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Updates for Month of November 2011

Nov 1 2011


Every one with the politics and occupy this and that- I left politics a long time ago because as Herr Nietzsche said.

The most dangerous party member.— In every party there is one who through his all too credulous avowal of the party’s principles incites the others to apostasy.

from Nietzsche’s Human, all too Human, s.298, R.J. Hollingdale transl

You here all these excuses for why this is that and what not- The politician that fights and risks all for the people will command their loyalty and respect.

That is the current problem that people have with the sitting president-They do not see him (or the elected leaders) figting for them, so they are in despair.


Went to visit my great aunt yesterday and a lot of theses harassments made sense and brought some issues to light-

The illness I am suffering from now is of the physical nature but some people try to make it look as if it was mental for their own nefarious process……I don’t think its a coincidence that everywhere I go for medical treatment there is some obstacle thrown in my way-you tell people that and they think you are paranoid-paranoia is the name of the game after all ——–

If and when I find out so called friends and family members are involved -all acquaintances will cease for all eternity-I am not one who forgives…….-There was a lot invested in causing trouble for me here, these people should be ashamed of themselves.

These idiots had the nerve to write that I a not sociable etc etc. Maybe it was the undercover agents trying to strike up  meaningless conversations-I can smell them from a mile away……

They have this stench about them..its known as bullshit…


It’s not hard for someone to find information about me in the military-all they had to do was bribe someone in the training room or who have access to the myriad records in the army and use google earth to track down past addresses it is common practice and a low tech alternative- now whether google reports suspicious activity depends on who the clientele is.


The security apparatus in the US is so vast in terms of infrastructure-that is not impossible that various moles, instigators, quacks, charlitans reside within its  dark, deep, cavernous and highest levels-if it was me I would vehemently question the source of a lot of intelligence (Something Roosevelt was smart enough to do) -I suspected for quite some time a lot of it was concocted and instigated-the question then becomes “whom is playing whom, against whom? As the old adage goes “cui bono”.

9-11 eleven provided the perfect opportunity for a secret infiltration of the entire system -it was golden opportunity often overlooked every one was so caught up in the chaos-that they failed to the the illicit shadows entering through the back doors (many of which came wide open).

I was there on that fateful day , and the first thing I noticed was the wanton chaos, fear and the grimmacing smile of extravagance parting from dynamic lips at such an opportunity, that is of wanton electronic monitoring and discriminating surveillance, McCarthyism repackaged but devoid of the previous mistakes and low key.

The above was the opening chapter of a book-strangers in the night—


The WTU Program in the Army is conducting a controlled experiment between those who heal under stressful conditions versus those who don’t that is part of the many reasons why I left the WTU  program. I refuse to be apart of this study which cause undue stress and agony for innocent people.


Back in Hawaii after minimal help in NYC and being stonewalled

I applied to the Moscow State University so that I can hopefully finish my degree and plan to study Russian, once I leave the Army.

Maybe work as a news correspondent and writing , that is my goal for now….

Out with old acquaintances and so called friends- its time to start a new-Its had and difficult to prove the harassment I’ve been going through and I could-but I rather spend my time finding doctors who care something about the hyppocratic oath so that I can heal myself and move on.

I will continue to look for a neurologist as the problem with the headaches I got from a reliable source is most like due to the herniated dis in my c spine.


November 7 2011

Just found out my equipment from Afghanistan arrived

When to go check on it n  the supply room-the duffel bags locks were busted open and the tough boxes were busted open locks missing-I am pretty sure equipment is missing and this was no coincidence it was done on purpose-whatever equipment is missing the Army is going to try and make me pay hundreds of dollars for it.


Most of the people I became acquainted with throughout much of my  life always had some religious agenda (Relatives Included)-I would know I kept a permanent record of every waking conversation; as for me I am not religious never was, never will be-to each his own. Those who tried to force me to be religious helped me to understand the convictions of religious and other fanatics because they are one and the same. Those are qualities I do not forgive-then again  I was never the forgiving type, nor am I now.

Most of my possessions and whatever little financial worth I have  goes to the Center For International Education (CIE)
Lomonosov Moscow State University, if anything should happen to me.    Why the nut cases might ask, them?-because they never harassed me.


Nov 9 2011

I went to NYC and in 1 week was able to get most of the MRI I need-before at schofield Barracks they claimed all sorts of excuses at tripler-now I am back with the evidence they still are giving me they are still trying to give me the run around at schofield and Tripler AMC.

I keep coughing up this phlem I ask for a thorough check of my lungs, especially since I was a 9-11 responder, Dr Aspera wants to give me more medication-I have been through the medication regimen and if he thinks I am going to sit around and suffer they have a nother thing coming take money and go see my own doctor. I am supposed to go see gasto-enterology and they want me to wait till DeC 2 another month, its been three three months now I am in physical pain  they want me to wait another to see the gastro entorologist- my solotuion take my own money and go see one tomorrow.

Here are the results from the MRI I was forced to go to nyc to get because they refused here in Hawaii.


I need to see:

An Internist


Lung and Chest MRI- every day I cough up phelm collecting it in bottles and the constant feeling of a heart attack every 2-3 hours

These people have the nerve to call me hypochondriac and what no for the eleven years I’ve been in the military I have always been healthy-I know when I am physically ill-



Dr Aspera have the nerve to tell me wait another two weeks and try robutssin-I’ve been waiting 3 months now for someone to look at my lung every time in the pas t  two months I have gotten no proper treatment from the army, I had to pay and go to my own outside doctors-

I ve been on deployments where dust  and all sorts of moot have kicked up in my lungs, who know whats there now and he has the nerve  to tell me go drink some cough medicine after I’ve done went through that regimen with Dr Deedman and comapny att the WTU-


If I keep getting stonewalled with medical treatment, my next step is overseas, l will be inquiring to various embassies for recommendations and permission to enter which ever medical treat facility using my own money…….One step at a time….

I am pretty sure I am gonna be stonewalled at the embassies too, but I am still gonna try to fix my health………..

Tripler AMC claims they are short on Gastro-entorologists and that is why they sid I can’t see one till 2 Dec 2011

I called one on my own and have an appoint for tomorrow.

They said that about the MRI’s and they they claimed to gave found nothing-

I flew all the way to NYC ($1100 Round Trip) and had MRI’S done and they found quite a lot and the cause of my headaches

They said and refused an endoscopy -I paid $1200 and found the cause of the burning sensation -H pylori infection-The lady almost cried when she saw may pay $1200 to do an endoscopy- I told her 11 years of military service and they refused” I told her just like that.

I take with a grain of salt what these Army Docs say– and the contracted doctors don’t get me started………

No I am not trying to jump no line- f the Army medical community can’t treat me, which is what they are saying then  I  naturally will go to those who are competent enough to care and can.


About two to three years ago I suffered a sever infection after surgery at Fort Campbell, it was an upper respiritory infection-I almost caughed my stomach out-I did not think any thing of it as I was on convalescent leave and taking medication from the result of the surgery-so I though nothing of it from the time being-I wonder now what type of infection it really was.


I would like to spend the rest of my time and when I heal my goal is to make it Moscow State University and eventually live a quite existence away from the bustle and hustle of facetious pricks, close to the river moskva and never have to  see this place again.

Any hoo that is one of my many goals along with scaling mount everest and flying to the moon whether they happen and in that order remains to be seen.


In other news:

yare yare:

Side Note:


Looking at the news around the world and all these world leaders getting knocked off..

Throughout much of my military  and early college career I have come to learn that, that I had much positions of leadership.

To be a leader is about self sacrifice, it is an act of sacrifice, because you are spending you whole life energy at some point in time to better the lives and conditions of others (Those whom you lead). You place the needs of others above your own. this is hard for most people to do since we live and and extremely individualistic society.

When you make this sacrifice, you are affirming the humanity of others, to included their suffering, want’s, deeds and desires, in essence an acknowledgement of their status as human beings in  a shared collective experience. It gives them inspiration and brings the loyalty and respect of the people, when they see their leaders fighting to acknowledge their humanity and the baggage that comes with it.

The most skilful leaders throughout world history were adept at exploiting this to great advantage, however, it is not a quality that can effectively be faked, you have to have a genuine  care for the well being of others (Strangers)  or the people whom you are leading.

Many leaders whom are too long to name here throughout world history have understood this standard notion if you will of leadership. But the place that I have seen it expressed in its more explicit sense was the Monarch Elizabeth I, In her famous line “”all my husbands, my good people”.

This is why there are many forms of governments (Political systems), it’s not the type of government that will determine if a political system survives or not but the conduct of its leaders. If the people see and experience that shared collective effort by their leaders fighting for them, they will remain loyal, happy, content .

In essence nothing inspires a people more, especially to great heights when they see and acknowledge their leaders fight for their collective survival and prosperity.

Harness that power and you can move mountains-That is what real people power is that this mumble jumble they garble in the western world.

That is why throughout world history, in the wealthy versus the poor strugggles the leaders were always killed first.

11-16 -2011

Went to the neurologist at 1400

He refused to look at the MRI Films from new york

He is disputing the NY MRI films and going with the TRIPLER MRI films

He  says he does not see anything wrong, and essentially told me that he will not treat me for my medical condition.

I just keep getting the run around—

111 years of military service and the Army refuse to treat my physical medical condition and yet the Big  stand before the public about supporting the troops and what not..

I use this experience and when I talk to people about  joining the army…..


As for the other group, it goes something like this:

They dig dirt up or it is usually manufactured (through instigation or other means), usually early on in the subjects life. They hold that information for a later date for either recruitment or a favor. Pass information along to potential and actual associates, acquaintances and family. This continues for a long time-physical and psychological two pronged attack-isolate-break down and recruit. By the time the subject realizes what is going on it is too late, all aspect of subjects private and public social network has been compromised. So a young pup has to be planted in the fold early and go through this experience, along the way experiencing the whole thing. This not new, its been going on for some years now…..

17 Nov 2011-2314

Came back from the emergency room at pali momi emergency and they repeated the same crap they were told to repeat to me at Queens and triple-still in pain-still in pain -They too basically refused to medically treat me

So tomorrow I am sending out letters to various embassies requesting visas to enter for medical treatment at my own expense-a heads up to the people who sit monitoring everybody’s correspondence looking for the hidden threat to national security.

Put in for leave I have 60+ days available

I found some potential doctors overseas

For the past three months every day of every hour- I experience numbness and tingling in my whole arms and legs

Sever pain along the spine (aggravated when I sit up or lay down straight), shoulder , arms and abdomen

Headaches-difficulty concentrating and remembering, rapid twitching along the left side of my head

Painful to breathe  in and out, which cause pain  my left chest

Lately I wake up and can’t feel my arms for about 4-5 minutes at a time.



In Other news:

On Music

My taste in music depends upon my mood-I love world music-however I have a fondness for classical (Mainly Prokofiev) and Nina Simone

Some words of wisdom from MS Nina Simone:

This is relevant, many have tried to read my mind wants and desires and failed, in this skit Nina pretty much sums it up.

Especially since being harassed by the religious police here for years.


Went to appoint to see Dr. Aspera this morning

I conveyed to him the findings of the many emergency room visits to include cat scans, mRIs and every doctory and medical facility I have seen has concluded I have herniated discs to include a range of other physical conditions to include the spine.

He was dismissive, insulting and threatened to report me to behavioral health-{THIS is the weapon of choice they use in the U.S Army when they want to silence you (Childish stuff), I have ample proof of this}.  So I ask him what is is professional qualifications for referring me to behavioral health, he said and I paraphrase, well you cll me too much, and you look stressed out. When I speak to Dr Aspera, I do not scream at him, I articulate what it is I a want to say in a civilized manner. I have a medical condition , which the Tripler AMC refuses to treat and outside Doctors have been offering to treat, but because in the U.S Army the medical (Tricare) system is used as a control tool, I have to put in for referrals to get outside treatment, which should not take long, but I have been lied to (recorded) about this process when in fact a routine outside referral is 2 days turn around and urgent is 1 day turn around. It is obvious by now I am being told by friends and colleagues that “they do not want to treat your physicall condition, because they do not care about you, this is how they treat war veterans I am told.”

Then someone pointed me to the many examples of these available in the public media.

So I convey this to the doctor and based upon his vulgar treatment of me, I told him our impression is that he does not care, I denied me medical care, thus proving my point. I have been treated better by Iraqis that I did not even know. I have worked two years in the medical field and have not known doctors to deny patients medical care, I have heard of patients being refused medical care because they are not insured. What ever happened to doctors and the hippocratic oath.

In the next few days I plan to walk into various embassies letter in hand seeking permission to enter (visa) whatever country for medical help. I am being told my best option is to seek it overseas, with a good healthcare system and just pay the out of pocket expense.

In other news:

Seems I can’t find my external drive from my 2008 deployment to Iraq. As  a side hobby I dabbled in math and engineering, though I am nowhere up to the professional level and had some interesting basic designs and ideas, I needed those designs to take to an engineer so that the engineer can help me figure out the math. For some reason I can’t find it. Yes they are my designs, that I used my own innovative intellect to design. So I have to start all over from scratch, the external drive I think was stolen.

PS: Intentional trying to frustrate someone, to make them look stressed out so you can refer them to behavior health is premeditated: I believe than falls under the category of human rights violations:torture :Enhanced interrogation technique

One of my great intellectual ideas (poured a lot of intellectual hard work) was the use of magnetic fields in deflecting munitions (even if the munitions is made all out of industrial non-magnetic, ferrous, or metallic materials), oh its possible…Then my medical condition popped up, how inconvenient.


I requested through the patient care advocate the referral to a doctor who is objective and impartial in executing his or her military duties so that I can be treated for my physical medical condition, preferably someone outside the TAMC system.

I work in the training room now and am aware of the reasoning behind the composition of this environment, and it has earned my eternal disgust- I will say nothing more on the subject.

I am awaiting a response or review of my application to the CIE Moscow State University-I would be most appreciative if I were accepted to study and master the language there. It is more convenient and appropriate to master a foreign language in it’s native setting, its allows for faster learning especially the idiomatic expressions.


All these wars

For those in despair and these ant-war protesters, I am reminded of the following from my late high school days

The wisdom of Herr Nietzsche:

The means to real peace.— No government admits any more that it keeps an army to satisfy occasionally the desire for conquest. Rather the army is supposed to serve for defense, and one invokes the morality that approves of self-defense. But this implies one’s own morality and the neighbor’s immorality; for the neighbor must be thought of as eager to attack and conquer if our state must think of means of self-defense. Moreover, the reasons we give for requiring an army imply that our neighbor, who denies the desire for conquest just as much as does our own state, and who, for his part, also keeps an army only for reasons of self-defense, is a hypocrite and a cunning criminal who would like nothing better than to over power a harmless and awkward victim without any fight. Thus all states are now ranged against each other: they presuppose their neighbor’s bad disposition and their own good disposition. This presupposition, however, is inhumane, as bad as war and worse. At bottom, indeed, it is itself the challenge and the cause of wars, because, as I have said, it attributes immorality to the neighbor and thus provokes a hostile disposition and act. We must abjure the doctrine of the army as a means of self-defense just as completely as the desire for conquests. And perhaps the great day will come when people, distinguished by wars and victories and by the highest development of a military order and intelligence, and accustomed to make the heaviest sacrifices for these things, will exclaim of its own free will, “We break the sword,” and will smash its entire military establishment down to its lowest foundations. Rendering oneself unarmed when one had been the best-armed, out of a height of feeling—that is the means to real peace, which must always rest on a peace of mind; whereas the so-called armed peace, as it now exists in all countries, is the absence of peace of mind. One trusts neither oneself nor one’s neighbor and, half from hatred, half from fear, does not lay down arms. Rather perish than hate and fear, and twice rather perish than make oneself hated and feared—this must someday become the highest maxim for every single commonwealth. Our liberal representatives, as is well known, lack the time for reflecting on the nature of man: else they would know that they work in vain when they work for a “gradual decrease of the military burden.” Rather, only when this kind of need has become greatest will the kind of god be nearest who alone can help here. The tree of war-glory can only be destroyed all at once, by a stroke of lightning: but lightning, as indeed you know, comes from a cloud—and from up high.289.

the above piece is from the Wanderer and his shadow….

So until that great day comes-the world will be full of wars


I know the feeling of being harassed and set up for failure, these people have been doing it for years, whether it be convenient access to outdated or low classification systems, manuals, books etc-just to try and set people up for what? espionage? Then there are the strangers who speak various foreign languages that said subject is familiar with, whom try to befriend you-most of them are just undercover agents or being used in place thereof, then there is the use of random statements and actions to open investigations for the purpose of harassment and keeping tabs. This people, is the vaunted democracy spoken of.


I will no longer be seeing Dr Aspera he is not even a doctor he is a pa and so is the majority of these civilian contractor doctors in the army.



Nov 21 2011

Went to sick call this morning

Requested to see another doctor except  PA Aspera

I was told by the front disk the other doctor was out today

and sick call was booked up

There were less than 7 people waiting for sick call

The Army advertises and is required by law to provide medical care to all soldiers, with a defense budget that runs in the billions of dollars how can you take it seriously when the big wigs talk about taking care of troops.

I have herniated discs in my spine and the Army medical community is refusing to treat it , I will not be their guinie pig for integrated pain management research that they are secretly conducting on soldiers and a whole list of other secret research. The cat is out of the bag.

I plan to wear a t-shirt advertising the details.

Apre moi- I am surrounded by evil people in every connotation of the word-the problem is moving on-which I do but my utter disgust is eternal and to the core it is a sentiment I will carry for the rest of my life.


Side Note:

I shall make this clear for the last time:

I don’t plan to marry, I do not believe in marriage if two human beings truly love (complement ) each other then they will find a way to be together as humans have  been doing for thousands of years.

I don’t plan of having kids-ever- I will not put upon my conscience of  helping to bring another human being into this already fucked up world.




Ended up in the emergency room, could not move my whole left side for three or four minutes this morning

From wahiawa to tripler

The doctor at wahiawa wanted an MRA done he thought that I might have some vale problem in my neck

Of course Tripler AMC never finds anything wrong

My profound disgust with these people multiplies exponentially each day

So I left the ER still in pain of neck spine head abdomen and difficulty breathing…

My heart rate is below normal, but I keep getting told its nothing to worry about.


Hmnn Even the ambulance people are reserve military so every time I end up in the emergency room their people are already there with instructions not to properly treat any of my physical conditions–such that I have been told..I believe that source because that source gains nothing from lying to me.

Side note:

There are two types of religious people in this world, those who live and practice their religion in peace and tranquility. They go about bother no one about religion. Then there are those who are obsessed about the crass understanding of their own mortality, that in an effort to prove their maniacal convictions and insecurities go about preaching morality to the rest of the world often destroying innocent and  lives in the process and causing unnecessary death. That is true evil.


Ended up in the emergency room again and the problem is the notes tripler amc and the US Army medical command put in my medical files. I will remember this degradation and insult as a horrendous abuse of power and crime for as long as I live and will be sue to pass this experience on to others.

There re two types of bullies in this world, those who do it overtly and those who do it covertly (by exploitative means of abuse of power and authority), it is the latter one must pay extra attention to.

The  most strangest thing of all is that the doctors from wahiawa work also in castle on the other side of the island, and vice versa. It it is the same with all the hospitals on the island, the rotate their cronies, when it was first told to my I couldn’t believe it, but then I saw and experienced it with my own eyes…

So the ER prescribed neurotonin-which I will not be taking if anyone has some knowledge of chemistry they know what neurotonin does, which brings me to an important point rather that treat the physical ailments the medical profession here especially in the U.S Army would rather drug you up and they wonder why they have such suicide (it’s not that they don’t know-they know- they arbitrarily assigned their own guinea pigs) rates, which is what these cold blooded killers tried to do to me, my hidden knowledge of chemistry is what saved me thus far.

__ Update

Daily for 3 to four months I have been suffering from severe pain along the spine, i t causes headaches difficulty breathing, erratic bowel movements, numbness, stiffness and tingling in my arms and legs, memory and concentration problems.

When I go to the Doctors all they can say, ” based upon you looking healthy and walking healthy and blood tests are normal despite the result to the contrary everything seems fine. ”

I t  is a logical misnomer to assume that because someone looks healthy they do not suffer from internal physical pain especially if it my be a result of tissue or nerve damage.

That in the wealthiest country in the world I have been denied proper medical care is not the insult, it is the explanation given that insults the intelligence of competent human beings.

I will remember this inhumane treatment for the rest of my life……

Most of it very well planed when those criminal at the U.S Army medical command created that impression of mental illness in my medical records, a thing I will never forgive them and I will remember and remind them of this travesty for as long as I live.

But then again what do they care, more evidence of their incompetence is the hundreds of homes and mentally ill war veterans who succumb to not being treated for their physical ailments and cast off as mentally ill……..

Y disgust with these people increases exponentially each day

Let’s not forget it was under the guidance of Dr Kim (COL USA MEDDAC) that I was given tylenol-Ibuprofin and vallium all at the same time……..


OH you can rest assured an appropriate response will be sent in kind.


Faced with no evidence of any wrong doing, These people try to save face by making peoples lives intolerable so that the could justify their illegal action, so they look for any and every clue, in essence they are  the paranoid ones.

If one were to say, “I am in an environment of evil and malicious people,” who is to believe them, then I am reminded of a time in the beginning of the last decade when someone  said something to the effect of being surrounded by evil and two faced people, he could not have been any more closer to the truth. I can now relate to that experience, there within lies the wisdom, those are the people who tend to believe you, and see the truth for what it is, because they have experienced the same.

OH PLEASE!  There are more infiltrators through  contracting instead of other traditional means in the military industrial complex than any other means of intelligence gathering , one does not need to be a rocket scientist to find that out.


In the US Army Criminals get away because of the nature in which bribes are made, you choose the most undisciplined and in trouble soldier (preferably one who is scheduled to ETS, MED BOARD or chaptered {some time they get set up to be put into one of those categories in order to exploit them}) they payoff for them doing some evil bidding is an easy transition out with no extra problems and throw in a job with a known contractor (they pay handsomely to ex military). I seen and observed this for more than a decade now.

Side note:

They are a detestable bunch aren’t they?

The hypocrisy of the Religious and spiritual.

I am not religious or spiritual nor will I ever be, unfortunately I have had to deal with some detestable religious and spiritual people of all stripes and color, to include African-Americans in the army.

One of my favorite show during high school was masterpiece theatre’s Poirot, the detective made famous by the late Agatha Christie, the following is telling and indicative of what I speak.

Here is the wisdom of Poirot in the remake of Murder on the Orient Express (2009 Version)

To make along story short Poirot is horrified at a stop over in istanbul at the stone of an muslim woman who is accused of adultery, and thanks good that is culture is more civilized. On the train is perspective is shattered when I finds out who the killer or killers are of one of the passengers on the train, although that man deserved  prison for the crimes he committed Poirot is force d to rethink the civility of his own culture, and in the process loses a part of himself by not bring the perpetrators to justice.


In other news:

Yes I am aware that the changing of my appoint from friday to today is nothing more than elaborate ruse, then again I have been forced into dealing with elaborate ruses from the U.S Army and company on the island of ohau fro some time now.


Side note:

On the subject of love

I usually don’t dabble in reality tv or hollywood, I haven’t owned a television in over 7 years now

Both there has been a lot of  bad relation ships in the press lately.

Some one once asked me what real love was and I had no Idea at the time. My explanation years later is thus:

Real love is finding someone or yourself loving someone for who they are, the good and the bad, because no one is perfect. That despite the many imperfections, you  are able to find one or a few exceptional human qualities that makes it worth being with that person , which makes it worth spending a lifetime with someone then that is true love.


I am still trying to recovery form my back Spine) and headaches.


Nov 30 2011


The competent DRs say have herniated discs in my neck, everyone else keeps bullshitting me, and that is not something I intend to forgive..

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