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Updates for Month of December 2011


Side note:

All this nonsense about the new Hoover movie, the man more than likely was homosexual, most homosexuals know who a homosexual is just like most heterosexuals know who other heterosexuals are, or simply put, if you are not from the tribe and walk into the tribe, everyone automatically knows you are a foreigner, now there are those who are masters at blending in but they are few and far between.

“Nevertheless, the real scandal is that some of hoovers papers did survive but who would really know that? Something for the geniuses who study this stuff to think about.”


I’ll say again, with w code words like program plan, and prescribed treatment these people seem like  some scientologists like (simile) cult, like they have invaded the whole island of ohau, but who would know that?  something for the other geniuses to figure out.


I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, but you’re going to be alone if you have no kids, If that is rational reason one gives for having kids, then the world was doomed from the start.

Then they’ll bring the babies around as part of the psychological harassment-

The most aggressive harassers are fellow African-Americans followed by  latinos and caucasions, ethnicity is not a problem when you psychologically harass people,  never the same individual is used more than likely when one of them comes to their senses and figures out what they are doing is illegal and they can go to jail, they switch to a newbie- they get drawn into the scheme if not for some personal gain, then with the rhetoric of “oh he hates his own kind, we need more black babies, harass him enough  he’ll come around, etc etc..

People think I make this stuff up but you would be surprised at the truth, especially when from people who habitually record things.

Now recordings are strange, and J Edgar  Hoover, well he was truly good at it.


Yare yare:

MOI, I don’t know if to feel flattered or insulted-Though I am usually of the latter  disposition. This reminds me of the abuse of power performed by Nixon, I think the movie was called “ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN” or was that about JFK?


I never really liked political science-to the area of study was nothing more the the are of politically manipulating people-

But if I were  a betting man my conclusion would be thus:

The world is full of very interesting peoples and Countries-It is obvious from the past hundred years that the Eurasian Continent is surround (for its resources)  albeit but not completely (more on this later). That is obvious from the last hundred years of history, Africa is decimated and will not recovery, nor will there be such a thing as one Africa, because people are loathe to give up their individual identity and form a collective one, they are also susceptible to the oldest method of divide and conquer-corruption (of the Mafia kind, but employed in the role of aggressive foreign policy).

The Former Soviet Union almost came close to cementing total control over the Eurasian continent but was thwarted at every step by very covert means, the kind not told or published in the history books and movies, this was a plan a hundred years in the making.

Corruption, extravagance, extreme individualism all packaged in the form of popular culture, is a double edged sword. Some call it cultural imperialism, others call it hollywood, decadence, Nietzsche called it Dionysian and it is a tool, albeit a more subtle and effective one at divide and conquer.

Now  the front on Syria will be opening and , and Iran there after, my guess would be both simultaneously, if I were one of those stocking away securities in preparation for such, which I surmise has already been done. whether you steal it directly or indirectly  where do people thin 7.7 trillion dollars goes when it disappears, I m mentioned months ago, only those of us in the know , know where Goldman Sachs hid the money, sure enough an article was published about the former treasure secretary on the exact same subject, 7.7 trillion they said really, now that just insults the intelligence of polite human beings.

Now if I were a betting man, I would bet that Iran is the last key in the jig saw puzzle, the nail in the coffin if you will, the red line point of no return etc etc……………….

I dare to make the prediction , that when the first few bombs drop , they will be followed by a mushroom cloud (don’t get scared people- a testing device). I could be wrong, if it does not come, that that will be the end of it as far as the conventional wars of the 21st century, anything after that will be likes of which people have never seen.

Over there, I did mention  something to the effect of magnetic fields deflecting munitions…………Who will be the first to master the technology……….

—-Back to the track–

There are people who sit in dark rooms and grimmace with joy at the thought of war, and the says , there are no more megalomaniacs, that just depends on ones perspectives, subjectivity is a bitch.

So the moral of the story divide and conquer works, because there are those willing to sell their soles for a few creature comforts to include money. The process is multiplied in all corners of the world.

There was one man who figured out the jest of everything, including how to effectively manipulate people. He was not taken very serious and succumbed to politics , due to environmental circumstance. Were he truly successful his organization would have no equal, unrivaled in all the world, but he grew old and passed away, I think someone once referred to him as a SPY’s  SPY  (I have no affinity for that profession), as for me I am just a humble researcher.

Wozu “der Mensch” da ist, soll uns gar nicht kümmern: aber wozu Du da bist, das frage dich: und wenn Du es nicht erfahren kannst, nun so stecke Dir selber Ziele, hohe und edle Ziele und gehe an ihnen zu Grunde! Ich weiss keinen besseren Lebenszweck als am Grossen und Unmöglichen zu Grunde zu gehen…

For what purpose humanity is there should not even concern us: why you are there, that you should ask yourself: and if you have no ready answer, then set for yourself goals, high and noble goals, and perish in pursuit of them! I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible…

– Nietzsche, unpublished note from 1873

I sit in my corner and observe the world as will and farce, popcorn anyone? I think it was Oppenhiemer (The physicist), who used to say we’re doomed…


Side Note:

I was reading an article on Russian reforms in the last twenty years: Here is my two cents for what its worth.

A fact often over looked is that in the west capitalism came into its current form  without the input of the downtrodden and disenfranchised minorities. Thus there was a case of the disenfranchised adopting the diktat of the moneyed class for various complex reasons. The push in the west currently is towards a service(in the most shady terms) economy at the cost of local manufacturing, a deceptive way of redistributing wealth none the less. So the message in the west was you too can be elite and wealth if you switch to the service economy and et the other minions of the world toil at manufacturing, however not many people are trained in the art of service economy, because it is not clearly defined. It is known by the more common name entrepreneurship. Yes a country of entrepreneurs offering modern services to the world, and manufacturing done by the third world, however, the good people never got the message. In a nut shell, if this explanation helps, the west is at a point in history where it was in the late 1800s going into the 20th century, from An Agrarian dominated society to a manufacturing society to a service economy. Russia would have been past this point into service economy had not some of its brightest minds  moved abroad. The question then becomes does the laissez faire approach work in this new service economy, the answer to that is obvious , just look at the global financial calamities in the last decade or so. The correct path would have been to maintain state control of the economy until the intellectual and technical workforce was adequately ii place to transition away from a commodity dominated economy to  an innovative one, this is essentially what the Chinese have done. A balance essentially of both manufacturing and servicing would be needed to maintain economic independence, or if global economy is finalized half the world will be manufacturing , while the other half service, thus as Herr Nietzsche would say we are full circle again, unless-Well there is always robots-Robotics anyone? The Japanese are way ahead.


Hmmnn how inconvenient- the AC system in my room just went bad with the most annoying sound ever–maybe it was the hints from earlier in the day about getting a screwdriver or someone sleeping tonight in someone else’s barracks—this stuff can’t be made up-harassment at its best.


I am a solitary man, it is not my fault there were those who sought to invade my privacy and bring me out of my solitude. when people bring me out of my solitude, they’re not necessarily going to like what I have to say.


Yes I am very aware of the type errors in my blog, some times spell checking becomes a bore, at other times certain individuals see fit to change a few words, it’s called hacking. Who would believe it? You can’t make this stuff up.

Ambition? in vary degrees is a good thing, it is ambition in greed (overly ambitious), now that is a whole different ball game?



Well spent the night at the movies-went to see twilight to see what all the craze was about, besides the subliminal messages about marriage and having kids-industrial advertising at its best and most of our society is still obsessed about those luxuries (marriage and kids)……We let’s just say that the old adage “There is no such a thing as originality only variation on theme” rings true.

Not surprising on my way back, I almost got ran of the road, by some drunken driver I think.


Dec 4 2011

Went to get my MRI’s of the shoulders done this morning at Tripler AMC, only to find out that they were doing one shoulder, the right, how they came to that conclusion I don;t know, but I sat down with the Doctor (DR Hastings-how Ironic), and we discussed that both shoulders were to be done.

I red flags blared off when I called at the beginning of last week to schedule the appointment and some African-american answerer on the phone answered and claimed that the order was not put into this system, I told her that I sat there and watched the Dr input the orders, only to get a call back about the order being in the wrong pile.

Maybe it was Dr Aspera, Boasting about how he knew the Dr and her father, but I would not put it pas Triple to fake or alter my MRI’s all you would need is someone of my height and stature, which ironically have been available at ever MRI I have been to, and input my info which they have readily available, especially from the nurse and assistants , who routinely ask you your height and weight.

Paranoid you say, well I remember distinctly  someone who died in Iraq a few years ago and his parents were told he died in a fire fight. I found out that there are also numerous cases of misdiagnosis at Tripler AMC, but who would know that? Who would indeed.

Please don’t patronize me.

Well my back, spine , neck head arms still in pain and sometimes now I can hardly move them. When I go to the emergency room they essentially refuse to treatment.


In the game of divide and conquer, money is the most often used too in festering corruption and weeding out scoundrels


Neck hurting when I turn it to the right

Ended up in the emergency room bad pain tingly at kaiser permanente on oahu, they refused to treat me..

A lot of the docs in the hospital are also reserve military..


I met a patient today and she said her husband and her went through the same problem with the Army, they had her running around for three years and she had to put her husband in rehab for all the drugs they drugged him up with. She said they same thing we have all seen these people don’t care because they are still collecting a pay check.


5 December 2011

/and I  don’t give about Washington D.C and its inhabitants)-I met with an attorney -who know maybe he already stole my idea- but there was a reason why I initiated this process—

I know full well the requirements and skills of the attorneys who are supposed  to represent a client before the patent office.

These people insert them selves in every part of unsuspecting peoples lives and quite frankly I’ll have none of it, they are evil and I want nothing to do with them. It just like the spooks here on schofield barracks sent to spy on and psychologically harass me, some day they’ll figure I do not care, and they find some else to finagle with their evil ways. The fact that I stated multiple times, that I do not forgive, should have been the clue or key phrase. So, i move on with my life in my little corner……

Who knows if Mr Cheech is really Mr Cheech or vice versa..

How ironic the USPTO webstide on non-provisional patents is not working—–Surprised?

I might be wrong, but you can never be too sure..


Any-hoo the attorneys seem genuine and straight forward-we shall see if they prove otherwise


When someone who is talented at detecting and pinpointing the possible and insightful actions of others, I believe the word used to describe such an ability is perspicacity.

As Herr Nietzsche would say-

Daybreak — Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality (1881)

  • He who is punished is never he who performed the deed. He is always the scapegoat
Dec 19 2010
Every time I went to the emergency room  on ohau I was sidelined
Maybe it was the doctors repeatedly whispering , oh you’re on of the lucky ones, others are not articulate as you etc, when I go back to emergency room the doctors are gone, but I find them at other hospitals..
I will never forgive what these people have done, IT IS NOT IN MY NATURE TO FORGIVE
Those who know what I am talking about, you don’t have to live in so called dictatorships to experience evil people they are right here.
I saw the Orthopedic Dr Today, a CPT Chen at Tripler Army medical center, he said he could not do anything for me, I have to treat he neck problem first (he was beating around the bush), another dead end.
The pain is center around the head, neck part of the spine, behind the eyes, there is tingling and numbing but this only occurs when the extreme pain in the neck part of the spine, it effects memory, concentration,walking, blurry vision-it does not make you forget, sometimes-it is a constant dissepating pain, which affects breathing.
It appears there are those who like to steal other peoples ideas and I am talking about the thiefs here
They give  credence to the old adage, “there i no such thing as originality only variation on theme.”
As or the current state o the  world here: I recommend  the readings of Victor Hugo, especially about what he has to say with regard to the limits o democracy.
I had the audacity to see ghost protocol and, well, some people will be eternally obsessed with Russian villains.
21 dec 2011
neck, head and spine in pain
Side note-a lesson about bullies-
Some bullies-the ones who are powerful through various means o strength, I happened to of met one with the Army, and his cunning was such that he would provoke people through various epithets to get them into a fight so that he could pummel them with his strength, knowing full well this was the outcome, until one day he met a very cunning observer, who knew how to deal with very cunning bullies with huge strengths.
In the spirit of what if scenarios from marvel comics:
What if country a funneled billions of dollars from its own citizens, with an opportunity cost of high unemployment, inflation and austerity measures etc, with the money going to secret projects to provoke country B into spending billions of dollars to destroy its economy, but country b caught on and used the money wisely and developed something the world has never seen.
Someone pitched that story and the response was when do  you want to write the book.
Well the kept me in the barracks under all sorts of pretext to spy on me and enter my room unannounced.
I have come across a lot of people in the Army, who endorse all sorts of bulling to include torture and what not, their logic is that they haven’t done anything, they are on the winning side. They lie to themselves to comfort their conscience, especially when they are recruited to bully and harass other soldiers. That is until they get a taste o their own medicine, for what they were so willingly ready to do to others. They cannot understand why anyone would consider what they are doing evil? and they have the nerve to try a make me out to be a mental case?
They are using religion to bully people on this island and in the armed forces , they have been doing it for years, it was policy tried and tested against the locals and it was a n effective policy in making trouble or the former soviet union. This of course is nothing secret or classified, it is public knowledge.
I usually go out of my way to stay in my little corner, so when I am disgusted, its because of prolonged harassment.
I’ve been harassed by the religious, thee contemptuous, the evil, the one, the it, of various ethnicities and persuasions , do I go crazy bat  shit barbarian, no. I go right back in my corner, minding my own business, away from bullies who do not want leave you alone.
which is one of the numerous reasons why I created this blog, and I throw in a few aphorisms, I was in my corner mining my own business, doing my research and the bullies came expecting me to lash out unruly, so I decided to write about my experience, in a civilized manner, it appears those who expect us minions to be civilized, and not themselves civil at all. The last I checked bullying is a barbaric trait.
Someone once asked me would you like to be rich and famous, my answer then as now is noooo…
Well at least I can live comfortably with the fact i never committed genocide, or conducted secret experiments on unsuspecting people, and then running about town oogling mantra’s oh about “the kids”, well how many unsuspected kids were experimented on, shall we go there? I don’t think civilized people experiment on defenseless little children, why that would be um inhumane.
I am not a BULLY (Barbaric) I am a rational human being, who believes in justifiable self defense.
I read these new laws they are passing in the senate, whenever someone mentions to how America once was able to have an apartheid system or how is it that governments and people get away with such things, I kindly point them to the law, bullies enshrine their protection in law, it has always been the case throughout much of modern history.
Then you start to wonder, how many of the average people did have a say in making those apartheid laws?
It gives people the cover to say later on when reality finally kicks in, oh well its not our fault it was the law. This is the reason why you won’t find remorse, regret or pity for slavery or segregation because, quite frankly the argument kind be made that it was the law of  the land.
Why I will never instigate a violent riot, violent revolt or violent uprising–Who wants on their conscience the fact that you sent people to their willing deaths, while you sit behind big fancy luxury, reaping the rewards. I guess P T Barnum was right, their is a sucker born every minute.
When a country mobilizes for war that is different, well it’s supposed to be, but we all know wealthy elitists don’t fight wars, lets keep it real here, well not as ground troops anyway. As I was saying when a country mobilizes for war it is as collective effort, a collective will and a collective burden of suffering, well that’s how it is supposed to go, but we all know it doesn’t quite happen that way, especially of late.
My spine, neck and headaches every day for the last for months-trudging on
A little bit about me….
Someone asked me why I  a human being desired someone-naturally—-
I desire you
Not for your eyes-they are adorable
Not for you nose -it is erotic
Not for your lips- they are seductive
Not for your body -it is exquisite
But for the beauty of your intellect
Dare I say it is divine
By me
I post this blog because very few listened to me and I keep a record, through my experiences and observations from publicly available research.
I wrote over a year ago it looks like the western world is ushering in a period of unlimited control with a series of laws, as some keeps pointing out the recent passages of tight control laws in congress, it looks that I am being proven right after all.
I won the bet, payment in full please, the payment is an acknowledgement.
My next prediction is,  it looks like they will be silencing a lot of critics, if that hasn’t already been done.
I am just an observer here_
I can also live with the fact that I don’t set people up, by falsely implanting incriminating evidence on their computers, homes or office. Why that would be the work of various intelligence services….
Oh my it looks like someone stole a page:

Do you own flashlights? Or pay with cash instead of a credit card? And do grocery shopping for the week? I do. You probably do – and guess what, according to the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, that could make both of us terrorists.

Recently, a Department of Homeland Security video has been making its way around the Internet; it tells people in no mixed terms that “paying cash is suspicious and weird.” In an assertive, yet calm voice, the narrator tells viewers that, “if a patron appears nervous or anxious, or insists on paying cash, contact security personnel. This IS suspicious behavior.”

So basically, if you’ve had a stressful day and don’t have a credit card, you’re done for.

This suggestion, and many others, has been sent out to hotels across the United States as part of the DHS’ ongoing “See something, Say something” program. It even includes an 84-page manual, grandly titled, “Protective Measures Guide for the US Lodging Industry” – which points out that asking for privacy, among other things, is a red flag.

And that’s really what this boils down to: a war on privacy. A potential terrorist, argue the US security agencies, is much easier to track if he uses a credit card. Credit card use provides Big Brother instant access to the buyer’s contact information, purchase history – and, if need be, the ability to cut off his financial supply in an instant.

But the implementation of this idea is a rather grim prospect: instead of using an existing system to aid their efforts, agencies like the DHS and the FBI are effectively taking away the freedom of choice guaranteed in a supposedly free country.

Don’t want to live on credit? Potential terrorist. Nervous? Potential terrorist. Don’t want to be disturbed? Potential terrorist.

And it gets worse. In an FBI pamphlet distributed to military surplus stores, people who “make bulk purchases of items including weatherproofed ammunition or match containers, meals ready to eat or night vision devices including flashlights” should be reported. Because all those things are “potential indicators of terrorist activities.”

FBI Handout Lists Purchase of Preparedness Items as “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities” (image from
FBI Handout Lists Purchase of Preparedness Items as “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities” (image from

Of course, people who, say, want to go camping, can make do without any of the aforementioned items. They can just take their credit cards, march right into the woods and make do that way. Or better yet, take the card, leave the woods and check into a hotel – smiling all the way, never locking the door and burning the “do not disturb” sign immediately upon arrival.

The helpful Bureau booklet also mentions “purchasing bipods or tripods for rifles” as dangerous. Not the rifles themselves – what’s a lethal weapon between friends, right? No, in a country where almost anyone anywhere can buy firearms, people only worry when you buy a tripod for it.

And the absurdity doesn’t end there. The agencies are going out of their way to instill fear into whoever they can, convincing them to report anything they deem suspicious. Of course, that includes sending a text message discreetly if you’re in public. An unsuspicious, law-abiding citizen would obviously have to read his private messages or broadcast his phone calls out loud to be considered above-board. If he’s whispering into his handset, however, the DHS is relying on its “citizen spies” to pounce and denounce the poor guy.

Right-wing political tendencies can also land you in trouble. Vice President Joe Biden recently likened Tea Party supporters to terrorists. But go too far left – and you’re right back where you started, with the whole might of the American security system breathing down your neck. If you align yourself with the 99% of the Occupy movement, you’re not above suspicion either. Stories of undercover officers infiltrating various ‘Occupy’ camps across the country have been rife, CIA involvement has been hinted at – and the US’ biggest ally, the United Kingdom, has officially equated the protesters to terrorists.

Add to this:

– Being a veteran. Not that America has that many veterans, of course, having been recent history’s most peace-loving, non-invading, unbiased country.

– Owning a gun. Of course, not only is it legal to own a gun, most people in the country know full well how to use one.

– Owning precious metals. Because the dollar is worth so much nowadays, the government thinks there’s something kooky about people wanting to invest in something other than US Treasury paper.

And then, of course, there are SOPA and PIPA. They might sound like a couple of cute cartoon names, but the two bills – the Stop Online Piracy and Protect IP Acts – have caused huge concern in the States. Internet giants such as Google, Yahoo, and Twitter likened the act to Chinese-style censorship.

There’s also the infamous NDAA – or National Defense Authorization Act, which basically allows indefinite detention of terror suspects, including American citizens.

And if you look at what makes a potential suspect, you can pretty much expect to be waterboarded every time you answer your phone. Or buy too much food. Or a flashlight.

The irony of all this, of course, is that while the various agencies spin their citizen-spy web, they’re overlooking the obvious. What they’re doing is in conflict with the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

But hey, undermining a country’s founding document is nowhere near as bad as paying cash, right?


Well there is always someone going through the trash here at the barracks dumps, who knows what they are looking for?


25 Dec 2011 2213

My neck, spine and head aches continues-taking it one day at a time-Tripler Amc keeps spacing my appointments weeks apart, one of their tactics, prolonging my treatment.


Researching biomemetics, how interesting, I always thought that inventions should incorporate and  mimic naturally occurring phenomenon, who new people have been studying this for years, well I guess you learn something new everyday. But I did not come upon the field until some suggested that I research it

As for my ideas, I am sure some probably already created one.

Or maybe not

Mini missiles:

Dragon fly-it maneuvers just like a dragon fly

Demon Fox and Fire Shadow- A missile designed such that when it is hit with a counter missile, it jettisons the real internal missile at hypersonic speeds to the target, thus out of the counter missile explosion comes fire shadow…Never mind, That one was created already, back to the drawing board.



Oh yes, I am also aware of the religious bullies who have been tracking me, along with the other bullies, pentacostal I think they call themselves, but who  knows, some people put labels to hind behind.

All I know is unlike them, I am not a bully, that barbaric trait is usually reserved for those who are uncivil, no pun intended.


Hmnn no where on this island can I find the movie:Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (film)

I guess they reserve it as some ultra plot to sniff out spies, well the rationale being if you watch the movie you must be a spy. Don’t laugh, these people do think in such rigid terms. It’s why McCarthyism lasted for so long.

Its sad really, the people who try to project and label you with paranoia, are the ones who have succumbed to their own form of paranoia, and in so doing find all sorts of excuses for abusing their power, any little perceived clue or evidence is a smoking gun to them, without corroborating or substantiated facts even in the face of deft scrutiny. It would appear that the brute is nothing more than a fearing child after all, who is  being played by myriad sides.

Popcorn anyone?

That is why when I read about missile defense  I roll my eyes, because some secret genius is toiling away finding ways to counter it ad infinitum… I thought about demon fox and firses hadow as a random thought experiment, then I did some online research and found someone came up with that idea too, oh well


It is no coincidence, that they put “unshakeable in his beliefs” in my medical file, they tried to make me convert to religion, and failed, ‘I will always be an atheist. Indeed what would jesus say, to those who would do evil in his name, is there a hell waiting for them, will they pay for the many lives they have tormented and destroyed, did he personally whisper it in their ears, why they call that psychosis in the field of psychology.

I do not care much for religion or spirituality, those I can do without. Not all who are religious or spiritual are evil, some just live and practice their religion in piece, but the ones who are not evil are far and few in-between.

In the end they are no different from the other bullies, only in the justification they use, it boils down to power as the Marquis De Sade aptly put it “To control another human being is the most potent aphrodisiac”, he was not saying it as an endorsement, he was pointing out an observation about bad human behavior.

In the end Herr Nietszche you were right, “In truth there was only one christian and he died on the cross”


The following poem is reflection of the decade plus in dealing with bullies, psychos and the fiendishly power hungry, from my early school days to the present.


What is power?

This thing they call power.

Does it entail:

Smashing someone to pieces?

Making one beg with indemnity?

Making one cowering in fear

weakened in suffering?

To exercise power with inordinate force

To occultly manipulate another’s chances at success or failure

To turn neighbor against neighbor,

friend against friend or maybe

profiting from encompassing mayhem

fiendishly so?

To labels ones critcs with the burden of mental illness

wrongfully so?

The bludgeoning of the prey?

Or perhaps the exercise of might makes right?


My what penetrating satellites you have?

“The better to track you with”

My what intrusive warrants you have?

“The better to spy on you with”

My what fiendish pawns you have

The better to harass you with?

My what a devilish and cunning smile you have?

“The better to trick you with”

My what an all encompassing security apparatus you have?

“The better to make you cower in fear”

and the reply

“My how perceptive you are?”

The better to see the truth with.

By me
Anyhoo, asI was saying before being rudely interrupted, it looks like someone stole a page, from here no less:
Looks like they messed up 21 Jump street, that was one of my few favorite T.V. Shows
Hmnn looks like someone is piggybacking of of other people situations to exploit them, just my observation.
My reflections and Observation for the new year:
To whom it may concern:
Someone once told me, I would make a great politician, and my reply was no, because I would tell people the truth, politicians are by nature professional lairs, not all anyway, but a good majority.
Ahh diplomacy, I was a student activist and a student government officer, but in the world of diplomacy, a certain skill, art form if you will is required. Some might accuse me of being a recluse, on the contrary, I am adept at reading peoples intentions (I read peoples emotions, like birds read ultraviolet light or sea animals that use sonar), a gift I guess, so I am annoyed when people go out of their way to manipulate me in to trying to like them, it insults my intelligence, and those are things I do not forgive, I can find my own reason to like or know someone through my own understanding.In international diplomacy dialogue is important, especially among perceived enemies more so than among allies, one can be cordial and still disagree, no one benefits from cutting each other off from communications, It is not so much arrogance, but strategic blunder, keep your friend close and your enemies closer, can be interpreted a millions ways, but can be used in positive ways also.
One has more to gain from cordial communications, that none at all, and along the way one finds the reasons for the others way of thing, that is a benefit that pays dividends towards find peaceful solutions to Un-peaceful problems.I knew Floyd was racist, Skurpski an evangelical in the making, Satterfield immature, Jordan (I miss you Ridge) was aloof, Cooper an alcoholic, and many more, but through my cordial relations I found something to love ( a very powerful word) about them, I found their human qualities, then I was able to understand their thinking and neutralize a little negativity. Even though half of them were being used to spy on me.
This quality exists in the eastern world diplomacy, it does not in the western world diplomacy and that is a factual observation. The western world treats situations in bleak black and white terms, because of its economic and military history of conflicts and the us versus them mentality, which is more so pervasive in the western world, because of the teachings, influence and legacy of Nicole Machiavelli, which was divide and conquer.
This ideologue persists because of the successful military campaigns of the indigenous peoples in the western world, whom were successfully reduced to reservations and economic and social instability. Case in point being the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
The former soviet union saved the world from a great military conflict of death and destruction through a voluntary dissolution, the world cannot yet begin to understand the immensity of such gift and required a tremendous amount of courage. However, this was interpreted in the Western world as a military, political, and economic defeat of might makes right, wrongfully so. If only people knew the truth about Mr Reagan, maybe the will in another 50 years.One can and does often make the case in the West, well we went to war to free peoples and establish democracy, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Although those on the ground believed so, policy was ultimately made at the top of the political and social spectrum, with the goal of either world conquest and financial gain, perceived altruism was the means. The logic was that a world of democracy (a complex subject in and of itself) was more beneficial to the western world than one without, well that logic was flawed because those who were undemocratic benefited from democracy also, which begs the question, what was the true goal?
Positive persuasive civilized diplomacy should be placed before economic profits in international diplomacy. The latter should be an afterthought in international or global relations. It disarms the suspicions of exploitation and allows both sides to prove their altruistic worth. The only place for military power in future global relations will be as a deterrent, as is mathematically known, given enough time there will be an even distribution over a curve, this also applies to military and economic power.No, I am not advocating we sing cumbia parading down the swiss alps holding hands together, world is much more complex than that. The problem with politicians are they are self centered egotistical fools, who do not serve the people, in all systems of government, this ugliness creeps its head in as corruption. Corruption as old as human history, occurs for many complex reasons, most notably greed and money. That is why corruption can only be rooted out and the childhood level, it can only be ingrained as a virtue in the young, and upheld and reinforced by society. To be glorious is not necessarily to be rich.Through education does a nation achieve prosperity, harness the creative potential of a people and give them the means and industry to achieve and create and you will have a prosperous country.
Through blissful ignorance one achieves nothing. The pillars of a society should be to
Through education one refines and harnesses ability,
Through creating one produces opportunity
Through achieving one accomplishes goals
These pillars together create a productive and civilized society.There are conflicts in international relations because, as Herr Nietzsche said
“You have your way and I have mine…”When what is needed:”A yes, a no, a straight line, a goal”
There is a time and place for everything and those advocating were should be at the front lines ready to sacrifice themselves, if not provide productive and viable solutions to the worlds problems, rather than be part of the problem, other wise one should go home. Manipulation the situation to appear otherwise is just that, and as the adage goes, given enough time the truth rears its ugly head.One approaches a solution from the position of truth, but in order to do that, one must have genuine altruistic reasons, otherwise, the truth will show it self. This is why people with extreme hate cannot hide their emotions, because it is visceral.The world needs statesmanship, not brinksmanship, but in order to do that one needs principled and incorruptible diplomats. Profit motive should have no place diplomacy, that should be reserved for trade relations.In short, “Stay your hand and leash your dogs”, should be the motto of a diplomat. There is a time and place for that.
To fight corruption One must reach the children first, Economic stability second
and Affordable means of living third
The world is going through a crisis of identity, there is a void, waiting to be filled in this arena
It the same thing they having being doing for years instigate turmoil and crises, then claim oh look at these ungodly people..
Remember what Herr Nietzsche said:
“There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
“There are people who want to make men’s lives more difficult for no other reason than the chance it provides them afterwards to offer their prescription for alleviating life; their Christianity, for instance.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
“Whoever feels predestined to see and not to believe will find all believers too noisy and pushy: he guards against them.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Dec 31 2011
Well some people are asking themselves what the hell just happened?
Allow me to enlighten you:
For as far back as I have known, my mother (Beverly R Somerset, whom I was never on talking terms with) have manipulated m life, not just mine, her other children too. Maybe she was in the mafia, intelligence services or religious cult who knows? The country I was born in have had their fair share of religious cults. The history of my family from this country is a very extensive one, some of which even I am not privy to, nor do I care, I was born Justin R R Rodney, but other circumstances, beyond my control had me change my name to Somerset.
So I set out in this world to carve a little place for myself and be done with it, no fame, nor fortune was my intent, I had a genuine care for the world, but was intelligent enough to realize the world is full of fucked up people even here in the USA.
When you tell people you have been hounded by evil people most of your life, some of them in your family, the first thing they do is categorize you as mental, then ask you for proof, naturally so.
Alas it was not to be, from  mid high school on there were specific incidences which occurred , with  no other purpose than to build a false history of me, why who knows? It may go as far back is intermediate school. Every where I went the trail always led back to my mother, my I though she must have some type of influence.
So I set out to build a false profile of myself, one which would bait the unseen hands into using false behavior as some type of black mail, for more than a decade I hid my true personality and they took the bait.
As for my true personality:
It is obvious by now that I am no drunk, brute, bully, criminal, megalomaniac, power hungry, racist, insensitive, arrogant, weak, or manipulative.
I am a civilized rational human being, with my own cares and wants in the world. I value my solitude, although I am not a total recluse, very perceptive and most of all a human being.
It was during and after my first deployment that external forces outside of my family came into play, their goal was to pit one side against the other. My did it work, they managed to fool all the big wigs, that involve the security apparatus of this country, more than likely because they have connections in every branch of intelligence and law enforcement to include overt and covert.
And so from killeen to austin, lawton to clarksville, huntsville to niceville, wahiawa to honolulu I created false blunders knowing they would use these to set me up. I learned something long ago, that one can use the life of a recluse, especially one who appears to be mental for ones own nefarious purposes, it is plausible after all history is full with examples, it is called exploitation. From student, to activist, to worker and soldier, every one of them gets manipulated and exploited.
I once met a teacher who had relations with a former black panther, and she relayed to me the extent with which the security ser vices go through in destroying U.S citizens and this was before the patriot act, but yet we are told of such fancy idioms of freedom, equality and democracy, quite frankly I have my schooling to finish.
For some of them its personal and the rest they are getting compensated.
I was in the ER the other night and they found just as everyone else except Tripler AMC herniated disc and gave me some steroid to help with the stenosis and inflamation.
When all else failed they tried to use my sexual orientation against me and the people that they convinced to go along with this charade got played, PT Barnum style.
Unseen hands manipulate or lives every day, but without proof the world just relegates it to conspiracy, neglecting the most obvious, day to day common sense fact, that human beings conspire all the time.
I just saw the movie, the girl with the dragon tatoo and it reminds me of the monsters (some people) we are force to deal with in our everyday lives
My, what a monster you have become!
“The better to destroy you with”
I have looked into the heart of evil, and choose not to become evil
Some sought to profit from my discontent,  an instigated discontent as they so often do with the discontent of others, instigated of course.
As for me, I have my own path to follow
Dec 31 2011 1954
This organization called the U.S. Army is full of some very evil people
And I want no part of it.
As for me, I have my own path to follow
I have endured their evil long enough
Dina  mentioned this, but who is to say her hands were not in it?
Happy new year
Phone went missing at queens medical center, and for some reason no one there can find it.
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