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Updates for the Month of April 2012


3 April 2012

The harassment continues in one form or another.
Daily headaches difficulty breathing, spinal pain, blocked smell, abdominal and chest pain continues. Some difficulty concentrating.

Started clearing post, MP had me remove my schofield Barracks vehicle tag, with the explanation that they are switching over come June or July 1st to non tags, and SSG Reid gave the explanation that  of an example being (PFC WAUGH9 Who is  know PFC Kearn) who is getting out on a chapter favor being over weight and is entitle to more benefits than a regular ETS such as myself. I am ETSing not getting Chaptered out of the ARmy. Oh please, like I want to sneak on post to ue the PX or comissary, give me a break. Quite frankly I will be burning my military gear when I ETS and the Tags were going to be burned with all the other stuff.

I have to out process with the Reserve component counselor, oh please I have fulfilled my military obligations, I wonder what lies she is going to tell me know.
Appearantly you need an interview to check that box.
As for new york I have no fondness for the state, I have no fondess for my trreatment here either, here is the lesser of two evils. I just don’t go around seeking to abuse power,  although there are many here who do.

I am continuing to practice my Russian language skills, that is suspicious activity according to the authorities.

These people have killed intellectual life, and they then sit around and wonder why the US is in the state it is in, and “it is not good, let me tell you (to use the phrase). They are going back to a time when only the select few will be able to get a decent education or educate themselves.

Its very easy to get people to do your dirty work for you here, especially in certain services, the young, they are gullible and always jump to the opportunity to be a James bond or the like, years of Hollywood influence, naturally they become easy pickings for abuse of power. The whole process is sickening if you ask me, there is no objective accountability.


Hmnn an interesting article, did  someone finally figure it out?

Oh Canada! Imposing austerity on world’s most resource-rich country

02.04.2012 11:58

By Ellen Brown

Even the world’s most resource-rich country has now been caught in the debt trap. Its once-proud government programs are being subjected to radical budget cuts-cuts that could have been avoided if the government had not quit borrowing from its own central bank in the 1970s.

Last week in Ottawa, the Canadian House of Commons passed the federal government’s latest round of budget cuts and austerity measures. Highlights included chopping 19,200 public sector jobs, cutting federal programs by $5.2 billion per year, and raising the retirement age for millions of Canadians from 65 to 67. The justification for the cuts was a massive federal debt that is now over C$ 581 billion, or 84% of GDP.

An online budget game furnished by the local newspaper the Globe and Mail gave readers a chance to try to balance the budget themselves. Possibilities included slashing transfer payments for elderly benefits, retirement programs, health benefits, and education; cutting funding for transportation, national defense, economic development and foreign aid; and raising taxes. An article on the same page said, “The government, in reality, doesn’t have that many tools at its disposal to close a large budgetary deficit. It can either raise taxes or cut departmental program spending.”

It seems that no gamer, lawmaker or otherwise, was offered the opportunity to toy with the number one line item in the budget: interest to creditors. A chart on the website of the Department of Finance Canada titled “Where Your Tax Dollar Goes” showed interest payments to be 15% of the budget-more than health care, social security, and other transfer payments combined. The page was dated 2006 and was last updated in 2008, but the percentages are presumably little different today.

Penny wise, Pound Foolish

Among other cuts in the 2012 budget, the government announced that it would be discontinuing the minting of Canadian pennies, which now cost more than a penny to make. The government is focusing on the pennies and ignoring the pounds-the massive share of the debt that might be saved by borrowing from the government’s own Bank of Canada.

Between 1939 and 1974, the government actually did borrow from its own central bank. That made its debt effectively interest-free, since the government owned the bank and got the benefit of the interest. According to figures supplied by Jack Biddell, a former government accountant, the federal debt remained very low, relatively flat, and quite sustainable during those years. (See his chart below.) The government successfully funded major public projects simply on the credit of the nation, including the production of aircraft during and after World War II, education benefits for returning soldiers, family allowances, old age pensions, the Trans-Canada Highway, the St. Lawrence Seaway project, and universal health care for all Canadians.

Oh Canada! Imposing austerity on world's most resource-rich country. 46965.jpeg

The debt shot up only after 1974. That was when the Basel Committee was established by the central-bank Governors of the Group of Ten countries of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which included Canada. A key objective of the Committee was to maintain “monetary and financial stability.” To achieve that goal, the Committee discouraged borrowing from a nation’s own central bank interest-free, and encouraged borrowing instead from private creditors, all in the name of “maintaining the stability of the currency.”

The presumption was that borrowing from a central bank with the power to create money on its books would inflate the money supply and prices. Borrowing from private creditors, on the other hand, was considered not to be inflationary, since it involved the recycling of pre-existing money. What the bankers did not reveal, although they had long known it themselves, was that private banks create the money they lend just as public banks do. The difference is simply that a publicly-owned bank returns the interest to the government and the community, while a privately-owned bank siphons the interest into its capital account, to be re-invested at further interest, progressively drawing money out of the productive economy.

The debt curve that began its exponential rise in 1974 tilted toward the vertical in 1981, when interest rates were raised by the U.S. Federal Reserve to 20%. At 20% compounded annually, debt doubles in under four years. Canadian rates went as high as 22% during that period. Canada has now paid over a trillion Canadian dollars in interest on its federal debt-nearly twice the debt itself. If it had been borrowing from its own bank all along, it could be not only debt-free but sporting a hefty budget surplus today. That is true for other countries as well.

The Bankers’ Silent Coup

Why are governments paying private financiers to generate credit they could be issuing themselves, interest-free? According to Professor Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University, it was all part of a concerted plan by a clique of international financiers. He wrote in Tragedy and Hope in 1964:

The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.

Each central bank . . . sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.

In December 2011, this charge was echoed in a lawsuit filed in Canadian federal court by two Canadians and a Canadian economic think tank. Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati filed an action on behalf of William Krehm, Ann Emmett, and COMER (the Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform) to restore the use of the Bank of Canada to its original purpose, including making interest free loans to municipal, provincial and federal governments for “human capital” expenditures (education, health, and other social services) and for infrastructure. The plaintiffs state that since 1974, the Bank of Canada and Canada’s monetary and financial policy have been dictated by private foreign banks and financial interests led by the BIS, the Financial Stability Forum (FSF) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), bypassing the sovereign rule of Canada through its Parliament.

Today this silent coup has been so well obscured that governments and gamers alike are convinced that the only alternatives for addressing the debt crisis are to raise taxes, slash services, or sell off public assets. We have forgotten that there is another option: cut the debt by borrowing from the government’s own bank, which returns its profits to public coffers. Cutting out interest has been shown to reduce the average cost of public projects by about 40%.

Game over: we win.


Ellen Brown is an attorney and president of the Public Banking Institute, In Web of Debt, her latest of eleven books, she shows how a private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can get it back. Her websites are and The Public Banking Institute’s first conference is April 26th-28th in Philadelphia.


After more than six months a TB test is being done and they no longer do physicals before leaving the Army, hmnn interesting


Well, the report went something like I saw him sniffing dust, it must be some addiction, don’t laugh it true. That was around the time I started losing my sense of smell at FOB Fenty.  I could  not smell, I smelled the dust, fruits, juice and could not register an aroma. I though it strange. Sure enough at that time some African American E6 or E&I don’t reember was following me. I am sure they were patting themselves on the back for good detective work.

I have no time for such nonsense and people.


6 April 2012

Engineering suffering so people can become religious or turn to god is not an act of god or any god, it is an act of demented human beings who should be stooped in that gross negligence and abuse of their power, which is what is going on here..


Hmnn what a coincidence and it is:

Since Google unveiled its “Project Glass” demo on Wednesday, the futuristic “augmented reality” eyeglasses have become the target of more than a few parodies poking fun at the spectacles’ conceptual flaws and ambitions. (See Jimmy Kimmel‘s take on the glasses below, as well as a parody of Google’s promotional video that envisions the glasses with lots of advertising).

My provisional patent item is Project orion, on the same wavelength maybe? who knows.


9 April 2012

Pain continues, headache, difficulty with cognitive processes, neck, spine, back, bloating in abdominal area…..


Hmnn Those African Americans inserted themselves where they were not welcomed I have nothing more to say to them, other than I forgive nothing, it s not in my nature.

From the moral high ground I will not stoop to the level of bullying.


In other news:

War on drugs? 110k active US troops ‘on prescribed meds’

Published: 09 April, 2012, 15:00
Edited: 09 April, 2012, 18:40

Thank you for the comment!

A US Army soldier enters the Combat Stress Control Clinic of 125 BSB Charlie Medical Company of Task Force Mustang at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Shank in Logar province, eastern Afghanistan (Reuters/Umit Bektas)Thousands of US soldiers are going into battle fueled by all sorts of prescription medications, be they amphetamines, antidepressants, sedatives or others. Largely unmonitored consumption of drugs can lead to aberrant behavior and mental disorders.


This program with its ongoing theme of resiliency is straight out of a Nazi experiment command by the Waffen SS and it is very well hidden, encompasses over 100 organizations both civilian and government with the single goal of numbing the citizenry into a large scale war, or so is the ascertain. It has been going on for years now. older than the war on terror, and that is why I don’t take lectures from people who carry out Nazi experiments. It is horrendously immoral and unethical and defies fact that peoples lives were lost to this.The above is the scripted version going around these days, but who would believe it? Conspiracy? The label of conspiracy is the first weapon used in debunking the truth. This was a tactic the Nazis perfected well.


How I got my injury was questionable and a concerted effort, between the unusual, heavy IBA, sleep deprivation, twisting back and neck, who knows. I do know that at the height of  the symptoms treatment and diagnosis were purposefully delayed even to this day. I will have to travel outside the usa for treatment. The daily pain is enough to make someone want to commit suicide. This based on the conclusion of a collective group is no coincidence and a mass produced study throughout the military. The people doing it are getting away with murder, literally because there is no oversight.Whether someone believes this or not matters not, some know the truth and some don’,  most importantly  what matters is that one day the consequences of that truth will be rendered paid in full.


When spying in academia goes too far all you need is one incident to abuse power and here it is, abuse of power:

Foreign spies have become much more common in America’s higher education institutions over the last five years, reports Bloomberg. The FBI says many of them are Chinese nationals.The end of the Cold War did a lot to deepen international scientific collaboration, prompting universities to broaden their global activities. Students on American soil have become even more multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. But this openness also exposed the vulnerability of academic institutions to scientific and industrial espionage, as well as to the theft of advanced technologies, US national security officials believe.“We have intelligence and cases indicating that US universities are indeed a target of foreign intelligence services,” Frank Figliuzzi, Federal Bureau of Investigation assistant director for counterintelligence, told Bloomberg.The FBI believes American universities are the ideal place for recruiting informers and agent penetration.Agents’ activities could range from conducting research with respected scientific teams and taking photos of hi-tech equipment and documents, to barefaced copying of files with sensitive data from personal laptops.Hi-tech espionage targets academic centers and corporations’ scientific and technical research alike, the FBI says.According to a 2011 US Defense Department report, attempts by East Asian countries, China in particular, to gain access to developing technologies and cutting-edge research in the US grew a stunning eightfold in 2010 compared with the previous year. Above all, foreign intelligence activities concentrate on information systems development, construction of lasers, aeronautics research and underwater robot production, the report said.In order to preserve its key role in science and technology, America declared itself open to talented researchers from all around the world. The US has become so welcoming of foreign students that citizens of other countries could make up over 40 per cent of graduates in such renowned institutions as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgia Institute of Technology, according to a federal survey.The hundreds of thousands of Americans studying overseas are also under threat of being recruited by foreign intelligence, Frank Figliuzzi told Bloomberg.

­Chinese impostors in American education

China alone directed 76,830 students to US universities in 2010-2011, more than any other country. The FBI says many Chinese researchers who have received an American education and started working in American companies do have a tendency to commit corporate espionage.

China’s intelligence service deploys networks of freelance volunteer students and researchers to collect information wherever they study, do research or work, says David Major, president of the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies in Falls Church, Virginia and former FBI official.

In addition, more than 3,000 Chinese false-front companies pursue new technologies directly on American soil, writes former CIA officer S. Eugene Poteat.

To help repulse the foreign infiltrators’ attack, the FBI has teamed up with academia with a national board of representatives from universities and national security agencies. The initial board was created in Pennsylvania State University in 1995, and was later transformed into a national body.

All members of the board have security clearance, Bloomberg reports. The FBI considers potential sensitive cases in research programs while campus officials guide investigations through peculiarities of the national higher education system.


April 11 2012

The harassment continues, now its through my bank and DFAS. GoarmyEd initiated a debt collection because I could not finish my class. The same class that I could not finished due to being medavaced from afghanistan and I submitted the paper work, and they still initiated the debt and let the paper work lapse now I cannot recollect that pay for 90 days, which throws my finances in a bungle. Not only that the Unit did not even updated the milpo reflecting I was deployed. these people are abusing their power,  take note. Now my bank neglected to tel me awhile back the account went over the limit, how sneaky of them, when they usually do, they waited till it went of just so much before stopping the card. Which makes it most difficult to prove any malice, short of bugging the whole system, then that would be breaking the law, which I am not in the business of intentionally doing.

The intrigue continues, the suspense is deafening, yawn


The gentleman and many others cite constitutional law etc, and now move the law to conform it to current government policies. I would like to remind the people in washington that had this same abuse of power been done before the reconstruction era, we would all still be slaves and not just in name only. The difference then as in now is the manner of bullying.


Reflections of an intonation:

It is not difficult to understand really, I’ve been in this for twelve years, and these people pride themselves on being malicious and inconspicuous at doing it, “Leave no trace” is their motto or so the saying goes.

Why, because they can , is so hard to believe that there are people who abuse power and authority  at all levels of society because they get off on it, even if some of those people are African American and other minorities.

Conspiracies abound, people conspire all the time, when you get a group of people together and they have a lot of free time on their hands, which is all they do and make chaos.

I have no interests in either be they African American, Caucasian, the mamas, the papas or whomever. Someone sought to remove me from my corner and I was obliged to respond, then they tried to use my response as proof of some nefarious threat.  No kidding this is the criteria for all sorts of investigations, and they are good at it because they have been using this MO for a long time.

And the world goes on. It is because of people like, this the worlds is the way it is, what they don’t understand is after humans blow themselves up and the cockroaches, the planet, solar system and universe will be here long after we are gone and those inanimate objects well not care one bit about our existence.

I suffer from daily, pain, headaches, spine, neck, chest, lung, abdomen, but I keep moving on, because that is the indomitable nature of my will.

I take offense because insulting my intelligence insults civil human beings. They take offense because it insults their ID, Ego, and Super ego.


Side note:

An exercise in random thought analysis:

IF I were in United Russia’s Shoes, the following would be my party motto (you are free to use it)

Strength through Unity

Success Through Innovation

Always moving Forward

A United Russia


12 April 21012

In the Army these days you don’t know whom is whom

as anyone can switch their velcro name tapes


The world is ablaze these days.

The Russian federation cares about the people of Syria and as such would not army Syrian to bring bloodshed to their country men especially as is publicly known that is being instigated from the externally. If one cares about a people or somone, then why arm so meone to bring blodshed and mayhem to the person one allegedly cares about. Thus the Russian Federation naturlly does not arm or provide arms for Sryians to blood shed other Syrian with for no other reason than to bring blodshed and mayhem.

Observation Nothing more

There is has been of late in contemporary world, hunger strikes, I remember from my college activism days a lot of people used talk up fasting with reference Mahatma Ghandi, although fasting has been around long before him. It’s like it became a fad, which is what western advertising does, take cultural exploits and mass market them for various benefits and the historical context becomes lost in translation.

Mahatma Ghandi fasted (suffering) for the unity of a people despite their cultural, ethnic and political difference, not to divide people along political and sectarian lines. He was suffering for a people to be a part of their own destiny political or otherwise, not divided but united, that meant a unified polity for both Pakistan and India devoid of violence or mayhem. He did not pick up arms to bring bloodshed to his fellow human beings and countrymen, nor for outside powers to bring bloodshed or mayhem with their arms to his fellow human beings or countrymen. A lot of people like to make reference to the man and his movement without full understanding of the nature of Satyagraha.

They do this by making the claim, “non-violence would not work against the Nazis”, (a seed like so many others which become planted in the minds of men through the machinations of a few.)

Well that is the point, it is not an individual movement or thing, non-violence is a unified step of an entire people in lock step,en entire people stood up in unison and moved in unison towards a common goal. once they stop moving, then there is no subjects to control or manipulate or move. The oppressors are rendered mute as they have no one but themselves to move.

It eventually failed because of divide and conquer tactics and India was split in to two separate countries.


How did they do it you say?

As for my harassment here it was the African Americans and other minorities (to include men, women and family members, acquaintances, non of them friend)there were their sabotaging at every turn with a smile on their faces of course. The smiled at me with one face and was peddling the idea of me as a threat behind my back, as if  I did not know, the Irony and they are so comfortable with themselves that the gentleman and company in DC will notice it when its too late they trap they have  walked into.

As if I could not see through the whole charade.

I suffer from physical pain now everyday along my spine, neck, head, chest and shoulder but I keep moving not for them or any other minority who was involved in this charade because of the indomitable nature of my will.


19 April 2012

Pain along spine continues, with headaches, chest pain and difficult  breathy, no treatment here not for lack of trying but tripler Army medical center for all intents and purposes refused to treat me and ran a numbers game of pretending to do tests, with delays and what not. Currently on terminal leave. No I have no plans of returning to new york as I have never considered it a or my home, nothing but trouble from that state as well as trouble from here.


Words cannot describe my mere disgust from my treatment, here or there and that is not a light statement.  what I have left to give will flow towards the river moskva.

These African Americans, cohort of every stripes included smile and laugh at what they did. someone else in my shoes would have sought revenge and the like, but there are civil ways of dealing with bullies and I don’t mean karma, I do not believe in it.

I see and look past the charade and keep moving, they through temper tantrums when I am not enthralled or hooked by their gimmicks and think I would forget or forgive such a thing.

I see and look through the fog and keep moving.


Side notes and factual observations:

If  Samuel Jackson could go public and stated and I quote “He voted for Obama because he is black” and Tom Joyner goes on the air “urging African American voters to Vote for Obama because we have a chance to reelect the first sitting African American president”, then this country has not come far at all with regards to race relations,  a point which I made earlier in this blog. f all they can do is fall back to a political point of race, that speak volumes in terms of political maturity  and civility as one would expect by now such a polity would move beyond the factor of race, and judge one on the content of their character and competence of office.  What does that say about this civilization’s political maturity. Not that to say racism and all sorts of isms isn’t alive and well in the USA, on the contrary more so now than ever.

But there is a dark twist to all this that has not been revealed yet and it does not bode well


24 April 2012

Pain along spine continues, with headaches, chest pain and difficult  breathing, tried explaining that to my roommate last night, and he is a cunning obstructionist, which is probably why he was sent here. These  people  and their machinations.


25 April 2012

My roommate making excuses for these people, he should know better. Anyhoo this is what they do, get someone who has been through some wrongdoing to discredit your be harassed and bullied, making the claim of my situation was worse than yours, so you should not be complaining, when in fact a grievous claim is being made. This is psyops 103.  Discredit the claimant by other means. Its pathetic really, as id denies  our shared humanity, this is behavior one expect from megalomaniacs.

This is nothing more than bullying by people who learned how to do so in high school and they end up in positions of power, use the same inhumane methods and expect the world to believe that this is how civilized human beings behave. That is why the gentleman is right when he says “comrade  wolf knows whom to it” indeed.


This is the motto of Hawaii:

Motto(s): Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono
(“The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness”)

Tell is the harassment and bullying they are doing righteous? I don’t think so.


Side note:

And now another case of random observations.

If I were the following party I would propose the situation as such:

The goal of United Russia should be in
A) restructuring- a recap needs to be done with regards to the current political situation, ideas need to be pooled and only the ones with a 85-95% success rate should move forward
B) implementing and setting standards – when implementing any task or standard one should consider the amount of resources in totality is required with regards to , advertising, training, workshops, law, money. Reasonable standards above the rest that are straight to the point with regards to maintaining and attaining those standards.
C) Achieving goals.
There should be three standards when assessing success or failure of those goals:
1) were the task(s) completed in an efficient and timely manner
2)were the recommendations and implementations received well by the public, if not what can be done to accommodate a more civil solution
3) Will the task (s) benefit the whole of the Russian Federation (its citizenry-all law abiding citizens)
the Russian Federation must set a standard in building a civil society to be a becaon of hope, inspiration and prosperity by enabling  people a sense of dignity, then will the Russian Federation stand above the rest not just in standards but as a civilization.

Just my observations nothing more….


27 April 2012

No I will will never forgive them for what they did. These people are adept at exploiting the sensibilities of others, divide and conquer and elaborate charades in to tricking people into doing what they might not otherwise do under any other circumstances so no I don nothing but continue on my course……I’ll have nothing to do with them be they man, woman or child.

Pain along spine continues, with headaches, chest pain and difficult  breathing, tried explaining that to my roommate last night, and he is a cunning obstructionist, which is probably why he was sent here. These  people  and their machinations.


29 April 2012

Pain along spine continues, with headaches, chest pain and difficult  breathing, tried explaining that to my roommate last night, and he is a cunning obstructionist, which is probably why he was sent here. These  people  and their machinations.

On Morals and the extra moral sense  (A Pun on Nietzsche)
You often here the following from the religious and the like, “without religion there would be no morals”, an endless discourse in an endless stream of religious and political discourses.
I am neither religious or spiritual. I try as much as possible to live by the golden rule, do unto others as you would have others do onto you, some say it is a religious rule, science shows however for every action there is an an equal and opposite reaction.
I am civil because I expect others to be, although in reality most are not (A human travesty). I treat my neighbors and others kindly, because I hope they return the kindness and civility. There is no guarantee that they will, this  is a risk and gamble, as in all things, especially from those filled with hate, I am not defenseless, if need be I can defend my self.
But I am sure most people in the world if given the chance and circumstance will chose civility over the latter. In truth the old adage is trues “be the change you want to see in the world”. This works as most child and adolescent follow what they perceive to be the hipness that is the hollowness called Pop culture. The western world literally makes these standards up as the go along and package it is the will of the people, when that is wholly not through in a complex sense.
So one  might ask what is non-violence for- well it failed to unite and coalesce in the end because it became susceptible to divide and conquer tactics, as with all things, Nicollo Machiavelli so famously opined.
Which is the current state of the world, imposed chaos, through divide and rule by exploiting the sensibilities and insecurities of bungling ethnicities and the like.
The counter terrorism advisor to the sitting occupant in the white house,  recently exclaimed “unfortunately in war there are casualties, including among the civilian population.” He said “sometimes you have to take life to save lives.”
There you have it folks straight from the source.
If a thing is much to be desired, then anything will be done to acquire than thing, including murder, I have observed in my short lifetime ( another human travesty). If that is the mentality of those currently in power, then they will apply the same thinking and justification to their own population and citizenry, without fail.
Who then because the arbiter of goodwill, objectivity and the like,
God? So far he has done nothing to stem the tide of blood shed in the world.
The Religious Leaders? So far they are caught up waging holy wars of influence themselves, what would the gods say about that? Maybe they whispered (allegedly) it to them or intoned a revelation, as was always the case for centuries now.
The civic leaders? No they are too worried about where their next donors will come from.
Ask any one for a solution and their first answer is, “WAR!” Because their only effective tool is bullying.
Divide and conquer is much a fabric of western political thought, and to justify such a thing, any perceived alternative devoid of violence is sabotaged by means of subterfuge, harassment, infiltration, ideological discrediting, violence, espionage, and dividing the body politic by inciting ethnic strife. It is done politically, economically  , socially and psychology and can be summed up as under one banner,  PROVOCATION.
For no other purpose than power in all its totality.
Yes we are animals in the anatomical and biological sense, but we are also civil human beings, not rabid animals! Our sense of right and wrong is universally shared because we can empathize. Although there are many who willfully condition themselves to suppress that empathy and it manifests itself in the  form we call hatred. Hatred is in inbred thing, from cradle to grave and many a people lose their minds and themselves cultivating it.
Hatred is also cultivated in the realm of international affairs through the nefarious means of provocation (through friend and foe alike), by way of violent (perceived or otherwise) and non-violent acts, with an expected response of uprisings and riots. This is then used to justify the context of all sorts of interventions.
Even though there are those who are willing and in fact do everything to undermine our shared humanity. They operate under the auspices of cultural relativism and a shallow form at that, which is that if a given or small amount of people is willing to agree or go along with their bullying (in any form to include senseless killing) then they are morally right and correct and not liable because they have the support and agreement of some of their peers. Yea I know.
“One man dead is a tragedy, a million dead is a statistic” Stalin once said which is being applied here in international affairs as one would so shrewdly observe. Oh the irony.
What is going on in Europe on the other hand is the rehabilitation of Nazi ideology, I  heard (no rumor here) it justified once,  that America fought on the wrong side during WWII and it should have been the Soviets (because they were godless) instead . Yea I know. Nazi ideology and forms of it were allowed to survive in order to counter what was then termed “The Soviet Threat” along with other questionable ideologies which now has come back to bite the western world in the proverbial ass.
The lid was removed they know not how to put it back in the box, nor some don’t want to either and so now the preferred means of  cleansing is war, with a religious flare for show and inspiration of the lay masses.
Thus, the problem the Russian Federation faces is moving beyond the ideological and political spectrum in the 21st century and beyond in uniting the  body politic, which is why the Russian federation must not be caught in the dichotomy of left vs Right, Liberal Vs Conservative. The Russian Federation must rise above the fray, the petty bickering and subterfuge, with the skill and guile of a uniting force. Yes rule of law is tantamount so far as it is objective and fair no doubt.
Dichotomies are created, highlighted and blown up to divide and conquer-moving beyond that should be the socio-political goal of the Russian Federation.
Once that is done in tandem with it economic and military evolution. The Russian Federation can count itself as an arbiter of good will.
My observation-nothing more—-

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