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Updates Month of September 2011

day 2 September 2011
Ended up in the emergency room on Friday at Tripler-Bronchospasm diagnosed-lots of fluid was coughed up-lots of mucousbuild up, no one still has not checked for infection.
This is the second time I have posted this update and it did not appear on site. Given albuterol

I was going over Col Kim’s notes from my medical record and she put soldier speaks fluent chinese ( I don’t , I attempted to master the language but this finagle happened), I am reminded she kept remarking about my smarts, intelligence and what not, at no time prior to that did I discuss with Col Kim I was learning Chinese, so she had to get it from somewhere.
It dawned on me that these people who hold high the mantle of democracy might think I am some sort of spy, I do not posses the resources nor wherewithal to engage in such a mundane profession, for people who possess such advances technological capabilities to miss that point is gross incompetence and indicative of what has become of the intelligence apparatus, resorting to falsify false connections to cover gross incompetence. There was a time that the former soviet union was accused of this, how ironic old habits never die hard or is practiced by the opposing side. never the less it is obvious that much resources was squandered coming after me for what reason I do not know.

Agent P is my name (This like most is a sardonic statement)

Resources that wee better spent on real and not imaginary or delusional threats.

If this is advanced democracy, then I dread to think what the future holds.

Mean while the pain continues and the army doctors refuse to diagnose me and prolong each of my appointments

06 September ended up in the emergency room again
G6PD DEFICIENT-FAVISM-That was the doctors finding based u[pon my symtoms and what he discovered
My blood count was also low
Why did they not pick this up before, its in my medical records
Its on my dog TAGS
I never new the significance of G6pd Deficiency until this event and I looked it up, I always assumed don’t take primaquine and sulfa drugs but there is more to it than meets the eye, something a trained professional would and should notice. There are certain food you ar enot supposed to eat, all this time I’ve been exposed to these triggers, almost make you think someone new.

I left the emergency around 3 am and the symptoms still worsened so I ended up back on sick call and Dr
Deedman is on leave, dr Sears was available, I explained to her what was happening and the findngs by the ER Doctor as I had to do a Follow up. she was very dismissive and avoided the issued of favism and G6PD Deficiency. She printed out to page, when I mentioned to her The ER Dr recommended I see a Hematologis and nutritionist, She was again dismissive and skirted the issue.

Now I have only met Dr Sears twice and for here to treat me like this makes me realize that I do not have a chance of getting treated her everything is a run around or avoidance, so I am go to request a transfer to a WTU Unit in california, where there will be independent and objectionable analysis.

More on G6PD Deficiency:

Saw neurologist
Symptoms still persist in the last 24 hours the symptoms were as bad as in the begining when these symptoms.

My mom has seen

still no ENT specialist
Still no immuno allergy specialist
Still no Hematology
Internal Medicine specialist

Dr Deedman went on leave for two weeks

I am still here suffering from nausea, pain, indigestion, burning sensation, difficulty breathing, pain in neck back spine



Ended up in the emergency room on Friday September 9 2011
Pinpoint the problem to gastrointestinal and endoscopy needs to be done, this type of prolonging is done to frustrate the individua, its an enhanced interrogation technique

Been going around with Rob and his fiance to socialize and get back into a regular routine, but symptoms persist.

The Army doctors here are only minimally interested in treating the symptoms and not the physical cause of the physical ailment

The refferel that Dr Sears put in for Gastroenterology at tripler was rejected and a therapy of nexium was advised, nexium’s side effects produces the same symptoms that is caused by the physical ailment that needs to be diagnosed and treated.

No one has not even look to see what is going on gastro-intestinally, from my experience with the medical filed before joining the ARMY, one is supposed to make a diagnosis before administering prognosis and treatment. Their plan is to try and blame this on anxiety and not try to find the physical root cause of my ailment.

You don’t administer treatment when you don’t know what you are treating for or have no diagnosis, that is like me taking random medications for an ailment I can pinpoint.

Rob ended up vomiting blood and his case manger got a gastro-entorologist the next day-they keep telling me a gastro enterologist is not available.

Went to the acute care clinic on schofield for the same symptoms again, keep getting the run around nor gastro entorologist no endoscopy.

They keep asking you the same questions on these questionnaires as if the are conducting the some psychological experiment:

Any thoughts of harming yourself
Any thoughts of harming others
What method do you learn best by
Does patient appear ready to learn

As for corruption:

It is very easy to manipulate ambitious people: they will often sell out their own mothers to get ahead.
It is even more difficult to manipulate someone with principles, and I stand on my principles.

18 Sept 2011

My good friend Lynn from nyc said someone associated with schofield and tripler called her last week, and sounded nervous like someone put her up to it, I told Lynn this is what they do use underlings for their bidding in harassing innocent people
The people behind most of this harassment have been African-american for the most part, but members of other ethnic groups have been enlisted too..

Even though I am more than capable of exposing the culprits (my, what a scandal it would cause),who like to greet you with that stupid fist bump from the cloud tribe in naruto


20 Sept 2011

First they did no test for delusional disorder, then under the auspices of some mandatory psych eval they conduct for all WU soldiers they did some tests and allegedlly found Adjustment Disorder this is a joke.

I found my own doctor who is helping me to figure out what is physically wrong and we found one of the culprits. I am paying my own money.

The Sargeant Major of the Army was here, and spoke to the WTU, I told him what he is saying about the Army is a lie, this WTU program is a sham and lie and they I don’t believe, I have witnesses.
hey destroy peoples lives. My family has ben my witness and support.

This morning I was relating to blouin, how my family after witnessing this ordeal thinks the SGM of the Army and the whole lot is stupid, but what can they do.

Late to formation today, Some school student threw a ball in the middle of the street, while waiting for the school bus, luckily I was going slow, to avoid the student. One African-American lady tried to accuse me of not stopping for the child, it is obvious I from the child not being hurt that I stopped, it is the law in hawaii to stop for pedestrians. I am no child killer, sadly it reminds me of the times I have been accused by anti-war protestors of being a child killer while in uniform once, and I am reminded of the many bomb drops that killed innocent children.

One to the current situation: my aunt was telling me that it sounds like these people will go through any lengths just to get their way. I responded, we know this, that is why we are keeping a record of all their tactics and procedures, so that others can tell their stories of injustice.

She also said that it seems one of their main strategy is to build a false psychological profile through gradual sabotage and induced stress, so that the target breaks down both physically and mentally so that a classification of psychosis can be administered. They say things like this only happens in third world countries.
Update 25 september 2011
On Thursday 22 September 2011 I withdrew from the WTU for the following reasons:

Justin R Somerset

To whom it may concern:
I Somerset Justin R E5 on this day of September 21st 2011 dis-enroll from the WTU program and its subsequent components on Schofield Barracks Hawaii for the following reasons:
A) It has been my experience and that of my family and close friends, specifically Lois Sandra Charles-Daniels (Aunt) of the United Kingdom and Beverly Somerset (Mother) of Queens New York, who have physically been with me throughout most of this process beginning in Landsthul (Germany) and ending at Hawaii, that the WTU and the U.S Army has not then now or in future plan to adequately treat me in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment for my physical medical condition. Their main goal seems to be the unjust attenuation of evidence for no other express purpose than to put responsibility of my physical medical conditions and symptoms thereof upon some trumped up mental condition.
B) After taking ill on FOB Fenty Afghanistan and subsequently seeking medical attention. I was harassed and aero-medically evacuated for the trumped up diagnosis of delusional disorder, despite no conclusive testing, MRIs or X-rays for the physical pain that I was suffering from in my physically weakened state, to include headaches, difficulty breathing, and pain along neck, and spine.
C) I was lied to by Col Kim and her staff to include my chain of command about initial events surrounding my medical evacuation, threatened by LT Larson and subsequently accused of faking my illness.
D) At Landsthul Germany my aunt Lois Sandra-Charles Daniels met me there, with my escort SFC Hardin and witnessed the subsequent increased symptoms of pain and difficulty breathing, while trying to seek medical treatment to no avail. She explained to the then Doctor LTC (Navy) Crosby of her concerns regarding my symptoms as there were similar to my uncle who took ill while the head of security for the united nations (Southern Sudan), of multiple myeloma and the fifth family member to do so. He agreed to do a basic x-ray and some blood test, he only found mild scoliosis and increased creatine levels, and he also found a low blood count. The whole time I was in constant physical pain and discomfort. He dismissed us after assuring us that MRI’s, X-rays, MRA and a whole range of tests will be done at Tripler AMC.
E) Upon arrival at Tripler AMC I was admitted as an outpatient, interviewed by a psychologist of found nothing mentally wrong with me and shuffled off to the WTU.
F) The whole time I kept in contact and recorded every event with my family and close friends. My mother Beverly Somerset was on Hawaii before me and encountered tremendous deterrence in trying to reach my. She was able to find a place to stay, with the help of the Director of Fisher house on Schofield Barracks. My mother subsequently went to every appointment with me while she was here and was witness to the intentional sideling of my case and potential diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Dr Deedman already had a preconceived bias that I was faking my physical illness. Appointments were made as late into the month as possibly could be done and we were intentionally frustrated at every turn by LTC Carroll, Ms Tifiny little and the staff here at the WTU. CPT Graff and SFC Campbell were of tremendous help to us.
G) Since arrival at Schofield Barracks, I have ended up multiple times at the emergency room both at Tripler and the queen’s medical center, and each time the Queens medical center did more than the Army medical professionals could. The information they provided was taken to Dr Deedman and they were all dismissed by the U.S Army as insignificant and irrelevant. My mother thus, went up the chain of command to get the issues resolved as mid month there was still no diagnosis, prognosis or treatment plan and I was still in physical pain and discomfort.
H) A meeting was finally held with all the WTU staff and a plan of action in the presence of my mother was agreed upon to get to a timely diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan to include a psychological evaluation to correct the misdiagnosis of delusional disorder. I took the psychological testing even though hurt, in pain and disorientated at the “strong urging” of LTC (Navy) Steel and was later told that it was mandatory. A process that is conducted with all WTU soldiers. The finding of this was the gross and misguided diagnosis of “Adjustment Disorder”.

We were told and lectured to about the so called enhanced and fast care of being in the WTU, and that is just not true. It is a lie. Our Experience with this program speaks other wise. I was pushed around, Dr Deedman suddenly disappeared on leave for three weeks and no one told us, we found out for ourselves, disregarded the finding of the neurologist and pushed of his work to Dr Sears who also sidelined us. The whole time for two months now I am in physical pain, difficulty breathing and concentrating. At the urging of trusted friends and family, I went and paid for my own Dr and medical expenses and was able to get some results more than the Army medical community could ever offer. My family in England, Germany, Canada and the rest of the world have witnessed how the U.S Army and the WTU grossly neglects it soldiers especially when it comes to medical care and they are appalled, disgusted and in disbelief.

I have been healthy most of my life and career and when needed time for medical care was abandoned by the Army and my country despite 11 years of military service, this the explicit experience of my family and friends.

Many mistakes were and continued to be made by the Army and its medical staff to include the failure to notice my G6PD Deficiency (Of which one can be educated

Thus it is up to me as someone once told me “If you don’t take care of yourself, none else will,”
to find my own medical treatment by caring and responsible professionals.

This WTU program as advertised is a lie, farce and bamboozlement, my family, friends and I have had our intelligence insulted, belittled and dismissed despite having seasoned medical professionals in my family. They are of the convictions that my subsequent derailment and sidelining to treatment is intentional.

Thank you for your time

Have a wonderful Life
Ps: Attached are notes from my blog of a daily diary kept during this whole process, which should shed some more light on the details of his situation

These people are so evil I was explaining to a Family friend Joy Maynard of NYC what was going on and the problems she was having with my mother and some coincidences came to light and she mentioned she would not be surprised if my mother had a hand in all of this who knows anything is possible

More importantly I wanted to highlight some important facts:
Now I have mentioned before I have two years experience working in a lab as a certified medical laboratory assistant:

27 Jul 2011
Input                                                                        Results                                     Normal Range Reference
Bilirubin                                                                     3.2                                                    0.2-1.6mg/dl
Hemaglobin (HGB)                                                13                                                         12-18g/dl
Hematocrit (HCT)                                                   40.6                                                       35-55%
Platelete                                                                      157                                                        150-450
MCH                                                                            31.5                                                       20-32pg
MCHC                                                                          33.3                                                     32-37g/dl
Creatinine                                                                  1.8                                                      0.6-1.2mg/dl

Justin Somerset Labs 27 Jul 2011

04 august 2011

Input                                                                         Results                                         Normal Range Reference

WBC                                                                           3.4                                                            3.5-10.5
RBC                                                                            4.32                                                            4.4-5.7
RDW                                                                         12.3                                                           12.6-15.9
Bilirubin                                                                  none checked                                        0.2-1.6mg/dl
Hemaglobin (HGB)                                              14                                                               12-18g/dl
Hematocrit (HCT)                                                  39.7                                                            35-55%
Platelete                                                                    137                                                            150-450
MCH                                                                          32                                                              20-32pg
MCHC                                                                       35.3                                                         32-37g/dl
MCV                                                                          91.7                                                            82-95
Creatinine                                                               1.5                                                          0.6-1.2mg/dl
Justin somerset Labs 04 Aug 2011

19 august 2011

Input                                                    Results                               Normal Range Reference
WBC                                                       4.4                                               3.5-10.5
RBC                                                        4.18                                              4.4-5.7
RDW                                                      11.9                                             12.6-15.9
Bilirubin                                           none checked                            0.2-1.6mg/dl
Hemaglobin (HGB)                          12.9                                             12-18g/dl
Hematocrit (HCT)                            38.6                                               35-55%
Platelete                                              154                                                150-450
MCH                                                    30.9                                              20-32pg
MCHC                                                 33.5                                              32-37g/dl
MCV                                                     92.2                                                 82-95
Creatinine                                           1.4                                              0.6-1.2mg/dl

Justin Somerset Labs aug 19 2011

06-07 September 2011

Input                                                                           Results                                          Normal Range Reference
WBC                                                                               5.2                                                         3.5-10.5
RBC                                                                                4.26                                                       4.4-5.7
RDW                                                                             12                                                          12.6-15.9
Bilirubin                                                                       1.8                                                      0.2-1.6mg/dl
Hemaglobin (HGB)                                                  13                                                          12-18g/dl
Hematocrit (HCT)                                                     36.3                                                       35-55%
Platelete                                                                        147                                                       150-450
MCH                                                                              30.5                                                     20-32pg
MCHC                                                                           35.8                                                    32-37g/dl
MCV                                                                              85.2                                                      82-95
Creatinine                                                                    1.42                                                   0.6-1.2mg/dl

Justin somerset Lab 7 September 2011

10 september 2011

Input                                                                              Results                           Normal Range Reference
WBC                                                                         none checked                              3.5-10.5
RBC                                                                          none checked                              4.4-5.7
RDW                                                                              12.2                                       12.6-15.9
Bilirubin                                                                         2.2                                     0.2-1.6mg/dl
Hemaglobin (HGB)                                                    12.7                                     12-18g/dl
Hematocrit (HCT)                                                       37.1                                      35-55%
Platelete                                                                          142                                      150-450
MCH                                                                               31                                         20-32pg
MCHC                                                                            34                                       32-37g/dl
MCV                                                                                92                                          82-95
Creatinine                                                                      1.4                                       0.6-1.2mg/dl

Justin Somerset Labs 10 Sept 2011

16 Septmeber 2011

Input                                                                             Results                       Normal Range Reference

H Pylori                                                                            2.95                                          <0.91
Justin Somerset Lab Results 16 sept 2011

24 september 2011

Input                                                                             Results                         Normal Range Reference
WBC                                                                                4.3                                        3.5-10.5
RBC                                                                                  3.83                                      4.4-5.7
RDW                                                                                 12.3                                  12.6-15.9
Bilirubin                                                                           1.3                               0.2-1.6mg/dl
Hemaglobin (HGB)                                                      12                                    12-18g/dl
Hematocrit (HCT)                                                       34                                         35-55%
Platelete                                                                          153                                      150-450
MCH                                                                                31.5                                    20-32pg
MCHC                                                                             34.8                                  32-37g/dl
MCV                                                                                90.5                                     82-95
Creatinine                                                                       1.34                               0.6-1.2mg/dl
Lipase                                                                                111                                  3-73 units/l

Justin Somerset Lab 24 Sept 2011

The nurse from the emergency room at straub on the 24-25 september 2011 put so much saline solution in my stomach to hide the  blood and pus build up (I suspect that is what she was doing) that I don’t know if long term damage will occur

All these doctors from the Tripler AMC to the Emergency room from Queens and Straub on this small Island of Ohau keep telling me there is nothing wrong, please look at the blood counts (hemolysis is going one), pylori infection and increased lipase count.

My family is insistant that this is a conspiracy and someone a the top is stonewalling and sabotaging me, who know we shall see. I am now inclined to believe them


Doing endoscopy today,  friend of mine suspects listeria or pylori infection. I asked Dr Wilson and the hematologst for a test for listeria since I already tested positive for pylori. They skirted the issue and outright refused, will push the issue again.

Went to gastro-entoroligist who ironcly share the same last name as Col Kim- Right before the procedure started stated that I was at landshtul- I never told him that and that he was there for two years doing endoscopies. It confirmed my family’s suspicions that I have to get off this island to get treatment all this doctors here are connected to the military in one form or another and thus I said from the beggining I will not get a fair chance coming back to tripler. These people mean to bring me down and destroy me, they say.


After the six months of doxicyclene which probably caused a super infection of the upper respatory kind, inflamed my internal organs  and deleted my immune system, causing me to cough up all that phlem from my trachea and throat, it simple swab would have caught the microscopic culprit, but neither the army or civilian doctors here, thought to do so because they did not want to.

Some one once asked me, would you like to be rich, my reply then as now no, “well wouldn’t you like to be famous?” my reply then as now NO! The what would you like? My reply “to live in my corner in peace, the world is full of overly ambitious people for me to dable in historical repeats, unfortunately nietzsche was right, the world has come full circle.


I signed out of the WTU on Schofield barracks today and went back to rear detachment of 3 bct 25 ID, because I was being sonewalled and not getty proper medical help or treatment.

I spoke to SFC Flax and somehow I got the impression, I might be wrong that the chain of command here passed on bad info about me to him. I put in for leave , I have 96.5 days saved up and I am long over due, my family believes they will try to stonewall me on the leave too.

While signing out of the WTB LTC Carroll was not there just her superviser, an African American lady and she asked me the same questions commander carroll did. These people don’t mean to stop. What are they hoping to accomplish?


30 September 2011

I arrive back at 3bct rear d, and plan to take some time off to seek proper medical care. I have earned 96 days of leave now there are trying to tell me that 21 of my hard earned days might be lost. An exception to policy is being worked up throught the chain. I have been in units in my eleven years of military service where if you needed to take leave, form  DA31 was filled out the same day and the next day you left.

Now  I was told the commander is on leave on another island and he needed to be called, in order to approve leave and they will get an answer by Monday.

The room I am no in was a cesspool of smoke, luckily my roommate SPC Kolienda was told to stop smoking in the room. The room I am in 106 B has no Working AC or Fan and it has been that way for months according to my roommate. It is so stuufy I could hardly breathe.

I put in for a work order at housing to send someone over to fix it, no luck was met by the same people who used to spy around my room in 2nd brigade.

My family says, it seems that these army personnel are intent on making life miserable and stonewalling me at every turn.

ho knows we shall see.

Still in pain, still difficulty concentrating waiting to go back stateside on my hard earned leave


Interesting tid bit about me:

I scratch under and around my eyes a lot because I it itches and mucous buildup

I scatch my nose because it itches

I play with my ears, it is a trait I have done since I was a small child

I change my driving routes to avoid traffic and take in the scenery

There are no secret meanings to those habits

Which is why it looks ridiculous when people repeat the first three


Came back from movies still same symptoms, headeaches pain in the abdomen,c hest feeling swollen, pain along esophagus neck and spine, eyes feel like popping out, slight fever

All I keep hearin gis the doctors at tripler are in residency and it will be two years before you are diagnosed

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