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Updates for Month of October 2011

__Oct 2 2011

Still no diagnosois-prognosis or treatment

Still waiting to go on leave- SSG Baker and the WTU schemed to push my appointments till the end of September because they knew com Oct 1 I would lose 21 days of leave. They lied and told me in the beginning I would be able to keep those days.

Still abdominal, neck, head spine and chest pain, vomiting, nauseau difficulty concentrating, breathing eyes feel like their going to pop out.

Waiting to go on leave to take care of my self, LEAVE is a right not a privilege per Army Regulations, I had to remind my family about that


October 4 2011

Still waiting to go on leave

Was told that COL Kim was looking into my medical situation with doctors and I can’t go on leave because if I need to write some rebuttal or what not I have to be there. Please excuse me if I don’t by this logic. This is total bs, I can send a rebuttal from my leave address. This same thing was done when my flight out of Afghanistan was prolonged for more than a week while I was in constant physical pain and fever, why should I believe otherwise. I was told that I would get an answer on monday on friday September 230 2011, then  in the next 48 hours or Monday Oct 3 2011, then maybe next week on October 4 2011.

My family says, these are the likely reasons they  are prolonging your leave date:

1) To cover something up

2) Close up some secret investigation

3) Make lifemisrable like they di prolonging my evacuation fromAfghanistan

4)Think that you are a flight risk- which would be ridiculous

Tomorrow I am requesting an answer in writing why I am not being allowed to take leave at this time. My Aunt is outraged her exact words are “Everyone else can take leave except you, don’t believe them they are doing this maliciously on purpose” , I

I have been on this Island from 29 December 2009 and only had leave once,  6 days on the Island in December  of 2010. No R&R on Deployment

I have 96 days of leave saved up.

Just got off the phone with my family, they said in effect you are being held  on the island of Ohau against your will.

I told them we shall see


Oct 5 2011

This reminds me of the time in high school when I used to spend time with one of my aunts in nyc on weekends. Their neighbors, wife was puerto rican and husband was pakistani were very suspicious they had a son named Delano, I always suspected of being FBI, who knows.. Any hoo, one weekend myself and the wife went for some groceries and we saw the husband of a family cousin shelly who was out of jail for some big time crime, she encouraged me to go say hi to him, me being nieve at the time did not know what she was doing, she knew an awful lot about him for someone who never met him before. I could continue this stoyr but I have to go.

My family and I have concluded to have nothing more to do with the U.S Army. they destroy innocent peoples lives.

yare yare


The clue to what this is all about is buried in the egining of my blog

It is not outlandish that one would try to groom someone for life as a squirrel and concoct evidence to hold against potential squirrel in case squirrel does not got the way of the other secret squirrels, this is the common practice of the secret squirrels whom surround my persona, when in fact I have no interest in them but for some reason the had an interest in me, for more than a decade now. What secrets now shall we pray tell.


I hate nyc, car got towed cell phone stolen—-hmnn wish I could go far away from the states, Moscow would be nice and different

October 22 2010

In nyc , it is a hassle to see the doctors here, my medical insurance card from tricare has not arrived yet despite being ordered in september. The opthamologist refuse to see me without a tricare card. Called tricare they’re giving methe run around.

Still suffering from headaches and difficulty concentrating…

It’s one harassment after the next with these people, so it is best to video tape everything and if I need to contact someone of interest, I will personally contact them myself-that is why I limit my interactions with strangers and past acquaintances you don’t know who to trust quite frankly.

finished my prevpac from the $ 1200 endoscopy and biopsy I had dine 3 weeks ago with my own money..

Hmnn….occupy wall street movement-call me suspicious but at this very moment the movement is infiltrated by the counter revolutionaries and everyone who has participated, now has a file opened on them-don’t you just love democracy-J Edgar Hoover would be proud.

Each time my phone gets swipe or go missing its to hide my association with past contacts-however I keep getting the same contacts, why, because I always carry with me a back up sim card, dugh

Drake and Jordan’s numbers are  examples of conveniently absent  numbers from my online phone contacts accounts-this started happening about the time sgt x and spc mitchell’s numbers went dead, one by one past contacts numbers went dead, like I said backups to the backups are made-the reason why the investigators keep running into a dead end is because there is a mole in each branch. this is something which requires years of planning. It does not surprise me the secret squirrels can’t figure it out.

I trust no one, not even my own mother and she carried me for nine months, why, because deep down inside I know how evil she is.


Went to the mri place yesterday and of course there is the black janitor and mri tech, I truly don’t believe there was a coincidence they were there nor the fact that she was inquiring about who my doctor was, nor the fact that the janitor and some black stranger was asking about ginger tea-just because I drank ginger tea does not mean I like ginger tea-

One of the things about psychological and mental harrassment , is that it is difficult to prove and makes it appear that  your are paranoid, which is an effective tool employed by the secret services, however there is a way around it and that is a trade secret. There is a way to prove the unprovable.

28 Oct 2011

Celebrated birthday on 26th- Tricare (triwest) is intent on trying to make a hard time for me-I am sure some one is pulling strings behind scenes as it was mentioned “why are they making getting medical treatement difficult” by a total stranger.

I am told in France it is so nice getting medical treatment, they have the best in the world…


Still getting chest pains.headaches- no help from the doctors here in nyc- keep getting the run around with tricare and the mri  place- doshi diagnostic———–next option is traveling overseas to get medial help-….


I am reminded of the time after my first deployment in 2004-2005 when those idiots at the montel williams show tied to hook me up with some strange girl for some dating episode-all the ended up doing was pissing me off for trying to intrude into my personal space..


Daily Harassment continues-

31-Oct 2011 0133/

Could not sleep awoke because of pain starts in my head travels to my neck and throat and continues along the spine-chest tightness, abdominal pain  and burning along with burning in the chest…

Throbbing along the spine

Got confirmation from a source that some relatives might be involved, this would not surprise me especially if  it involves my mother who goes around crying to people about her ungrateful children-for some idiot to tr y and help her destroy the lives of her children with grandiose plans means she must have been a spy at sometime in her life, or Someone is playing the divide and conquer game. Who knows, still awaiting confirmation.

As for the friends who are so called friends, there is nothing left to do but wash my hands of them…

I was mentioning to an old acquaintance, I would like to see the river moskva at least once in my life time.


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