harassment continues. in one form or another-still getting the run around from tripler amc—-sought some outside advice-they said its obvious someone is trying to make things difficult for you-nothing new there.


spinal pain continues-reduce to taking tyelenol when the pain is severe to avoid being addicted to

medicated prescriptions—


The U.S Army has been using the medical branch as a weapon against its own soldiers, whether it be through psychological or mental health-I am willing to bet money that the suicide rates are connected-but who will believe you?

There has been a lot of psychosocial test under various guises and auspices-I went through some of it-research-these people are intrinsically evil-

When Dina, Lynn, and Family started inquiring when I went back to New York    it did not raise the red flags because I new before  hand, my mother (ex-mother) has been in the mental health business for some time-that she would conspire to put here children through this is nothing new——

I have the confirmation I need-now its a matter of going forward-they no longer exist to me-I have other goals what a nefarious world we live in…..

Thank you


9- Feb 2012

So I noticed that the unit looked at my LES and noticed my meal pay deduction was stopped, from when I went into the WTB. No doubt, as a rouse, well with my G6PD Deficiency I chose not to eat at the chow, especially  knowing how the cooks operate and my experience at Fob fenty-they like any other in the army can be coerced into sabotaging people-nothing new their-which is probably why SGT E was following me the day I went to the schedule an appointment with the nutritionist-

So one my what to the nutritionist the usual suspect were waiting for me to line up-because the discussed with the doctors in violation of their medical mandate my medical and financial situation.

The Army like to talk a good game of oversight and the safety of the IG and diversity etc etc-but that could be more far from the truth-my experience and others speaks to the opposite—-

The people here on rear d detachment with its shadowy hand


its obvious by now I trust none of them because its the same tactics they are using-the difference is someone from the outside looking in would not notice the difference-I don’t care about the $300 or so they take away from meal deductions I don’t eat at the chow hall any way (because of my G6PD Deficiency) its lost money. I did that whole process of trying to get them money back to prove a point about these monsters of various persuasions-and I proved my point. The point being is that they will take any opportunity to screw you over–

Th people on rear d don’t care because they have been paid in full for services rendered and easy an smooth transition out the army and a fake and fudged med board……

when I do some thing out of t he ordinary its usually to prove a point—

It not a conspiracy the there are evil malicious people around me, on the contrary the evidence speaks for it self– enough to keep counting….

So the nutritionist at schofield Barracks building 688 said she could no nothing for me-no surprise there and all the nutritionist before her—-


So SFC Bryant (African American) asked me if I cant rotate my arms anymore, I told her no and it is more than likely do with the herniated discs along my spine—-She along with the other shadowy african American soldiers have been spreading and disseminating their rumors

Yes I know where it is coming from-someone else is working that angle

NO, I don’t not want to marry some African American girl and have kids, in fact I don’t plan to have kids at all, nor marry any girl, or whom ever-I plan to do me—–I follow my own path


Side Note:

If I were in that position I would frame the situation as such:

Civil discontent instigated whether it be liberal or conservative in nature is a psycho-social weapon.
United Russia would do well to not get caught in the trap of left (liberal) vs right (conservative) ideological politics, because every Russian regardless of beliefs or political persuasion has something great to contribute to the future success of the Russia federation.The key is to harness the collective conscience of all Russians towards that common goal and unite the body politic. In order to do this a universal definition of what it means to be a Russian citizen in the 21st century and beyond needs to be established and the only way to do that is surveying the Russian public and agreeing on a definition of a common identity.Once that is a achieved, half the battle will be won and it would be near impossible to divide the country along sectarian lines and would be a slap in the face to those who would seek to carve up Russia.
My Observations-nothing more:
There is an African -american component to my harassment and it is being dealt with-they were sabotaging me while I was actively engaged-I do not have time for the the gentleman and his cohorts-
If you don’t  have nothing nice to say then don’t say nothing at all-and quite frankly I have nothing nice to say-I am just more civil about-I want nothing to do with them, they are bullies.
13 Feb 2012
In Other news-the administration and its truth team-hmnn I wonder where the got that from
JUST an observation nothing more:

Fancy a quick scuba lesson before going on a last-minute trip to Hawaii? Paying in cash for a snorkel? Just shaved mustache because it doesn’t go with a dive mask? Big Brother will spot a terrorist: “See something, say something” policy in action.

The 25 flyers issued by the FBI and the Department of Justice give no mere Orwell creeps. Every area seems to be bursting with bombers: airports, beauty shops, construction sites, banks and internet cafes. Your tattoos master meets a bunch of them every day. Terrorists have taken to your favorite shop with train models across the street – remember how you pressed your nose against the glass after school? Now press harder: see something, say something, do something for your country.

‘Constant vigilance!’ – from fiction to action

The FBI and Department of Justice have streamed the “terrorist profiles” to every federal, state and local law enforcement agency across the country previous week. No one wants armed dangerous freaks invading a shopping mall on a Sunday, but now think about this. Are you:

– constantly impatient with your hair color?
– nervous in public spaces?
– inclined to show off before your girlfriend, even when taking your first ever dive?
– prone to staring around?
– obsessed with taking pictures?
– eager to keep your passwords to yourself in an internet cafe?

If yes, then you have all the chances to fall on the wrong side with the community and be referred to the police.

No encryption, no anonymity (forget about Skype, patriots), no cash, no hanging around, no heritage disputes at construction sites. Know your shopping list, show genuine interest, don’t avoid talking to assistants, but don’t ask for exits and sales days – you are not looking for crowds.

FBI’s Potential indicators of terrorist activities related to Internet Café (Click to enlarge)
FBI’s Potential indicators of terrorist activities related to Internet Café (Click to enlarge)

So the War on Terror is getting inward-bound and tens of millions of law abiding Americans will get a flavor of it. Putting aside proper instructions to identify a potential terrorist (nervous, sweating, unsure of own name and story, wearing too much clothing) and terrorist activity (using abandoned houses to store unidentified goods, driving a car without number plates, leaving packages in public areas) – where is the bottom line to assess “extreme” behavior?

The handouts stress to Americans that people who “make suspicious comments regarding anti-US, radical theology, vague or cryptic warnings that suggest or appear to endorse the use of violence in support of a cause” are, well, terrorists. So, bye Occupy Wall Street, you won’t be flashing headlines any more soon. Not after several arrests on “assaulting police” charges.

FBI’s Potential indicators of terrorist activities related to Sleepers (Click to enlarge)
FBI’s Potential indicators of terrorist activities related to Sleepers (Click to enlarge)

Be careful to forget your Constitutional rights, too. Only those, who are looking for a thrashing from homeland security, know them by heart. And never, ever speak ill of Washington’s policies:

Fury at the West for reasons ranging from personal problems to global policies of the US” is an attitude indicator of a “sleeper,” a person who “camouflages their involvement in terrorist activity.

By the way, you will never believe who fits the description of a sleeper as an adjoining puzzle piece. War veterans! Consider those who have spent quite some time in “countries where militant Islam rules,” are “missing hand/fingers,” have “burns” and are inclined to show undesired interest in all security stuff – like “hey, which is the police frequency over here?” So, welcome home, Afghan troops.

Think wider – stay in limits

The leaflets conclude with two disclaimers fitting quite neatly with each other. First, “just because someone’s…way of life is different, it does not mean that he or she is suspicious.

Then, “The activities outlined on this handout are by no means all-inclusive.

So if you see a guy, meddling in the shop with a lobster, a witch’s hat he is using as a bag and a newspaper he is holding upside down, and somehow you feel he is conspiring for a delayed bombing out, tip him off to the police.

But if your dad has given you a hooked nose and dark curls and then one morning you trade for a model plane with the “maximum range remote control” for your little bro… Just don’t get a nasty shock if your neighbor reports you. It is not the FBI’s fault that Mr. Thompson is such a raging xenophobe, who does not care what next door people look like.

FBI’s Potential indicators of terrorist activities related to Shopping Malls and Entertainment Facilities (Click to enlarge)
FBI’s Potential indicators of terrorist activities related to Shopping Malls and Entertainment Facilities (Click to enlarge)

With the new 25 lists of security commandments, Americans now have a handout for every trip to the outer space. Still the new instructions daze even some ex-law enforcers:

I spent some years in law enforcement, and some of those devoted to counter-terrorism. I can assure you that most federal, state and local law enforcement personnel abide by their oath to ‘support and defend the Constitution’ and are steadfastly accountable to that oath. In other words, they understand that broadly labeling as ‘terrorists’ those who support constitutional limits on government is offensive to that oath,” reads the dedicated story in the Patriot Post.

Elena Medvedeva, Vitaliy Matveev, RT


Power was a position I never aspired to here, because it is corrupting as evidenced by the current state of affairs.

Someone once asked me, “well wouldn’t you like to be rich and famous?”

My answer then as now is no


15 Feb 2012

One harassment after the other: they say stuff like this only happens in dictatorships

I went to the gastro-enterologist at straub medical center, and appearently I have gall stones, ironically all the symptoms I have been suffering from , when I was back in nyc on leave all the family member (sister, aunt, aunt) I stayed at had them, strange, as if taunting.

Now I have gall stones, oddly Mansker’s wife had the same problem, and Triple AMC gave her a hell of a time with treatment.

Just received a message from H&R Block about my taxes:

Which does not surprise me, because when I went to the H&R Block place in the Post exchange on schofield barracks, some E% with a Military Intelligence Patch starting talking specifically to me about the IRS being backed up, then another soldier with a MP patch came and said the same thing, then tax preparer (Laura Rosalez, who kept messing up my paper work on purpose) said the same thing..

Sure enough I just received the following email:

Dear Justin r,

The IRS has accepted your tax return. Unfortunately, the IRS is taking longer to process returns and the date of your expected refund has changed.To find out when to expect your refund from the IRS, go to and click Where’s My Refund? or call 1-800-829-1954.You’ll need:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your filing status (single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household, or qualifying widow(er))
  • Exact refund amount shown on your completed return

Thanks for choosing H&R Block.
If you have questions, don’t reply to this automated e-mail. Visit our Customer Support site at

THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN PSYOPS AT ITS BEST- In other news the old XO (African-west indian) , when I was in FT campbell, KY,   went Psyops, how ironic he shows up at fob fenty right next to me in the px.
Ironically the doctor asked me how long I have left in the Army, I no longer laugh at the question nor answer, because of my depth of disgust…Why would I or any civilized human being after enduring 12 years of bulling, abuse of power, crimes and etc for nothing one to be part of such a thing.
It was Dina who encouraged me to go on facebook initially but I knew what was going on–I promptly later deleted my facebook account, I had no interest in the medium, I had already new of its dark side.
They say in Chicago they like to play football by letting the other side think they are winning I imagine some one sought to apply that elsewhere.
Tripler AMC found nothing—–they beat around the bush—-I had to seek outside help—-
So I went to see the Patient Care Representative at Tripler today en-route to my appointment-It is amazing how these people insult your intelligence, I got the truth from her anyhoo, but by the time she realized it, I was already in the parking lot, its amazing a how a few well placed words can bring out the truth from someone, I always said, when it comes to people with visceral dispositions, its very easy to get their disposition out of them with just a few words, its near impossible for them to hid it.
She is just another pawn…..
16 Feb 2912
The neurologist Dr Price from Straub sent me to a spinal specialist, Tripler AMC bypassed this expert and sent me to some LTC Antoine (African-west Indian American) when I tried to bring the subject up I got the run around at sports medicine at tripler-some African American receptionist there tried to get confrontational-she revealed the whole shebang without realizing it.
Then Dr Aspera lied to me about the appointment being at tripler, when it was at schofield-
These appointments they now switch them from tripler to schofield Barracks to hide their evil duplicity–
This LTc Antaoine from where ever wasn’t fooling me-he repeated the whole shebang from Dr Deedman and company about taking time , the problem is I have been getting diagnosis from outside Doctors as to my physical health, Tripler is not, because they are actively obstructing and delaying my medical treatment because they are aware that I leave the army in July and plan to provide no medical treatment, this is a violation of their medical mandate especially that nefarious lie about medical obligation and taking care of soldiers (proof being the numerous ill-treated veterans who are now homeless).
I conveyed to Dr Antoine the findings and thoughts of the gastro-entorologist from straub and he was dismissive. The gastro-entorologist from straub was shocked that they would withhold the information of me having gallstones for so long and might be the cause of some of my medical condition.
Dr Antoine was dismissive about the whole thing.
The gastro-entorologist ordered some test to verify the gall stone , I requested that the test at be done at straub and not Tripler because based upon my experience and that of others, they tend to fudge the results of tests at tripler AMC.
The excuse mantra they give you is that the outside labs are charging more for tests that can be done cheaper at Tripler AMC, BULLSHIT! (Pardon my french) and you can add SHITTO to that, LTC Antoine is repeating what he was told to say, don’t trust him, was the advice given to me, the he had the disrespectful gall to repeat what I said to the female African-American medical officer  at Andrews Air force base-I want nothing to do with them, the are emotional and idea vampires , of the worst kind.
The Irony of the last title of Bleach manga #480:
So I went to sick call this morning for a follow up appointment this morning, as Dr Aspera is always booked according to the from  desk at Shcofield Troop TMC.  This time he is booked up and there were only three people there including myself. So I conveyed to the receptionist how strange that was, she became dismissive, rather than stand there in some pointless argument, I promptly went to Dr Asperas office, who was not in and waited for one and a half hour and he only saw two patients, wow booked up indeed. So I inquired about this, and he gave some excuse explanation about having to do administrative work and not having to do with the appointment side of the house…
I call
BULLSHIT! (Please pardon the expression)
with regards to their explanation of treatment to medical care
Oh please
You can in theory identify  specific characteristics of a specific aircraft using the 3 dimensional characteristics of its sonic boom.
At a few specific frequencies of an advanced emp thermodynamics can neutralize certain missile systems while in flight almost like a laser, however the require very complex equations..
Psychological warfare is always countered by critical thinking especially by a civilian population attuned to such thought processes.
All this can be done using ones intellect without stealing classified information or any controlled information, intellect being the only means by which these conclusions were acquired.
SSG Stevens was recently moved from BSTB to HHC. He has taken an interest in verifying the authenticity of my medical profile. I am also told by the canaries that he was one of a few African Americans strategically placed through the chain to undermine my medical claim-no surprise there, if you follow the trail you would find these strategic pawns and I traced the trail a long time ago.
Who would be leave the above, sound crazy? Well, that’s the whole point, when you psychologically harass some one. I am sure the professionals understand this modus operandi.
They tried that rediculous zumba class here on schofield isn’t that a Rihanna workout?
__ __ ____ ____  Saboteur extraordinaire of the training room with the previous SSG williams
“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you”
Friedrich Nietzsche quote
17 Feb 2012
Tried working out my back today, and still pain , no relief…
Side note:
On how heads of states are manipulated world wide:
They are usually scouted, screened, catalouged and sabotaged before they enter the realm of  politics, their vices are exploited to the fullest, from the corruption to the sexual, dossiers full of incriminating evidence are kept and when they step out of line it surfaces-have you not been paying attention in the last 20 years or so.
Sowing discontent, sabotage and confusion creates paranoia and if not handled correctly leads to the domino effect of heavy handedness and you  become open to all sorts of  labeling by the very people trying to set you up for failure.
hnmnn unusually meeting tonight-just being cordial without being rude
Evans and his wife, another set up I suppose—–
Dina always said she had a friend in th IRS going through the same thing harassment.,, hmnn makes you wonder he?
well I removed everyone of my SGLI except for the lomonosov institute in moscow–
I have three more people to remove but all of a sudden milpo access is limited
nothing but lies here at schofield barracks
Dropped anna off at the airport, long as usually for evans to say goodbye–
It was SFC Jackson (African American) of who came at the WTB inquiring follow the
It was PFC Harris (African American) from 1-21 second brigade who was spying on me in building 2076 both Evans and Sidmore were from 1-21 battalion in second brigade
The harassment continues-now they hide it-
scenario-If I wanted to harass someone psychologically or in a nefarious way, I would do it stealthy as to create plausible deniability.
I would spy of have third parties spy on said subject-record and listen t o what they say, habits likes dislikes-patterns of life they call it.
Then I would through subtle hits of it, mostly in passing glances or speech, with the objective being to rile the person up-I would have third parties walk by the person unscripted and unpatterned, make wiered faces, smirks and comments very quickly and walk away.
When said subject goes ape shit or makes a confrontation about it, I would have plausible deniability and by virtue of a public environment and claim I was not addressing you, and I would then invoke the accusation of paranoia-this time of harassment is very difficult to follow in wide open public spaces.
Depending upon the desired outcome, it can cause paranoia, mental breakdown or violent outburst all reactions which can be used negative against the subject being targeted.
Well someone could ask, why waste so much time on energy on one person, that is the million dollar question indeed but the tactic is used quite often and everyday especially when the harassers are willing and unsuspecting enthuseists (sic)
The world is not out to get you or anyone, indeed that would be paranoia, however there are some people, especially those in power who like to abuse it, who have no qualms about teaching people lessons,especially those who cross their egotistical paths.
Whats this? Rubbish you say?
Allow me
Defense exhibit A:;_ylt=ApemHN0dIQQ9wRoveY4LOA.w73QA;_ylu=X3oDMTQzM2RzazFnBG1pdANBcnRpY2xlIFRvcFN0b3JpZXMEcGtnA2U3MzRiYzVmLTE4YjktM2Y4Zi1iMzNhLTBmMWFmYTk3YTg2YwRwb3MDNgRzZWMDTWVkaWFTZWN0aW9uTGlzdAR2ZXIDNzg3YWM3MzEtNWIyNy0xMWUxLWFmNzktZDJiMjY4ZWEzYzFj;_ylg=X3oDMTMxb2RnNG82BGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDNDI5ZmQxZWItNWVlMS0zNjE4LWFhZTgtNjE3MzUxZTkwMmViBHBzdGNhdANidXNpbmVzcwRwdANzdG9yeXBhZ2UEdGVzdAM-;_ylv=3
Chen case: Asian-American soldiers endure bias
By DEEPTI HAJELA | Associated Press – 1 hr 20 mins ago
NEW YORK (AP) — The harassment of 19-year-old Danny Chen started in basic training — teasing about his name, repeated questions of whether he was from China, even though he was a born-and-raised New Yorker. He wrote in his journal that he was running out of jokes to respond with.
It got worse in Afghanistan, military investigators told his family. They said the other men in his unit showered Chen, the only Chinese-American in his unit, with racial slurs and physical abuse in the weeks leading up to his suicide in early October. Eight soldiers have been charged in connection with his death.
For some Asian-Americans who have served in the military, the racial prejudice aspect of Chen’s alleged mistreatment comes with little surprise based on what they’ve seen or experienced. But others say the military is a place where everyone’s limits are tested, and that the failure in Chen’s case is one of leadership.
It’s unclear how often military members experience racial bullying. Despite repeated requests, the Army did not provide any data and the Department of Defense said it didn’t have any information since the service branches are each responsible for their own record-keeping. The Army did say that it has regulations against hazing and bullying in place.
Vietnam War veteran David Oshiro isn’t surprised to hear of the accusations of racial prejudice. The 63-year-old Japanese-American said he didn’t have problems with the men in his unit but often heard slurs from other enlisted Americans. When he was injured, military Medevac personnel assumed he was Vietnamese and nearly delayed his evacuation until all the solders they thought were American had been flown out.
“I got really upset, I started yelling back, ‘I’m an American. You get my ass out of here now,'” said the San Rafael, Calif., resident said.
“It still upsets me, because I keep thinking, ‘We’re on the same team!'”
That wasn’t Rajiv Srinivasan’s experience. The 25-year-old Afghanistan veteran said sure, there were jokes about his Indian heritage from those who served with him. If they approached disrespect, he said he shut it down.
“No matter what race or ethnicity, the Army is going to test the solidity of your character and your identity,” the Ashburn, Va., resident said. “You could be the quintessential military brat-turned-soldier from Fort Benning, Ga.; the culture of the Army is still going to be pushing you.”
Daniel Kim, a 39-year-old Korean-American who spent 12 years in the infantry before leaving in 2004, questioned the leadership in Chen’s unit. Among those implicated are a lieutenant and several non-commissioned officers.
“Who else knew? Who else didn’t speak up?” asked Kim, who now lives in Queens.
The Asian-American presence is small in the military, as in the U.S. population. The most recent data show 43,579 Asian-Americans on active duty in 2010, making up 3.7 percent of those enlisted. Most were in the Army or Navy.
Among the officer corps, a little more than 8,400 were Asian-American in 2010, or 3.9 percent.
They’re people like Anu Bhagwati. The 36-year-old Indian-American woman spent five years in the Marines, and said she left in 2004 largely because she facing discrimination and harassment, even as an officer.
In her case, gender was the big issue, but she said she saw racial discrimination against others, including the few other Asian-Americans she saw in the service.
“The great American myth about the U.S. military is that racism doesn’t exist,” she said. “It’s alive and well.”
In Chen’s case, while his parents are immigrants, he was a New Yorker, born and raised on the lower east side of Manhattan. He enlisted in the military after high school.
Chen told family and friends, and wrote in his journal, that he was teased about his name and repeatedly asked if he was Chinese. The bullying and abuse worsened in Afghanistan and racial slurs were used. At one point, when the soldiers were putting up a tent, Chen was forced to wear a construction hat and give instructions in Chinese, even though none of the other soldiers spoke the language, investigators told his parents.
On Oct. 3, the teen was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a guardhouse, the Army said.
Eight soldiers in Chen’s unit were charged in the death. Investigative hearings are under way. In January, the military said it one should be court-martialed on charges including assault, negligent homicide, and reckless endangerment, but not for involuntary manslaughter.
On Wednesday, the Army said two other soldiers should face court-martials. One is charged with dereliction of duty; the other is charged with violations including assault and maltreatment.
Asian-Americans have played a role in the major American conflicts of the 20th century. There’s even some anecdotal evidence that some Chinese-Americans were fighting on both sides in the Civil War, said K. Scott Wong, professor of history and public affairs at Williams College.
In World War II, Japanese-Americans instantly fell under suspicion and their loyalties were questioned after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Those already serving in the military were removed from active duty or discharged, and many Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps.
They were later allowed to serve, segregated into the 100th Battalion, which was later put with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. The 442nd became the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in U.S. military history.
The Vietnam War had its own concerns, as Asian-Americans who fought alongside other Americans in an Asian country were sometimes lumped in with the enemy.
Chen’s death was “a wake-up call” that issues remain, said Elizabeth Ouyang, a Chinese community activist who has been a spokeswoman for his parents, who don’t speak English.
Asian-Americans “have always just wanted to belong, to feel like part of America, and the ultimate way of doing that is by fighting for your country,” she said.
Chen’s situation sent “shockwaves through our community, that our effort to integrate, to contribute, to be part of America, is so undercut by the treatment that Danny received,” Ouyang said.
She said Chen’s parents are determined to find justice.
“I’ve seen them slowly go from grieving to anger to wanting justice for their son,” she said.
Someone once asked me, “well wouldn’t you like to be rich and famous?”My answer then as now is no
psychological harassment continues Well the pain is still there in the neck, spine and head——-no relief in sight
I submitted my terminal leave paper work, waiting for it to be signed, lets see how long this will take….It is no coincidence that every emergency room I have been to on oahu, that I have been followed and refused proper mri for the c-spine mysteriously disappeared from the triple army medical system files, LTC antoine could not find it.—Knowing my g6pd condition, these doctors still tried to pump me up with massive medication-the evidence speaks for itself….I have never had to deal with a more worse set of evil people….
SO I went to the transition office at the soldier support center and they are only open on monday-weds-fri. while there I notice a mouse spying on me, I looked and he ducked int to a room, I turned away and looked again and he ducked into a room again, so I boldly go towards him , he asks can I help you, it was the director of human resources for schofield barracks, a short (African American) bald man, and he went off into a tirade about leave briefs after I explained my situation, and how I might not be able to take all my terminal leave and what not, he was waiting there for me with his info in hand, they gave him a heads up.I went to the ER at straub super pain again in head spine chest and neck. The doctor was unprofessional, shucked me off and fudged thew data on my medical report. And the usual suspects clocking me in the parking garage. The coincidence of the Assembly of god truck parked outside the ER as I came out the door.
So I went to the Transition center this morning, and I was tole by the two female representatives there, one African american and the other hispanic, that I would need my orders and it takes 3-5 business days to get my ETS orders, no problem, so I went to the car and came back and the situation changed, I now needed CPT Tarons assumption of Command orders and since the Terminal leave days is over45 days I have to have an o5 sign my leave form, and no )5 in the Brigade is available, because the Read D 05 Col kelly left schofield and the Col Frost from Second Brigade , the other bullies have taken over, who knows how long that will take.
It is obvious what is going on her; this is how you abuse power to make it difficult for people,
I am on Ohau not of my own choosing and due to circumstance, there is nothing paradise like about the place.
Dina is very cunning, likes to tape conversations, keep files on you, and goad you into saying things, but then again I knew that from the very first time we wet, no surprise there. She is a different breed altogether, years from doing it I guess.However my ex-mother is even more cunning and enlisted a whole heard to follow her on her wild goose chase at  the expense of my health.
I do not seek power or positions thereof, never have, never will they are corrupting. Nor have I sought anything, which I could not produce of my own intellect, that is the power of the  intellect we are all born with as Herr Nietzsche would say, except in those rare circumstances.Those who have invade my private space do so unwelcomed, it is a thing I do not forgive, especially , when they try to set you up for failure with false flags, reports and the likes.I do not plan , nor never plan to join any clandestine organiztion (To include anything with an elite designation, three letter agencies or the likes in al relativity) of any branch of the three branches of government, quite frankly they are all rotten to the core power does corrupt people, rarely have I met someone in a position of power who was uncorrupted.I have seen people easily justify their abuse of power because they manage to  psychologically trick themselves into thinking they are doing for the greater good, and it creates a domino effect and then all sorts of justifications and abuses follow.One should look into industrial psychology, they have mastered this well
On why the civil rights movement failed:Racist caucasians (I would like to make the clear distinction not everyone in the world is racist, meaning  (obviously) not all caucasians are racist), or anyone who is prejudicial have made the justification over the years that well if the minorities and the down trodden were in our shoes they would do it too,, and thus that is one of the distinct goals of corrupting people, to show that they would be no different than the abuses. Dr Martin Luther king Jr drove away from this by vehemently speaking out against injustice, that was the strategy, which was to not become the monster you were fighting, by being the civilized opposite. When the gentleman in washington DC signed the NDAA, he in one stroke played into that preconceived assumption, and gave cannon fodder to people, who might not have otherwise received it.
I know sabotage and harassment, I have been experiencing it for quite sometime, thus it relation I understand when the gentleman from Moscow makes the statement  “Comrade Wolf  knows whom to eat”INDEED!Just my observation, nothing more
A scenario was once placed to me:Said center instigated the instability of the peripheral to make the center look good and enticing, luring in visitors (best and brightest), only to have the truth rear it ugly head, by then it would be to late.No one benefits from that scenario-it eventually back fires especially when standing up to bullies.
My ammended orders to pickup my household goods is being purposely delayed.
I leave you with the stated mission of US Army HRC :Execute the full spectrum of human resources programs and systems to promote unit readiness, help develop leaders, and sustain the well-being of the Army – Soldiers, Veterans, and their Families.and here is the stated vision:Premier leader in Human Resources support, balancing the needs of the Army with the needs of the Soldier. The both can be found here
It speaks for itself
Computer in the shop: Hmnn  still in pain, making the most of it on the Island of ohau—–Perfecting my Russian-It no longer hard for me to transliterate-its becoming second nature..
Side note:
nice little email I received from hulu:In our Evil(er) Plot to turn your brains into mushy mush, we teamed up with one of the largest console manufacturers in the world, Nintendo. Together, we’re bringing a new level of world-class entertainment right into your hands and home.Wii owners can now download the Hulu Plus app from the Wii Shop Channel and begin a new entertainment experience. We’ve optimized the Hulu Plus interface on Wii so you can easily navigate through thousands of popular TV shows with a simple point and click of the Wii Remote.With Hulu Plus now on Wii, as well as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, HDTVs, smartphones, and iPad, there’s no better time to try Hulu Plus. Sign up now and get two weeks FREE, then gather your family, friends and roommates around the biggest TV in the house to watch your favorite hit TV shows, movies, and more.2 Weeks Free >
The Hulu Team
Well it must be the dust from the barracks we have been cleaning in place of ash on schofield barracks-
Went to the emergency room today, could not stop cough up phlem–The doctors at Queens medical center ER gave me the run around.Okay I suspect I have an upper respiratory infection for,  six months now along with the spinal pain I have been coughing up this phlegm, none of the ERs did a mircobiology-culture, gram negative or positive stain, which baffles the mind.So it has been more than six month if after two months, yeah I can see paranoia if only this was within a two month span, but six months later and still no treatment and sidetracking after visiting almost all the ER’s on this island, is nothing short of a targeted operation. If I am walking around with SARS who knows how many people have been infected. Geniuses
So who am I, a small pion to do about goliath and his giants, they infected me and I have as much right to retaliate. But no, I plan to do no such thing, it is a waste of time and energy, for every abuse I have endured a line was cross-so what am I to do. So what am I to do indeed.Well I have my intellect and it is more 5000 years old. who knows where help will come from?–in other news: I have added to my vocabulary 100 Russian words, only 300 more to go to reach my goal of 400 by the end of the year.
The psychological harassment continues in one form or another-My spine, neck, eyeballs, and headaches continue, hacking up more phlegm than usual.
in other random knews news, Sidmore commented on how he loves McCarthyism, for how it destroyed the lives of innocent people, Klotz came in the office screaming  “why wouldn’t they leave me alone holding her head.”Wright and Mctear commented how I am jolly these days and asked if I am married, I slyly told them I am engaged and showed them the ring, SGT Dixon mentioned on the fact. People will believe anything, and that is probably why they were recruited to do many a questionable deeds relating to the administrative paperwork of 3rd BCT 25th ID.
I smile to be polite, and greet because I am civilized-I want nothing to do with the monsters who pride themselves on bullying, the is the image the U.S Army tries to build for itself, this over bearing teddy Roosevelt style bulling, to scare shock and all throughout my time in the military, I have come to known there are some (quite a lot) who pride themselves on bullying and the like, make people’s lives miserable and the like, you should hear some of the stuff that comes out of soldier mouths, rationale and all then, then you know why stuff like abu graihib and the like happens, no surprise there.Well some who more powerful, but they don’t go around the globe bullying, in fact they make it a matter to civilly keep to themselves, until it is time to take action. Now there is some apples for you..
What is my point, well Manning was psychologically attacked and so was major Hassan, using the same methods, and their response, well look where it got them.How do you deal with goliaths indeed, especially the African American one, who rile all about church ideology, African american ideology and the like……a careful less is to be learned”Comrade wolf does know whom to eat!”
I plan nor I do not forgive anything, that was done. My goals are to finish my degree at the moment. I got a place off post, start he process moving off, applied to two schools, Moscow state university and University of Hawaii  For a major in Russian, waiting for responses.
The pain is daily, some task are difficult , hacking up more phlegm than usual…..Awaiting signed paper work for transition leave so I can start  clearing..
I’d imagine if this was someone else they would have had a nervous breakdown or committed suicide by know..My intellect was not built that way, it no god had a hand in it, I was, now and always will be an ATHEIST, despite efforts to move me to the contrary. I live by my principles, I cannot say they same for those who would use their religion to bully, but that is a topic for another day.—————–Always looking forward never looking back, nothing here to be proud of, maybe something in the future, such is the nature of moving on…
I would imagine the people who instigated this whole scenario had a specific or a few goals in mind.Now that it does not go their way, the fume an dawn of hate, contempt vile and the like..”Viciousness is the last refuge of a scandalous bully, especially when things don’t go their way”Justin R. Somerset
It seem I will not be able to read my poetry on first Thursdays at fresh cafe this Thursday as I have two MRI appointments at night at Tripler (Yes, I am told they are always booked up. (inplausible, you decide for yourself)
side note:A little wisdom from a song:Colors of the wind by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz sung by vanessa williams
You think I’m an ignorant savage
And you’ve been so many places
I guess it must be so
But still I cannot see
If the savage one is me
How can there be so much that you don’t know?
You don’t know …You think you own whatever land you land on
The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim
But I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name
You think the only people who are people
Are the people who look and think like you
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
You’ll learn things you never knew you never knew
Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned?
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest
Come taste the sunsweet berries of the Earth
Come roll in all the riches all around you
And for once, never wonder what they’re worth
The rainstorm and the river are my brothers
The heron and the otter are my friends
And we are all connected to each other
In a circle, in a hoop that never ends
How high will the sycamore grow?
If you cut it down, then you’ll never know
And you’ll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
For whether we are white or copper skinned
We need to sing with all the voices of the mountains
We need to paint with all the colors of the wind
You can own the Earth and still
All you’ll own is Earth until
You can paint with all the colors of the wind
food for thought–just saying couldn’t resist
29 Feb 2012
The lyrics of the song can apply to any situation and any group, which was the other news PA Aspera moved to the second floor to the aviation clinic, probably to hide  his actions…..seems like nothing more than good cop bad cop antics here
–in other news rejected by the city and county of honolulu for part time job, did not meet the minimum requirement for field collection representative (SR-11), not specifics on which minimum requirements was  not met—-Man or woman, any ethnicity, adult or child anyone can be a bully, but few aspire to be otherwise, I do not now or ever have aspirations of being a bully
Got call from apple-find it strange that they sent out computer in only a few days and it is back for store for pick and the regular fee is not covered for the suspected damages…strange indeed..The apple rep called from a 512-austin texas area code-for a computer that was supposedly sent to california from a apple store in honolulu, Dina always used to say go to texas, though why she would recommend that-well who knows?
sent out early application to UH  manoa and they are not showing payment of the application fee-another tactic of delaying, really?
well, appearantly someone alter my application to the university—and placed the wrong email on file, my these people are something else
one of the things I learned at suny oswego was the installation of agents within administrative and low level structures, which is why I left student activism-they were all infiltrated and I did not have time for nonsense


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