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Updates for Month of January 2012


1 January 2012
Still tracking down lost phone..

I just came across the cee loo green controversy online, and was thinking this is one of the many reasons I never aspire to fame, because people often use your work for your own nefarious purpose, through that over used word call interpretation, it is a very dangerous word because it has been used to justify the slaughter and harassment of millions through much of human history. The other reason being, is that you become an objectified objected devoid of your own humanity at the expense of other people who are often crass and use ones fame to comfort their own reality.

In the hip hop and pop industry, there has been a lot of regurgitation and repackaging of other peoples works with the exception of a few who genuine create their own artistic lyrics. The majority who do this lend credence to the old adage, “There is no such thing as originality only variation on theme.”

It is one thing to pay homage by quoting or referencing someone else’s work in entirety, it is another to change the works to further a political agenda, at the expense of the original author and artistic integrity. The latter I abhor and despise, because what you are doing in essence is stealing the voice of another.

All these reality talent shows, what I would have done, was have the contestants write, compose and sing their own songs and give them a deadline to do it and at the end of the deadline wow the audience. Now that would be real talent.

Any one can be taught to sing given enough to, but to be able to compose, write and sing requires a little bit more creativity, one often finds from educating oneself.

Just my observation

Side note:

The current administration in trying to out do the republicans have fallen victim to political rhetoric, which is partly the reason for the new imposing laws, no surprise here. Those who really control the rungs of power are laughing all the way to the bank, they are not beholden to republican, democratic or  any other party. They know the just did the masses in, PT Barnum style, which is more than likely why there will be war this year and untold masses will pay for the whims of a few.

Iam reminded here of the wisdom of Kuchiki Byakuya after defeating kouga

“This is the natural outcome for a weak hearted person who controls great power. In the end, the power controls them”

Kuchiki Byakuya


Just watched the movie Sherlock Homes: A game of Shadows, loved it. some have their Professor Moriarti to deal with.

I read most of the books in high school..

caughing up phlegm as usual, difficulty inhaling and exhaling, most of it to do with the naval cavity and lungs, when I asked Dr Aspera and company to check my lungs, he would not do it, they just do the basic touch and listen, as if that would tell you much.

Headaches, spinal pain continues on the second day of steroid pack.

Enduring the obnoxiously loud person in the room next to mine, its no coincidence they were put there I am told these days.


I believe the quote “no man, no problem” was stolen from Joseph Stalin, how ironic the people who spent more than half a century denouncing him, his government and country now gladly practice some of his practices.

The proof is always in the pudding…


Well, the civil rights movement died a long time ago when it was co-opted by the elites, as the late Nina Simone observed in the 1980s. It is no coincidence when the reverend Al Sharpton recently said that we are “The Man”, what really happened is the African-American elites are the man, at the expense of keeping everybody else in line and presenting themselves as more patriotic than caucasian Americans, this is what happens when you give some people power especially bullies, and why I never aspired to it, it is corrupting, the environment of power is corrupting, it takes a strong mind and personality to withstand its enormous influence.

I have and have had the unfortunate pleasure of being bullied by both sides, African-American and Caucasian, especially here on schofield and I thank those who were brave enough to inform me of the myriad personalities which surround me here on schofield with ulterior motives. The latest thing is rubbing their eyes, maybe they got it from cee loo’s Cry Baby video, as if I am supposed to cry. This is the horrendous nature of bullies, they are sort of like vampires, just like Dina said, who knows, she said she’s been dealing with them for years.

Reminds me of a beautiful mind, what a genius mind the guy had, but he was one of the fortunate others were not, induced paranoia is a psychological weapon of 21st century psychological operations and chaos theory is now a practiced form of warfare, induced chaos acts as a mechanism to divide, allowing one to conquer and dominate the others by keeping them in a state of perpetual war.

In the case of induced paranoia, it is no different from school yard bullying, albeit a much more sophisticated form, labeling someone with a mental or abnormal (prescribed or otherwise) condition is a psychological weapon. The reason no one believes you, is that much like school yard bullying, parents often tell their children to do anything to fit in, so what do they do? They join in the bullying of others and think  that is the societal norm and that is how you communicate and control people through bullying, then they grow up with the same behavior and mentality, end up in prison where the same behavior is continued, then they are offered God, which sums up the religious history of America, which was to beat the people into despair, offer them religion, convince them that this is their true identity, and control them Pt Barnum style, quite frankly I’ll have none of it.

The smart bullies unfortunately get into the rungs and corridors of power and the reek havoc on the rest of the world, the Professor Moriarti’s if you will. These people get off on this stuff, sadism the Marquis de Sade termed it.

This is why civics and ethics classes should be mandatory from elementary school to the first semester of college.


Side Note :

hmnn : The Argentine Tango, one of my favorite dances, I did ballroom for about a year in my younger days.

Did some here at Arthur murray Dance studio too, where I was routinely followed.



Side note:

Listening to Adele- a rare treat

That exquisite voice
yanks you into the open cosmos
and sets fire to the senses
and the brain


Went to opthamology today, Dr could not do for the headache or pain behind my eyeballs

Spoke to the patient rep advocate at triples, a miss Denise lee (I have never met many african Americans with the last name lee-a pawn-of the worst kind and of no help-she is pushing the agenda of an alternative treatment therapy which they have been experimenting on soldiers with), I was given the run around as usually, then  it was made o look as if Dr pierce put in a referral for a neurosurgeon, that just insults my intelligence. I went over to Dr Pierce office, and of course I got stalled no surprise there, just confirming what I already knew.

Just like the conversation, whom I have with individuals here that get reported back and through the grape vine.


People are so naive and ignorant..

Naturally if the conflicts in the middle east get drawn out any longer it would start cutting into the supply chain, despite the popular belief, ammo and supplies are not unlimited resources, which is more than likely the reason for emphasis on drones, but that  too has its weaknesses as evidenced by recent event, which is why  wars of attrition are very effected against superior opponents.

The big whigs got goaded into protracted conflict (P.T  Barnum style), the question then becomes by whom? Not the usually suspects here. Which is the reason for a push to draw down these wars, reality has finally hit the warmongers in the face and hard.

Outlast the bombings long enough and eventually take advantage of the lull, supply and logistics always the achilles heel of any war.

One fights wars by taking out the key players and engage with full force in the beginning not the middle and end, the hawks were so much salivating with passion for conflict that they forgot to see the red lining on the wall.

Just my observation.

People set people up, then the real culprit shows up as the knight in shining armor, be weary of saviors.

The harassment by both Caucasians and African American soldiers and civilians (there is no other way to describe it) acquaintances, was always there, but it became more pronounced from the african-american acquaintances at Fort Campbell Kentucky, about the time I was scheduled to go to Phase 1 of EOD Training, their emphasis was of a religious nature, more likely from all the homosexuals they harassed into getting married (no joke there, from a most valuable source) and there are a lot, from the influence of various religious factions in the military establishment and they are deep, from free masons to all sorts of nefarious groups. It is no secret, that various factions have infiltrated  some levels of the military industrial complex.

From SSG Crouch (who ironically lived in Huntsville Alabama with his ethiopian wife) to Sephia Wright (Poet in Tennessee area-or that is the name she went by), the religious coercion piled on. They tried to force their way into my life as if I asked them for such a thing.

Crouch was an ex military police who worked in BSTB at Fort Campbells 3rd Brigade, and he was always talking about the need to protect President Obama etc etc., as if he had intimate connections withthe president and tried to drag me to numerous to the strip club in Nashville for what reason, one can only imagine, I don’t do strip clubs, its not me.

SSG Crouch and Sephia’s numbers re in my phone and no matter how many times it gets lost or stolen, it will be re-appering in my phone.

Did I not say, I never forgive? Especially those who transgress against me.

transgress |transˈgres; tranz-|verb [ trans. ]infringe or go beyond the bounds of (a moral principle or other established standard of behavior) : she had transgressed an unwritten social law | [ intrans. ] they must control theimpulses that lead them to transgress.• Geology (of the sea) spread over (an area of land).

The part of Nashville TN Sephia lived, was in an upscale African American neighborhood which brings me to my side note:

WARNING! The following is not for the faint of heart__


It appears Dina was right after all, they (African American Bullies) did learn a lot from covertly spying one me, and my observations, thieves. The whole time they were pitting one side against the other the whole time, which of course I knew, but the sheer depth of it, the  threw themselves it to my personal space, and then tried to break me down to cover their tracks. I don’t think so, a response is coming.

That African Americans would do this to other African Americans or blacks, is why I said and Ms Nina Simone pointed out the failure and death of the civil right movement a long time ago.


As far as I am concerned they can rot in the hell they so religiously profess about.

I don’t bully or destroy peoples lives and harass sexual minorities or any other minority for that matter. They , however do and I don’t think Jesus would approve


I have applied to to universities on my way transitioning out of the U.S. Army to study Russian as my major, I am still recovering from my neck and spine injury (Herniated discs) which the army refuses to acknowledge.

Going back over my records at every turn the overseer of any medical visit I had, admin, legal or pay inquiry was an African American, and thanks to a most generous source, I know what they were doing, setting me up for failure, big time.

Because of what? My sexual orientation? or one mans offense?

Ps: Thank you for the info about he CUNY SPS school too-much appreciated

I plan to go back to school and finish my degree-away from the U.S. Army and company


Still tracking down my phone-according to the schofield barracks mp station there is no lost and found on post, just one run around after the other

cant access my email and windows is not available for contact, the new cyber control I guess where they limit you ability to contact a customer service representative, or us it to gain access to you email, not fooling anyone here.


Jan 5 2012


Jan 6 2012

Have to take my car in for a recall-something wrong with the engine.. I noticed its been Speeding up unexpectedly lately….


A memory came to me in a dream last night from my early child hood-strange very rare, but the person would would be able to answer my questions about this memory is long dead.

The people who do this, are nothing more than monster to me, as as with all monsters the truth eventualy rears its ugly head.

As for the acquaintances here at work, they were revealed a long time ago. Like I said in the U.S. Army they use the new soldiers because they know no better and the ones leaving, either pcs, ets or med board, the blackmail or recruit them.


7 Jan 2012

Finally saw Tinker, taylor soldier spy, no surprise there the usual susects and very edited..

Was at fresh cafe last week for first thursdays reading my poetry and the usual suspects were there too, couple years ago they did poems about god, now is about fatherhood, as if I want anything to do with them. What part of I am my own person do they not understand, and I don’t  to anything with them they are evil people.

Met some lady from optomeptry on schofield, African American try to talk up a conversation, she was sent, poor lady as if I wanted anything to do with her.

The Daily harassment  I endure continues.

Notified CUNY SPS I will be changing schools, there is a dispute with my GPA and I am no longer willing to put up with their shadowy ways-one day you will know of whom I speak.

A lot of my harassment originated from NYC and to think my family was involved, as of today they do not exist to me. To think they knew Ms Saunders, and Mr Awosoba and MS Schlessinger.

These people forced their way in to my personal space and thought they could mold my personality, a personality that was formed through enduring bullies.

There is nothing I detest more than a bully.

And I will never under any circumstances forgive such a thing, I will take that disgust to my grave.

As for my mother, someone need to recheck the DNA, because she is a vicious piece of work, and that is not me.


Jan 8 2012

You take the dregs of society, the ones without principles or character, a slime minority of any kind, dress them up and elevate them to positions of power in order to hoard over the masses, while keeping them in line with blackmail by blighting their historical background, always reminding them of this now and then so they can continue to manipulate the masses. This is how divide and conquer is played out.

It is easy to sit by plush lavishness and sent people to their deaths.
It takes genius to find away around war and avoid war.
Something we are presently lacking, because most people succumb to power and become drunk with it.

As for moi, I do not aspire to positions of power, because they are corrupting influences.


As I said bit by bit they will create the police state, that will destroy themselves with, fascism, nazism they are all the same thing.


TAGS: Internet, Information Technology, USA, WikiLeaks, Media, Social networks
Freedom of speech might allow journalists to get away with a lot in America, but the Department of Homeland Security is on the ready to make sure that the government is keeping dibs on who is saying what.
Under the National Operations Center (NOC)’s Media Monitoring Initiative that came out of DHS headquarters in November, Washington has the written permission to retain data on users of social media and online networking platforms.
Specifically, the DHS announced the NCO and its Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS) can collect personal information from news anchors, journalists, reporters or anyone who may use “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.”
According to the Department of Homeland Security’s own definition of personal identifiable information, or PII, such data could consist of any intellect “that permits the identity of an individual to be directly or indirectly inferred, including any information which is linked or linkable to that individual.” Previously established guidelines within the administration say that data could only be collected under authorization set forth by written code, but the new provisions in the NOC’s write-up means that any reporter, whether someone along the lines of Walter Cronkite or a budding blogger, can be victimized by the agency.
Also included in the roster of those subjected to the spying are government officials, domestic or not, who make public statements, private sector employees that do the same and “persons known to have been involved in major crimes of Homeland Security interest,” which to itself opens up the possibilities even wider.
The department says that they will only scour publically-made info available while retaining data, but it doesn’t help but raise suspicion as to why the government is going out of their way to spend time, money and resources on watching over those that helped bring news to the masses.
The development out of the DHS comes at the same time that U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady denied pleas from supporters of WikiLeaks who had tried to prevent account information pertaining to their Twitter accounts from being provided to federal prosecutors. Jacob Applebaum and others advocates of Julian Assange’s whistleblower site were fighting to keep the government from subpoenaing information on their personal accounts that were collected from Twitter.
Last month the Boston Police Department and the Suffolk Massachusetts District Attorney subpoenaed Twitter over details pertaining to recent tweets involving the Occupy Boston protests.
The website Fast Company reports that the intel collected by the Department of Homeland Security under the NOC Monitoring Initiative has been happening since as early as 2010 and the data is being shared with both private sector businesses and international third parties.


The dead give away should have been the publicly available information, documenting the use of religious organizations to infiltrate governments, societies, countries all in the name of promoting missionaries.


Side Note:

All this global turmoil-

okay history lesson time-Remember the Eisenhower presidency-He waited till the Soviets Launched Sputnik (satellite) over U.S territory and then came the justification to do the same over Soviet territory-the red lining is on the wall.

Europe is in turmoil because Europe never existed  as a geographical  whole, the structures for integration were not fully in place, not to mention it was sabotaged from the inside. The revival of the Nazis history of Europe was no mistake. Even in the higher echelons of power are Nazis legacies, I recommend the research of project paper clip.  The Nazis card was used to justified in breaking  away from the Soviet psyche one can surmise, but it was a double edged sword which creates the potential to keep Europe in perpetual chaos, ho would benefit from that?

Just my observation.


All this talk about health care reform, there is  a secret agenda buried within in it, why have adult children stay on their parents health care plan? If there was a sound economy with sound principles there would be no need. The whole thing smacks of the new family life religious movement.

Everyone knows what needs to be done for adequate, efficient and timely health care, its almost as if the whole process is being sabotaged to promote privatized health care, which is currently happening in the U.S. Army health system. (My documented experience)

Just my observation.


?don’t go out much theses days because of the strenuos inhaling and exhaling, pain along the spine, head aches, bulging pain behind my eyeballs, loss of smell all of which I am being sidlined when looking for treatment.

I have no intention of forgiving the people doing the sidelining.

Someone once asked me, well would’t you lie to be rich and famous? My answer then as now. NO!

I will settle for my own way devoid of harassing and screwing people over.


Dealing with the healthcare system, my treatment continually being delayed. Some of the Doctors I have spoken to have said that it is hard dealing with Tricare, the habitually get hounded by Tripler and the VA when trying to medically treat soldiers.

I am reminded of the time one soldier asked, well you think health care should be a right?

You damn right it should! A successful nation state invests in the well being of its citizenry because those citizens are a national resource with the creative potential to harness to benefit the nation as a whole. No nation will be successful with sickly citizenry. A nation that invests in the healthcare and well being of its citizens are ensuring the future for productive, efficient, well off workforce and successful nation.


If I were in smack dead in the middle of congress right know, there is only one phrase that would describe the sentiment which the country feels right know, and that would b the following:

Idiots! Idiots! I am surrounded by idiots, and we’re being led by jackasses!


11 Jan 2012

I am under no illusions that the people who surround me have my interest at hear. I never was or am in the business of setting people up for failure.

Well have to go on some errand tomorrow, everyone moving up one floor. Well my profile was read it it does not say not standing for long periods, so they say I can go stand and be road guard . A tactic used for as long as I have been in the Army, probably thinking “oh his back don’t hurt”, which is typical army snobbishness. I take 500 mg of tyelonal a day for the pain in my spine which every one except tripler refuses to acknowledge. I put in a request for exception to policy to Tricare with regards to finding proper medical treatment. I am taking  chair. The only people who have really helped me thus far are outside doctors.


As for the other African American political group of which shall not be named. Their strategy is to get close tot he republicans by espousing their ideals while hiding their political beliefs.

When Jordan remarked to me once “Well you know Floyd is racist” I replied “Uh yeah, you now figuring that out.” I mean, I won’t recommend running into a racist, hatred or any other extreme camp and sing cumbya. I never believed half the stuff Floyd, Moss or Skurpski (The list of names is long) believed, although we did have some common beliefs. I did however listened to their concerns, goals, wants, needs, dreams and their hassle of dealing with everyday life, a shared human condition. Not once did I change or hide my beliefs. I offered advice, they offered me lessons. I genuinely cared about them because of the shared human condition. How did I do it, well my technique is not for the rabid people who try to perpetually harass me, in fact they call it being civil in some circles (pun intended). Despite the belief of me being a recluse, I have extensive experience in being social, I just do it in my own way, which requires civility and an extraordinary amount of emotional intelligence. It is called being civilized, which unfortunately cannot be said for the people who harass me. They are in truth the worse form of bullies, MONSTERS of the vampire branch. sad

The daily covert harassment continues

EGO sum civilis

vos sunt monstrum


I always said those who vehemtly advocate for ware, just be the first ones lining up on the front lines. Just sayin


Once you are no longer caught in the dichotomy of right vs left you transcend the superficial. The people who really control power have neither of these political affiliations, on the contrary their political affiliation is money.


Meohmy-You have such the witty intellect-don’t have time to paraphrase you,so I’ll just quote you-apologies-

[quote][cite]MeOhMy said[/cite]<blockquote><cite>Christian73 said</cite>
Sadly, I’m not sure it will be that easily. Power doesn’t give itself up very easily. I’m also not convinced anarchism is the way to go, but I’m intrigued by some of the authors you suggested above and plan to investigate them. </blockquote>

You’re correct, I over-simplified. However, power rests on two general principles: coercion and consent. While coercion and tactics of terrorism are easier and more immediately effective, they ultimately are unsustainable. It is through consent that power becomes more stable, secure, and permanent. Without the consent, power will certainly become more coercive and overtly repressive; there are already signs of this taking place in the United States and the West at large as our societies close down even the facades of our democratic institutions, deconstruct civil liberties, establish police states and technologically advanced surveillance societies.

There was a conversation that took place in the American intellectual community in the early years and decades of the 20th century on a redefinition of “democracy.” It was necessary to redefine democracy in light of the massive social unrest and upheaval brought about by the latter Industrial Revolution in the United States and the subsequent economic crises and depressions that came with it. The lower classes were in near-rebellion, massive labour unrest; the middle classes were informed by muckraker journalists who were seeking to limit the excesses of the Robber Baron industrialists but also to prevent the lower classes from attempting revolution. And so the upper class engaged in a discussion largely informed by the new dominant theories of sociology (at that time centred around notions of ‘social control’), the social sciences more generally (which were dedicated to the ‘scientific management’ of society), and psychology and crowd theorists. The ideas that emerged were those of presenting ‘the public’ – informed more than ever, but by a rapidly expanding national press, new forms of communication and technological advancements – as a highly irrational body, driven by subconscious emotional desires.

The most influential theorist at this time was Walter Lippmann, who coined the term, “engineering consent” to describe what the intellectual class must undertake. Democracy, then, was redefined as a society run by and for the intellectual elites (in collusion with their industrial and financial sponsors), and in which ‘public opinion’ must be shaped, decided upon, manipulated, constructed, and “engineered” by this elite. Another central figure in this was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays, who founded the industry of public relations to serve this purpose.

A number of institutions emerged at this time to engage in social engineering for the purpose of social control (and the engineering of consent), such as the major philanthropic foundations created by the industrial and financial elite (the Carnegie Corporation, Rockefeller Foundation), which in turn shaped the social sciences and educational institutions, established major think tanks to bring together elites from the intellectual, financial, corporate, political, and media world so that they together shape and form foreign and domestic policy. This era also saw the development of the “consumer society,” with public relations, advertising, consumer credit, department stores, etc., emerging to create the “irrational” public they sought to control.

This was of course a more modern interpretation of democracy than that which took place at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, where James Madison, the “Father of the Constitution,” declared that the government should be run to protect the propertied interests of the “minority of of the opulent against the tyranny of the many.”

However, Lippmann, Bernays, and many others helped redefine ‘democracy’ as a different form of a managed society; one which was presented as “pluralistic,” but was in fact a highly managed society (State Capitalist), with strong forms of state intervention into the economy, social welfare, education, and all aspects of social life. Even the purportedly “progressive” programs that emerged out of the New Deal were major compromises between the elite and the people, as labour and a large sector of the population was mobilized in radical activism in the Depression, and so the New Deal was implemented as a means to curtailing the advances of true systemic change, and the major foundations (such as the Rockefeller Foundation) actually helped write up a great deal of the legislation for social security et. al.

Further, within this type of democratic society, dissent would be generally permitted. Walter Lippmann gave a speech to the American Academy of Political Science in the early 1940s in which he explained that while the Soviet economy was also a “well managed” society, and one which would be tempting to emulate, it was a far greater and more stable course to pursue the incremental, long-term approach of power through consent. Remember, in the 1930s and 40s, American elites, intellectuals, diplomats, and businesses were actively involved in supporting the industrial and managerial development of both the Soviet and Nazi economies, with American businesses like General Electric and Standard Oil being major developers within Stalin’s Five Year programs, and of course, corporate American support for Nazi Germany is incredibly well established.


[quote][cite]MeOhMy said[/cite]There was even an attempt in the early 30s on the part of certain sectors of the American business community to attempt a fascist coup in the United States, which also included the support of Senator and banker Prescott Bush (grandfather to the recent President Bush), who also worked at Union Banking Corporation (which directly financed Hitler). The business leaders recruited Smedley Butler, the most decorated marine in United States history to lead the coup and install a fascist dictatorship, and that he would be provided with a “friendly press.” Butler played along, and when the plans were advanced, he went public. He testified at Congress, where it was determined his accusations were true, but the press attacked him as a liar, and ultimately the incident – known as the “White House Putsch” – was lost to history.

Lippmann, however, in the 1940s, contended that it was necessary to allow dissent to maintain, because due to the nature of the institutionalized and highly organized society (note: no one was ever claiming it was a “Free market” until that became the perceived dogma), dissenters would act as a pressure valve: few people would listen to them, as the elite control the information disseminated through the media and educational institutions, but clamping down on dissenters can turn them into martyrs, can discredit the source of your own power, then perceived as non-consensual, and is ultimately less sustainable.

With specific changed over the last 60-70 years, this is essentially how democracy has functioned, and indeed, how it has been “exported” around the world by the United States and its imperial institutions.

So, indeed, I agree with you that power will preserve and expand by any means available; however, it is a vital step in the road of progress that consent no longer be granted to the system (this includes voting, which is an act of consenting to a grossly inadequate political system). It will force power to reveal its true nature. Just look at Egypt: the people went into the streets, protested, were repressed, attacked, killed, brutalized, tortured, etc., and of course the US stood by the dictator for as long as they could, until the use of his coercive power became so overt and discrediting, that to prevent a full-scale revolution from taking place, the US insisted he step down. It was the use of coercive force, which sustained Muabarak’s power for a significant period of time, which ultimately brought his rule to a rapid end. However, in Egypt the struggle has still only just begun, with the military attempting to maintain its grip, and with the United States seeking to ensure that authentic democracy does not emerge in the Arab world, where public opinion views the United States and Israel as the greatest threats to the region’s security.

As long as people consent, we cannot expect true change. [/quote]


You r research is impeccable, more so than mine, however you did invest a lot of energy into your research.

And that is one of the many reasons why I never purued a career as a politicician.



Been hearing about this Tebow mania, well my 2 cents:

If one reserves one’s energy while your opponents play to their fullest, while you play with less energy, your opponent becomes worn out first, leaving you with much physical energy to exploit later on, this is universally known as pacing oneself, and is  nothing more than strategy, not  a miracle of God.


Many once remarked to me, well wouldn’t you like to be rich and famous, my answer then as now is no.


And whom ask them to intervene in my life?! Certainly not I!


Side note:

Had I not been bombarded with the Adele songs I would not have known who she is-very talented indeed-I am willing to bet money Beyonce’s daughter is named after Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, then again I could be wrong.


Whats going on in the world

You hear all these conspiracy theories, mind you- a lot do exist and some are true-but the ones that go undetected are from the secret groups no one ever hears about-and there are quite a few-factions if you will-something to think about—


17 Jan 2012 0211

some nut keeps tripping the fire alarm here- that’s twice in one night-Same thing would occur when I first came on the island in building 2076 and 2083 it went on for awhile

The same nonsense used to happen on fort campbell too, right on desert storm road


Too many unknowns indeed-someone or some group( who currently shall not be named)  is fishing-my what a wide net-all for what? Power?

Must we always deal with the power hungry in such fashion?


proof my dear proof-it is the hardest piece of the puzzle, especially when such a network is vast and spans the major continents-had you known this earlier, a trap would of been easier to set-but for all intents and purposes-trust no one-I don’t

Someone is setting a trap and its not the usual suspects-rather than fishing-someone is is tunneling..

Avery elaborate ruse indeed-no doubt to create confusion and cast doubt-fear not -there is a canary in the mines


“Insanity in individuals is rare. In commonalities and Epochs it is the norm”

Friedrich Nietzsche


I was medavac from Afghanistan under the false diagnosis of a Dr Kim. Only to get the run around state side. So I had to struggle to get proof of my herniated discs and now I don’t do much heavy work to give it time to heal. All the while being covertly accused by overweight people of being lazy, despite keeping in shape despite my physical injury and not doing pt for 5 months. Well I leave in july, planned my own medical recovery and applied to university to study for  a BA in Russian and minor in science
Do svidaniya


As I was saying people, they use the same modus operandi-its the same with the rear detachment here  at schofield barracks by the time someone gets down to the bottom of what they are doing, their conies would have ets or medboard out of the army and long gone. They set people up for failure constantly, quite frankly I am done here, I know all I need to, my disgust increases exponentially as each day passes.


side note:

People often go oh you’re so skinny, etc etc it must be good genes…uh

I walked for 28 years of my life.  I walk to and from school every day for 18 years, even in high when I missed the bus I walked. I walked to the bank, library, grocery store doctor, px, you name it I walked. I received my first care at 28 years old. Now my spine hurts and I don’t walk as much anymore, so excuse my if I use my car.


22 Jan 2012

Went to inquire about some stuff yesterday and got the run around as usually. For those who do not pay attention, as is publicly known Oahu is an island of elaborate ruses and I don’t know why the people who follow me do, they are chasing doorknobs and broom sticks. the people who try to harass me know this.

Strange all the independent book store, public libraries and internet cafe and repair have been shut down her and I am willing to bet money its no coincidence.

They can say all they want, I am not the one who for years beat down the native Hawaiians, disenfranchised them, and threw them off their land and there is ample public evidence of the fact.


In fact No where in my resume doesn’t it state oppressing innocent people, unwarranted intrusion into peoples lives, covering up scandal, money laundering, racketeering , abuse of power and authority, disenfranchisement of minorities,etc etc the list goes on. I do not aspire to such things, that is the realm of those listed within the congress, white house, judiciary and their relatively affiliated consorts.


As for the African-Americans who saw themselves fit to insert themselves it to my life -a response is coming very soon. /they caused a lot of unwarranted trouble for me/ I do not forgive–


My neck and spinal pain continues and Tripler keeps pushing back my appointments


Side note

I was able to master the cyrillic alphabet in under 1 week-I can finally translate Pushkin–


I was medevac from Fob Fenty to Landshtul- to Andrews Air force base- to Travis Air force Base Then to Hickam- The whole yime I was being monitored and psychologically harassed-you don’t think I know who is behind it.

If the spooks (intelligence) here can’t glean a clue from that flight list alone, then they are being way over paid, which most of them are anyway. As I said a response is coming and it will be a civil one.


A Poem dedicated to me leaving the Army

Reflection on lost years

Getting ready to ETS
No help in sight for the
difficulty breathing and spinal pain
walking through twelve years of
attempted set up for failure by
superficial beings
Dodging as much concocted calamity
Thrown my way
enduring endless lies
“The Army this and team work that”
always looking forward and
never looking back


As For my future-pursuing a degree in Russian and a minor in some sort of materials science-then see where it goes from there.

I have added over 25 Russian words in Cyrillic to my vocabulary thus far. My goal is to be able to read write and remember over 400 by the end of the year.


I know where my future lies, it is not with any of these insolents on schofield barracks or their associates, they are pawns, but without their own substantive character, evil people at best.

Am I happy? No

Content? yes

Finishing school and finding the services of a good neurosurgeon is my priority now.


Still in pain and still getting the run around from Schofield Barracks TMC and Tripler AMC.

Harassment here att he unit is covert, but subtle-usually from people who do not know any thing about physical medical situation- I got a second opinion on this and was advised that of course this is being intentionally done….I just keep trudging on I don’t have time for unprofessional people- In the mean time I have to watch out for SGT Pease and SSG Stevens a bird whispered to me.


I am up to 50 Russian words so far that I have memorized and I can read, write and interpret in Cyrillic. The goal is 400 by the end of the year and be prepared to go back to University and finish my degree.

During the last 12 years, despite setbacks , I was not Idle, I kept pushing on, gaining as much experiences as I could in

My abridged removed of the technical descriptions resume:


U.S. Army


•Fire Support Sergeant

•Operated military hardware and software, which requires complex analysis and


•Load and unloaded military hardware

•Licensed in the operation of standard Humvee, LMTV (Truck)

•Implemented the training, and ensured the health, welfare, and morale of

numerous soldiers

•Created and processed daily reports

•Shipped and Ordered Unit supplies

•Maintained a clean work area

•Performed duties as Assigned

•Supervised the maintenance, operation and care of equipment valued in

excess of  $3.2 million dollars

•Maintained daily communications with higher and lower headquarters with regards

to status, deficiencies and recommendations

Division of Naval and Militia Affairs

New York Army National Guard (NYARG) New York, NY


•Lead an infantry team in combat operations, providing tactical and technical guidance

to subordinates

•Professional support to both superiors and subordinates in the accomplishment of

their   duties

•Lead, supervised and trained subordinate personnel

•Received and implemented combat orders

Department Of Homeland Security Peekskill, NY

Team Indian Point (NYARNG)


•Served as a squad leader on one of three different shifts

•Assisted Entergy personnel in outer perimeter security, daily operations and support

with the NYARNG securing Indian Point Nuclear plant facility from possible terrorist


Department Of Homeland Security Oswego, NY

Nine Mile Nuclear Power Plant (NYARNG)


•Served as security member on one of three different shifts

•Assisted Nine Mile personnel in outer perimeter security, daily operations and support

with the NYARNG securing Nine Mile Nuclear plant facility from possible terrorist


Student Government Officer

Student Senator For CUNY QCC Writers Literature and Languages Club

Off -Campus Student Senator for SUNY Oswego

09/2003-12/2003 SUNY OSWEGO Oswego, NY

10/2001-03/2003 QCC (CUNY) Bayside, NY

•Represented the diverse student bodies in student government

pertaining to their rights, entitlements, responsibilities (civic and ethical) and

resources available to the wider student body

•Gained valuable leadership and negotiating skills, through active participation in the

routine functions of student government and parliamentary procedures

(SUNY Oswego) Oswego, NY /Interdisciplinary Programs

Activities Center (IPAC)/Student assistant


•Assisted Dr. Rosow in scheduling IPAC  recruitment events

•Increased student awareness of IPAC activities and opportunities on campus

•Increased Student Participation in IPAC activities on campus

Oswego Catering (SUNY Oswego) Oswego, NY


•Waited in functions

•Prepared course meals

•Set up dining and reception accommodations for scheduled events with Oswego

catering part time.

New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG)

 09/2003-12/2003 SUNY OSWEGO Oswego, NY

 10/2001-03/2003 QCC (CUNY) Bayside, NY

•Coordinated and organized voter registration drives

•Successfully registered more than over one thousand new voters

•Coordinated and helped organize food drives for the homeless

•Functioned as the consumer advocate project leader by directing consumers to the

adequate resources in filing complaint, going to small claims court and consumer


TJ Maxx Flushing, NY


•Inputted and tabulated cash transactions

•Answered routine customer service inquiries

•Stocked and restocked store merchandise

Marketing Inc. East Islip, NY


•Conducted phone interviews for marketing surveys

•Completed lengthy and short surveys involving marketing analysis

•Near 95% success rate

Allen A.M.E. Transportation Inc. Jamaica, NY


•Filed and typed documents into the computer system

Performed mileage tracking using mileage tracking software

•Completed petty cash vouchers

•Scheduled and processed trip reservations via computer software, Internet and


Mary Immaculate Hospital Jamaica, NY



•Aided lab technologists in performing routine lab tests and analysis

•Performed lab tests and recorded the results with limited supervision

•Rotated through the following lab departments, Histology, Microbiology, Chemistry,

Hematology and Specimen In processing departments


Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System SME Course

Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System  Operators Course

Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment MTU 3107 Guyed

Mobile Tower Training

Explosive Ordinal Disposal Phase 1

Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar Operators Course

Rapid Aerostat Initial deployment 17 M Aerostat Training

Technical Transportation of Hazardous Materials

Health Occupations Education Certificate in Medical Laboratory Assisting; New York

City Board Of Education


29 Jan 2012

Harassment here on  Ohau

Is of the Religious nature, because there is a lot of religious groups on the island, some bording on the cultish. In the ferver on branding them  selves superior because of their religious beliefs, they should ask themselves why they aided in the dis-enfranchisment and near destruction of native Hawaiian culture-ouch!

Like I said, please don’t patronize me.

There is more than ample evidence of this

Yes they entered my car and personal space but on their way out tag is a two way street as the saying goes.

And to the African-American gentleman and his cohorts who so slyly tried presenting me with that religious brochure yesterday on schofield barracks, yes I am sure I am an atheist. Proseletyzing unsolicited is illegal not to mention uncivilized. Are you sure you are religious, because it does not appear to be so if you have to go out there and coerce people to your religion. I am sure god is all powerful enough that he can do that himself without the frailty of human(imperfect) effort. It looks as if you need converts in order to reinforce your beliefs because of doubt (Would god forgive you for having such doubt) or existential angst, and under certain certain circumstances would have done so through wars or other scrupulous means. This has already been done through the course of recorded human history. Psychologists have a name for that condition, I am sure you can look it up.

Monsieur, I am atheist and a civilized human being. I do not need to coerce or convert people to atheism. I have no need or desire to, why that would be uncivilized.



Yes I am aware of the other situation too-Their attempt was to hook me up with associates  (or create the perception thereof) whom it would appear based upon my association, I was enduring one group or another.  Quite doltish, indeed.

Just because you shake hands, bump fists or sit down with someone does not mean an endorsement or anything. In some circles the call it civilized social behavior.

Side note:

Some articles I just skip the headlines and go straight to the comments, make for interesting reading-been doing this for over 4 years now.


Went visiting inspiration  furniture store in Honolulu and of course I was followed there, like I really shop at inspiration. The  attendant I was talking to she all of a sudden is out for a few weeks.

Like I really shop at inspiration-the experience allowed me to confirm what I wanted to confirm.


In all seriousness mon ami-

the level of cult (religious and non religious) activity on this island is disturbing and reaches into the military, local hospitals, agencies both government and civilian. It is not just one group, there are multiple. A scandal indeed.

I do no much about cults-I was born in the country where Jim Jones got all those people to drink the cool aid after all-Guyana


Yes that would be an interesting book-the history of cults and intelligence operations in the infiltration of countries.


Jehova’s witnesses indeed,

I am aware of them and  there methods-here on ohau too

What do you want to know?

they are a harassing bunch-by brothers grandmother was part of that church—–

It  becomes sickening dealing with religious fanatics—


Mon ami I have had to deal thus far with two fanatics

Those of the government kind and those of the religious kind  here on oahu and schofield barracks.

If their goal was to turn me religious or sympathetic-they duly missed the part of my background when I repeatedly mentioned researcher.

From new york, to paris, london, Berlin, Sydney, cape town, Moscow: where their is the poor, indigenous  religious-my internet connections- etc etc their network spreads far and wide.

Religion the ultimate intelligence tool


But the real culprit I have to deal wit h lies at the top-I have never seen so arrogant and intellect-so childish in demeanor as to bully people around, must be a fan of machiavelli.

It is these type of bullies that are drumming the world towards a third world war


Funny side note:

Louise (If  thats her real name) from inspirational furniture-Oh thank you for letting us know who you’re working with here, she said and snickered and walked to the corporate head quarters, I knew what she was doing. Thank you for giving me such and insight, I said as I snickered and walked away.

These people are so sad—————-I wonder if the authorities are tracking them

Oh wait never mind……I forgot about people who abuse their power and authority.

Harassment at its best


I know what they have done and I will never forgive such a thing…….

My spine, head, eyeballs, back and neck hurt everyday, but I deal with it the best I can all the while remembering the treatment here and who is really pulling the strings.

“A poet can survive everything but a misprint”
Oscar Wilde

“While you have a thing it can be taken from you… but when you give it, you have given it. No robber can take it from you. It is yours then for ever when you have given it. It will be yours always. That is to give.”

James Joyce


30 Jan 2012

Quotes of the day

“I’ve put in so many enigmas and puzzles that it will keep the professors busy for centuries arguing over what I meant, and that’s the only way of insuring one’s immortality.”

James Joyce

Immortality does not interest me

I put this quote here fore a reason, remind you of something?

спокойной  ночи



I do not plan to celebrate black History month this year.


The movement is dead and those who carry it on in its current incarnation-The African American elite have morphed legacy with whimsical political policy and created a historical monstrosity worthier of the title farce. Dr Martin Luther King Jr I am sure is turning in his grave.

The ideals and practice of the civil rights movement have been sold out, fractured, disillusioned and with no moral of future pointing compass The Black elite have created a have vs have not delusion , while exploiting the mantra of the movement to keep the other poorer minorities in check.

In essence they have become the monster they so derided many years ago all in pursuit of the money, from the man, no less, and the Irony lost upon the masses is no less than a sick joke. They have proven the old adage power corrupts and fell into the monetary trap they did.

When Dina mentioned all the Presidents men, I was well aware of the fact, before Miller and SSG Crouch stepping into the picture, and without even stepping into the meeting room.

Some have said, “well, aren’t you outraged, angry etc”…First off, I am a civilized human being and second of all those same goons will find themselves disappointed in a couple of months or so, and I will have the civil dignity to not say I told you so.

If I win this bet payment in anything other than Swiss francs please.


I remember on my first deployment I met another soldier who happened to have served in vietnam while I was on a month stop over in camp arifjan kuwait.

He used to go on and on about the bible, end of days, the eagle vs the dragon and the bear and all sort of religious non-sense. He was not the only one there were a few a very long list, which I decline to list here at the moment.

It was then I really realized who had their hands on the red (war) button.


Well for the most part they got into my computer-no surprise there

Personal files, background history etc etc————


31 Jan 2012

Well друг

There is a segment of the African-American community with their free masonry and what not, which has been very well infiltrated by the way-the joke is on them.

Who are in the business of making life difficult for other African-Americans “who have strayed away from the flock “as they like to call it, in the hopes of the ensuing mental, physical and psychological break down, one becomes religious and turns to GOD. Its not an isolation only in African American groups, it exists in other ethnic groups too here in the US.

I am no slave to African American Ideology-I am a human being after all

“There is no heresy or no philosophy which is so abhorrent to the church as a human being.”

James Joyce

Not all of those who are religious are evil, but they are few and far in-between.

Ask yourselves, is this how Christians conduct themselves?

Are Christians not compassionate according to the dogma?

Well I have only ever met one in my lifetime, a true Christian that is, who lived the very word of compassion to a fault.

Disagree or oppose a Christian and watch the very incarnation of the devil arise from those who are supposed to be holy, righteous and just.

The people who imposed this on the African-American psyche did not really believe this none-the-less. African Americans decided they will out Christian the Christians by being even more so, all the while adopting the most vitriolic dispositions.

The irony being lost on the whole is noting short of divine comedy as Dante Alighieri so aptly put it.

I can go into a whole discourse between elaborating on the differences of how Christianity has been adopted in various ethnic communities throughout American and western history, but that is for another day and would take volumes.

My focus is currently on fellow African Americans (I myself be Afro- Guyanese) because they are whom I currently have to deal with.

Not all who are religious are nefariously evil but I always take this wisdom with me:

As I said:

Well I have only ever met one in my lifetime, a true Christian that is, who lived the very word of compassion to a fault.

The Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad -Friedrich Nietzsche


Side Note:

The problem with privatized intelligence as with privatized warfare, is that it will be taylored and slanted in favor of the clients biases and predilections, without an ounce of objectivity.


Well mon ami

I have been dealing with this type of harassment for some time now.

Various attempts at being set up: This goes all the way back to NYC and family members (well ex-family members) are involved.

Either some one was trying to get close to me or some perceived connection in my ex relatives, However I never had nor do I have any type of relationship with my crooked mother. Her visit to Oahu was a show on her part and a way of confirming my suspicions about her on my part.

She was always meddlesome, even in junior high school-I wouldn’t doubt it if she had connections in some intelligence service-either that or the crazy religious cult on the other side of the family do. The harassers her on schofield, even here on rear detachment of 3rd brigade  which happens to fall under 3 bstb-who knows who’s bright idea it was to scheme ( a plan which originates way beyond 2nd brigade also no doubt-which I was in before going to 3 bct) and put me in combat service support, I’ve been combat arms all my military career.

To the gentlemen and gentlewoman who orchestrated this, you failed, it only increased my disgust at the situation and Army from your nefarious plot.


Parallel flow of intelligence is paramount in the 21st century. That way when someone makes a claim, it can be verified simultaneously.


My spine, neck and back, still in pain , no relief from the pain medications with the difficulty breathing, tripler amc and company pushed all my appointments to february, no doubt at the behest of the gentlewoman (interesting development)


And now  bedtime story:

Ski gathered his closest confidents for a most joyful occasion, a trip to the land of Riza. The leaders of this great land hand sretched out a hand of friendship in a most innovative way, worthy of praise and celebration. So ski decided to reciprocate and bring a most valuable surprise gift to the land of Riza.

Ski and all his friends were happy for this joyful day and another surprise guest would be along for the trip. So off they left in their carriage from varsa on their way to scva.

then tragedy struck , all was lost ski and his friends perished and the carriage never made it to sva. And what of the surprise gift and guest.

Some say they were worth more than all their weight in gold, a treasure trove most interesting.

I came across this fable and someone remarked who’d believe such a delusional tale? some ones crazy!

who would indeed?

спокойной  ночи

Ps: I was going to name one of my new inventions ices-integrative component eyewear system but scratched because the ICE-

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

people might have a copyright on the acronym.


what about MI-Military Intelligence?

Someone once intoned that I should join that service-not no, but HELL NO….I wouldn’t even waste my time, they are worse than a Britny Spears Stalker. And have an affinity for abusing their power….

le dommage était fait


Harassment continues-yawn

sides shows and side freaks-

I have not known a Head Quarters  Brigade element/ slash company to fall under a Battalion BSTB Headquarters- unless of course it involves a BN under  Tactical mission designation, which would be special forces—-

Like I side these people and their elaborate psychological ops right out of some psyops game-yawn


The visit to the chiropracter at the schofield barracks tmc, is nothing short of the scientology nerve assist nonsense-which they are practicing here.

hhmnnn at my appointments today was SGT Escalera from s1-I wonder what she was up to?

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