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Update Month of June 2011

Update June 15 2011:
People moving around, idiots on the FOB with purple shirts and GREEK symbols, these fraternities, free masons or what ever they call themselves, I have no interest then or know with associating with them. As For the Comment bellow Clarification:

I have no forgiveness for those who trespass against me,that includes anyone who has, including the Caucasian and African-American soldiers who have.


Update June 16 2011

I expect some time of administrative setup is in the works. I am prepared the mental and psychological coercion attempts continues, these people have to have known I’ve been on to them for some time, and yet the do so still. they destroy innocent people’s lives. they tried to set me up not knowing my background thoroughly and false analyzing me, now they are trying to expose the false historical trail which I allowed them to create, to question my credibility.

They should know this justice will be served, Lucier (He is not the only one) endured months of isolation before he was coerced into marrying that Phillipene girl. they had the same plans for me, I refused their advances, the females they sent my way etc. I want nothing to do with them then, now or ever. They are evil people who disgust me to the bone.

They are a cult within the armed forces and the military industrial complex who abuse their position of power, I’ve experienced and studied this for more than a decade now. They use the tactic and procedures right out of the book “Cults among us,” by Margaret Thaler singer, and Schofield barracks is one of the operating Bases.

I also, most definitely will not follow their religious dogma and doctrine and they do convert a lot of these soldier into the Faith through coercion.


Update June 17 2011

Update Jun 17 2011:

Their goal is to create a false trail of bad behavior and conduct, through effecting my counseling, NCOERs, Career Sabotage and interactions with other people. The end result is to delegitimize any future claims of sabotage or coercion, and create the illusion of mental illness. Next they are going to say he planned to do something psychotic. This is their “Modus Operandi,” they have successfully done this to others, two widely known soldiers (one at Fort Hood (The psychologist Major) and the other at FT Drum (Mr Manning). It took great skill to track what I know.

My current spiel is the coercion from the current Brigade staff where I work and the African American soldiers and contractors, who in effect have been recruited to perform the coercion through nefarious means. I have no interest in any of the African-American female soldiers on the FOB or any one on the FOB for that matter, they all can go to hell.

It is a multi-pronged approached designed to create to illusion of mental craziness on my part:

attack him psychologically and physically:

rooming subject in a confined space, away from everyone else, but the interpreters
Repeated change subjects schedule to affect sleep patterns
Affect temperature changes through turning on and off of AC
Isolate and ostracize subject within work space
spread various rumors of subject to create a bad reputation
Follow subjects every move
recruit other coworkers and strangers to engage the subject through suggestions both physical and ment
Spy on subject
Sabotage subject work

The overall goal is to affect the subjects pattern of life, to cause a mental break, thus justifying further Harsher repercussions.

These are not human beings they are monsters and they will pay for what they are doing. Justice will prevail


Update June 19 2011

A certain SFC (Female within my company, whose name I will not name at the moment-along with a SFC in my section) takes it upon themselves to try to hook me up with either African-American Female soldiers within the Brigade, while trying to discern my likes and dis-likes (pathetic), and if I don’t do things their way and get set up in the pseudo religious cult marriages they set up for soldiers at Schofield barracks, then it is their intention to try to set me up one way or the other-SO BE IT!
I will say this again and I have been very patient and tactful-The next set up that comes my way-it is my promise the Army will have a scandal on its hands for trying to destroy the life of an innocent man (me).

PS: I know very will who at the top this is coming from-
Their stated gold is to destroy me, no matter what-where is this evidence of crime etc etc
As for me-I’m finishing my degree and moving to Hong Kong where I can pursue and secure a future in scientific research and I have made no secret of that. I have no time for the squabbles of infantile people. I am done, beside Chinese is not a hard language-and what’s beautiful about it is there is no conjugation of verbs.


Update June 20 2011

My dears, I do not really care what they say or think. The goal was to induce paranoia so that I would react feverishly, have a nervous breakdown and turn to drugs-so that they can say, you see he’s crazy paranoid schizophrenic). This is what they use to induce third world dictators and leaders, I am very well familiar with the technique:

Create a conspiracy plot or crises-leader reacts with a harsh crack down-then the press screams, genocide-murder religious crackdown etc.

The proof and my retribution will come years from now (When I will say, I told you so!), I am not expecting justice any time soon. I am more than capable of handling myself. My goal right know is the mastering of the mathematics I will need in the scientific field, I am truly behind schedule.

In the mean time they continue with their mental and psychological harassment, and I continue to take notes, publish it and mastering my math skills, for I plan to use it to great effect in the future.

As for the business with the Iagos (Reference to othello), don’t worry about them, I will take care of it.

I don’t expect justice from this place, I will create my own-through my research.
I have great research on a few the subject areas-all my own works-research and hard work and I did not have to steal anything, I use my own intellect.

“True intelligence is looking at something and saying I can do that, without having to resort to stealing the blue prints”
By me


Update June 22 2011

I used to believe in this until:

The Infantryman’s Creed

I am the Infantry.
I am my country’s strength in war,
her deterrent in peace.
I am the heart of the fight-
wherever, whenever.
I carry America’s faith and honor
against her enemies.
I am the Queen of Battle.

I am what my country expects me to be-
the best trained soldier in the world.
In the race for victory,
I am swift, determined, and courageous,
armed with a fierce will to win.

Never will I fail my country’s trust.
Always I fight on-
through the foe,
to the objective,
to triumph over all.
If necessary, I fight to my death.

By my steadfast courage,
I have won 200 years of freedom.
I yield not-
to weakness,
to hunger,
to cowardice,
to fatigue,
to superior odds,
for I am mentally tough,physically strong,
and morally straight.

I forsake not-
my country,
my mission,
my comrades,
my sacred duty.

I am relentless.
I am always there,
now and forever.


We used to recite that creed every day in the ITB (Infantry Training Brigade)
I guess we wanted something noble and honorable to believe in and work towards, but alas that was not to be.

In fact in my entire decade in the military, the only thing that ever impressed me was the then team work of the infantry (exists no more), and Naval EOD (The NAVY Personnel), never since AIT had I seen such an awesome display of team work, something that exists no where else in the Army, because everybody is all about themselves ,and their promotions. Despite its ethnic exclusion, there aren’t many minorities in naval EOD classes, each class was all Navy with the exception of a few and they operated solely on the principle of team work, could such a think really exist I asked myself then.

The Marines have camaraderie (however sick and twisted it is), the Air force is elitist (even though they try to deny it), the Navy has team work and the Army has nothing, sad but true. Ranger, Special forces never really impressed me.

That is why I wish I could meet the President and the Army chief of staff face to face, so that I can put the truth right back in their faces, all those commercials and presentations, false advertising that’s what it is really about, the military this and the military that.

Mental Coercion continued

Psychological Persuasion Techniques:(Cults in our Midst: The Hidden menace in our every Day lives (1995-1st Paperback edition), Pages 150-182 By Margaret Thaler Singer)

Trance and Hypnosis
Naturalistic trance Induction
Guided Imagery
Indirect Directives
Revision of Personal History
Peer Pressuring and Modeling
Emotional Manipulation
Intruding in the workplace

After going festering and withstanding through all that crap I dare someone to come tell me some bullshit about democracy and what not.

That’s how they keep the minorities in check, and get the gays to marry. Some people will think I make this crap up but it goes on everyday in the Army.

So Ms H comes up to me awhile back at NTC talks about visiting London and what not, I knew what she was up to, and Her partner in crime is Mr S (tall Jolly Green Giant type dude). Well if she wanted info on my distant family members in England, I thought she should just have her handlers talk to MI6, they do have a connection line to them, in fact if they want to know anything about my distant family members in various countries, then they should go ask the respective governments instead of trying to coerce it out of me. Because I sure as hell don’t know much about them.


Update June 23 2011

It would seem certain elements and I am pretty sure this had to have come across the 1SG and CSM desk, are in the business of trying to coerce me into marrying one of the African-American soldiers in the unit. No thank you-most certainly not-my significant other will be with whom ever I choose-these people disgust me to the very bone. their very methods is vile and disgusting, not to mention illegal but I am sure the proper authorities who sit around abusing their position of power is already aware of this.Sic

I have no care for these people who destroyed my life, now I have to build from scratch all over again, I am going to be a scientist.


Update June 25 2011

Don’t get it twisted, I have no forgiveness for those who would invade my private space, I am a solitary man. I am no fan of Mr. Obama and his cohorts, I have made no secret of it.I know their methods very well and they disgust me, along with SSG Crouch and his fraternity cohorts, and they think because they are African-American that I would have forgiveness for them, well I only have disgust, I am a human being who is no beholden to race (a vile ethnocentric term, let them pray to their gods for the evil that they do.

These people really think that I am powerless against them, with a stroke of this keyboard I could open Pandora’s box, but I am not as vile a vicious as they are, because I know whats coming to them, what goes around comes around. Let the world see the evil of those who would hold high the mantle of democracy, equality and transparency and judge for themselves.

Some people encounter the world and are enthralled, I encountered it and said eeh, I have work to do.

“They have sold themselves for rags to riches stories, how ironic that they should forget how to walk under the heat sun, they have sold their principles for the small comforts of false privilege, how ironic that they should forget how run under the glare of the blazing sun.”
By me


Update June 262011

So, yesterday SSG R contact me in the company CP, about somebody from BSTB whom I do not know -don’t know why BSTB would be involved with my paperwork, about discrepancies with my NCOER history, so I promptly told her I don’t know anything about them, the people who did it that way knew what they were doing and the ARMY and Human Resources command did not care about it then even though I appealed, in fact they haven’t care to notice in the past ten years, I am ets when we get back (In short, what I basically did was professionally tell her to get out of my face with that crap).

I endure mental and psychological harassment from people and my chain of command to include immediate on that fob daily, they can all go to hell especially SFC C, because he knew the acting SGM from 2nd brigade who schemed to get me over to 3rd Brigade, as if I did not know what they were doing. I already got one of them to admit the SGM here is doing illegal , unprofessional stuff.

Just like they used the housing personnel on Schofield Barracks, and contractors as well as the MPIs, to spy on me, conversations can be recorded too. These people embarrass, humiliate, harass and tried to induce paranoia, as if I would forget these transgressions.

As I said, I have no forgiveness for those who transgress me, then, now or ever. However retribution will come through my research.


Update June 27 2011

This new form of mental and psychological harassment involves two or three people in the toc, discussing a personal situation that has a relation to mine, for example two personnel will discuss with the other the same exact scenario I went through but under the guise that it is happening to them. The goal is to continue the harassment indirectly with room for plausible deniability, it is a sophisticated form of projection, and if one complains about it then you can be accused of being paranoid. Exact lines and phrases that I have uttered or posted online were uttered by every one of my colleagues that I currently work with, that means they did what the guy from second brigade did, stand behind me in the computer station at the library and was looking at what websites I went to.

The EODT Company, I encountered them a few year back when I used to work at Indian Point Nuclear power plant.

Alright enough of that drama-note I write this stuff (the truth, so that the world can see and judge for themselves)

In other news:
I am continually perfecting my Chinese language skills. I practice every day. It is beautiful language. speaking the language is almost like singing. I love the x and q sounding words, the description of the body parts like wei (stomach-fourth tone), Kou (mouth-third tone), and Mu (eye-fourth tone) are funny, Mu (fourth tone) is also the description for wood. It takes a lot of practice to speak very fluently in Chines, but I am not detered and practice everyday, even though people here laugh at me and think I am crazy talking to myself, when i am really practicing, and I don’t need any one of the placed Iagos (Reference to Othello),to practice mandarin with, I can do it on my own, until I reach to Hong Kong, where I hope to one day resettle to.


Update June 28 2011

They are probably going to set me up, more than likely something to do with hand receipts just like they did with SSG C with equipment that he supposedly signed for, it reminds me of the NVG’s the 256BCT tried to make SFC Colbert (sleaze though he is ) pay for, its one of their methods.

Its like someone once said in a speech (I will not name the Sargeant Major who said this, for the sake of professionalism), although he is not the only one I have heard it from, it’s about job security , don’t let the other guy know your job, so you can stick around (sic). This is corporate influence in the armed forces, this is what they mean when the say leaner fighting force, trying to do more with less corporate style. well, it doesn’t work, and the Army wonders why it has problems.

The jobs contractors do,soldiers did it and they had MOS’s for them, some one managed to convince whomever, that privatization is more efficient, well it’s no secret that the billions spent on privatizing the army disappeared, only a few of us know where the money really went.

These people create a hostile, coercive, exclusionary work environment, based on the principles of survivor, lets vote everyone off the Island. They have no sense of what team work is.

People are like ooh, why are you going to Hong Kong, because its my turn to see and experience the world and I want to see Asia.


Update June 30 2011

The mental and psychological threats and Harassment continues, at work and on the FOB.

I must address the issue of these African-Americans (Yes my skin is black but my culture is Afro-Guyanese), That’s like saying the Germans and the French are culturally the same. The great injustice of the world was that the Europeans convinced people to lump themselves together based upon the color of their skin-it has reeked havoc and the world has never been the same since, divide and conquer. If you don’t understand the above paragraph, then I encourage you to read, “Things Fall Apart,” and “Cry The beloved Country,” by Chinua Achebe.

Any hoo, these African-Americans and fellow blacks, I don’t know what they want, but I sure as hell don’t want to do anything with them. The other Night an African-American looking female deliberately threw herself in my way, to inquire about my bokken. However I knew what she was doing, she said she was curious-My intended reply/ curiosity killed the cat.

They disgust me, why? these people read some stuff I wrote on the internet, send third parties to ask me question so that they can try to find out my personality to try to manipulate me, only to get frustrated when I don’t bite the Bait, SURPRISE!

Oh, he must not know how to talk to women or other people they think, he is not sociable. On the contrary they should look at my resume and history more better, I am a gregarious person, I am picky , however with whom I am gregarious with precisely because of people like them and what they do. They went into all aspects of my personal and professional life to destroy it. This is what they do, and I am not the only one they have done it to, it it involves both Caucacions and African-Americans.

So NO, I don’t want to know god, I am an atheist.
No I don’t want to get married, I don’t believe in marriage
No, I don’t want to have kids, good riddance.

My warning if the harassment continues, then I will have to defend myself.

These people they try to instigate a midlife crises and then the hook you, these are cult practices. So no I don not want to be apart of your cult, and they women they keep sending my way (Honey Traps), are abhorrent, why, because they look like desperate women looking for a man. Get real.

They all disgust me, these people both black and white.

Just so people understand the nature of my disgust, it is not a hatred but a putrid reversion both physically and psychologically, kind of like my disgust For Mr Obama and his cohorts,if I was to ever be in the same space with the man I would walk away in disgust.

and then there is the religious element, I can’t tell you how many times people who tried to convert this atheist, not surprisingly most of them were African-Americans, hint: I do not believe in GOD.

You see what happened is, there was a battle with the old guard and the new guard, it happened prior to the war in Iraq. 9/11 facilitated their rise to power. they have been around for some time even amongst the old guard, they have being doing this to people for decades. what 9/11 facilitated was the consolidation of power not just in one branch of the government but multiple branches of the government, in one swoop an entire police state was consolidated without a single shot being fired… more to come

People think I make this shit up, well I look for towards the I told you so moment, just like the other I told you so’s. I hate conspiracies, but the world does operate on conspiracies and those who manipulate the masses, count on people saying oh, that is just another conspiracy. I am no conspiracy theorist either. But I am one of a few who knows the truth.

Those who don’t understand the dynamics of power especially in the western world should read Niccolo Machiavelli’s, the Prince.

“If you want to rule the people, separate them, divide them and you will conquer them.”
The Prince

It has worked ever since.

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